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Top 10 Best Sublimation Printers For T Shirts Printing

About the Products Articles: We are only researching and finding the best products on the market for the printing business. We have not had the opportunity to use these products. .

Custom printed shirts are slowly growing to be the next new trend of the coming days. Hence the demand for sublimation printers is increasing day by day. Hence in this article today, we bring to you a list of the best sublimation printers for t-shirts that you must look for in 2021. So without wasting time, let’s get into the list.

1.  Epson WorkForce WF-7720:

Epson WorkForce WF-7720

T-shirt printing sublimation printers should be fast, efficient and cost-saving. And this is what Epson offers to you. And this printer from Epson will give you effortless and amazing prints on your shirts. It is an upgraded version of its previous Epson 7710 version and it works with 80% less power than other standard printers.

Highlighted features:

  1. Performance: With its precision Core technology, this printing machine is keen to provide you an efficient and very powerful performance.
  2. Quality Prints: It offers you borderless prints up to 13” x 19” sizes and gives a perfect reflection of your design on the shirt.
  3. Economical: This powerful sublimation just uses 80% of power as compared to any standard printer and gives excellent results.
  4. Digital Navigation: It has a 4.3” color touchscreen that helps you to navigate easily and keep an eye on the settings used to print
  5. Wireless Printing: It comes with Wi-Fi Direct, NFC and Ethernet technology to give you efficient and convenient wireless print from any device anywhere.
  • A 4.3” color touchscreen for easy navigation.
  • Wirelessly prints from any device from a distance.
  • Prints smooth and high-quality designs.
  • Very Economical and saves power.
  • Need to change the ink to sublimation ink.
  • Additional software is required for wireless printing.
  • Borderless printing is limited to a certain fabric type.

Final Verdict:

For high-quality printing and life-like designs on your shirts, this Epson 7720 is the perfect printer for sublimation.


SAWGRASS SG400 sublimation printer for tshirts printing business

If you are thinking of starting a new merchandise store or want to add a new section of sublimation print t-shirt in your existing store, you will need a printer that does good quality print as well as cut down the printing cost heavily. And this is what Sawgrass SG400 does for you.

Highlighted features:

  1. High-quality Sublijet inks: This printing machine optimizes the colors with digital decorating and uses a set of Sublijet HD ink to ensure a great revealing design
  2. Creative Studio Software: This sublimation printer comes with a creative online studio software to help you create your custom designs easily
  3. Great quality prints: It reproduces realistic and accurate designs on your shirt with its advanced algorithms and optimized heat pressures
  4. Support and warranty: To ensure smooth working of the printer, it comes with a full lifetime technical support and a 1-year warranty product warranty with it.
  • Creates high-quality image prints.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The colors are extremely durable.
  • Free creative studio and digital library.
  • The refilling charge of the ink is very high.
  • It does not print smoothly on cotton fabric.

Final Verdict:

For people who want to try their hand in this sublimation print merchandise industry, this is a perfect product to start with.

3.  Canon Selphy CP1300:

Canon Selphy CP1300 Sublimation printer

With the name Canon, people will generally refer to the amazing digital cameras that they make, but this time it is the fantastic sublimation printer that we are talking about. For stunning and accurate photo prints on your t-shirts, this is the product that you must have a look at.

Highlighted features:

  1. Color resolution: This Canon Selphy CP1300 Dye-Sublimation printer has 256 levels of color resolution that can print pictures with excellent clarity and can operate in temperatures from 5 to 40 degrees celsius.
  2. Direct connection: It can be easily connected using the Canon Print app from your tablet or smartphone.
  3. Navigation: It comes with a clear 3.2 inches LCD screen for clear and quick navigation.
  4. Water-resistant: Using this amazing sublimation photo printer, you now don’t need to worry about the water or any other liquid spills on the printer.
  • Water-resistant photo prints.
  • High-quality pictures reproduced on your shirt.
  • Dye-sublimation print is used for the perfect texture of your clothes.
  • Easy to use and control.
  • The cost of the refill cartridges is very high.

Final Verdict:

If you want to print high-definition pictures on your clothes, then this is the ideal sublimation printer for you.

4.  Epson WF-7710:

Epson WF-7710 Printer

This is a perfect Epson printer for the newbies, it is easy, works smooth and reproduces great quality designs. If you have an online merchandise store on Shopify or other platforms and you want some amazing shirts and t-shirts to sell, this is the printing machine that will help you make those amazing and eye-catching merchandises.

Highlighted features:

  1. Performance precision: This Epson 7710 printer prints designs effortlessly with precision using its PrecisionCore technology.
  2. Economical: It supports your business by cutting extra costs and using about 80% less power than others.
  3. Quality prints: It can print in a wide format and can print borderless prints at a high speed up to the size of 13″ x 19″.
  4. Wireless printing: It has Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, and NFC connectivity for easy printing directly from your smartphone or iPad.
  • Consumes only about 20% of the power than others.
  • Easy touchscreen controls.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • Prints borderless on a variety of fabrics.
  • Need to buy sublimation ink.
  • Its print head gets clogged sometimes.

Final Verdict:

For a fresh start-up or an already online merchandise store, this is an ideal machine to save some bucks and create fantastic merchandise.

5.  Sawgrass SG800:

Sawgrass SG800 sublimation for t shirts printing.

This is an upgraded version of the Sawgrass SG500, it is one of the best sublimation printers for fabrics available in the market today. It is capable of printing quickly and effectively with a print area of 11 x 17 inches. This Sawgrass SG800 sublimation is suitable for printing cool designs on bags, socks, shirts, etc.

Highlighted features:

  1. Sublijet HD inks: For a premium quality print on your merchandise, this Sawgrass printer uses Sublijet HD inks.
  2. Backward compatibility: If you own any previous model of the Sawgrass Sg series, here is a piece of good news for you, this printing machine is compatible with the accessories of its previous models.
  3. Technical support: For the smooth running of the printer, the company provides a lifetime free technical support with every Sawgrass sublimation printer.
  4. Print versatility: It is not only an ideal choice for fabric printing, but it can also print designs on plastic, metal, wood, etc.
  • Prints with high resolution.
  • The prints are permanent and durable.
  • Backward compatible with most of the accessories.
  • Unlimited access to digital artwork and creative studio.
  • The cost of the ink and paper is high.

Final Verdict:

For sublimation printing t-shirt, bags, socks and other merchandise, this is an ideal printing machine, it will print in a fast and effective way.

6.  Kodak Dock:

Kodak Dock Dye-sublimation printer

This is yet another sublimation printer from a company that had created amazing cameras in the past. This Kodak Dock printer prints exact images on your merchandise. It is efficient and prints with ease. If you want to wear clothes that are custom designed by you, you can do it perfectly using this printer.

Highlighted features:

  1. Easy touch print: It is very easy to print using this printer, it has a convenient printer dock that will help you to print your pictures or designs directly from your smartphone.
  2. Fast charging: It comes with a unique charging dock to enable fast charging and also print effortlessly at the same time.
  3. Supportive apps: There is a Kodak Photo Printer App for Android and AirPrint app for iOS which you can download and put filters and use stickers on your prints.
  4. Thermal technology: It prints using a D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology to print high-quality pictures on your shirts.
  • It is less expensive than others.
  • It has simultaneous fast charging technology.
  • It produces high-quality prints.
  • It is a small sublimation printer.
  • It can print photos only.

Final Verdict:

If sublimation printing is your hobby and you want to make shirts with cool pictures on them, this printing machine will be very handy for you.

7.  Epson SureColor T5170:

If you want a wide format sublimation printer with a breakthrough speed and amazing color print facility then this is the printer that you must have a look at. This excellent Epson SureColor T5170 will ensure that you get a clean and stunning design printed on your shirt and it will also ensure that the final product comes to be highly durable and of superior quality.

Highlighted features:

  1. High print speed: This large format sublimation printer from Epson is ultra-fast, it can accurately print A1/D-size prints in just 31 seconds.
  2. Compact design: It has a compact and clean design with ultra-small footprints that enables you to store it easily on a desktop or with the included stand.
  3. Easy to operate: It has a large 4.3 inches color LCD touchscreen for easy navigation and operation.
  4. PrecisionCore printhead: It has a PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead that can control any droplet with commercial-grade reliability.
  • High print speed.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It has a compact design.
  • Wireless printing technology.
  • You may not be able to print on vinyl easily.

Final Verdict:

For easy and high-speed fabric printing, you can purchase this product and get all your printing works done.

8.  Epson Stylus C88+:

Epson Stylus C88+ Printer

If you are searching for a sublimation printer to handle your heavy-duty printing works, this is the one that you must consider. This printer from Epson will make sure that you have all your orders ready to deliver on time.

Highlighted features:

  1. Ultra pigment ink: This sublimation printer uses DURABrite Ultra pigment ink to give a clear and stunning print on your clothes.
  2. BorderFree print: It can easily print borderless on frame-ready fabrics.
  3. Compatibility: It is compatible with both Android and MAC users using its USB and other parallel ports.
  4. High-resolution prints: It can print up to 5760 x 1440 dpi with the speed of 14 color prints per minute.
  • High print speed.
  • Fade-resistant prints.
  • Budget-friendly printing device.
  • Uses a lot of power.
  • Does not have wireless connectivity.

Final Verdict:

Get this printer for your heavy merchandise print jobs today.

9.  Epson Expression Photo:

On the fourth of our list, we bring to you this amazing printer by Epson that uses less ink and generates high-quality prints. This is what you need if you regularly print in bulk amount. If you are a professional photographer and you are looking to print a new portfolio, then this sublimation printer is what you need to give you a realistic view of your photos on paper. Check out the details, I am sure you won’t regret it.

Let’s have a look at it in details:

  1. Professional Ultra HD Photo Quality: You are assured to get brilliant borderless print outs using Individual 6-color Claria Photos up to 13″ x 19″.
  2. Professional Project Made Easy: It features a 50-sheet rear tray for specialty media and includes cardstock and that too being 30 percent smaller than its predecessor.
  3. Fast Speeds: It prints black and white documents at 9.2 ISO ppm and color documents at 9.0 ISO ppm and prints 4″ x 6″ borderless photos within just 27 seconds.
  4. Connectivity and navigation: It offers easy to print from Android and iPhone devices and also supports ethernet networking. Along with these, it also uses a 2.4″ color LCD for easy navigation.
  • High-speed printing.
  • Borderless printing.
  • Individual 6-color Claria Photo HD.
  • 30 percent smaller in size.
  • Ink cartridges are not readily available.
  • The printer jams easily.

Final Verdict:

If you want a printing machine that prints great quality images on your fabrics and is also environmentally-friendly, this is the product that you must opt for.

10. Mitsubishi CP-D90DW:

The ‘Mitsubishi CP-D90DW’ is one of the best sublimation printers on our list and the reason it made it to our list is its speed. This sublimation printer allows you to recreate millions of colors with its color combination with a 256 color gradation.

If you need a sublimation printer for your home use or just for a part-time printing job, you might consider purchasing this product. Also since speed is the most noticeable part of this printer, you might consider using it for your official works too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Printing speed: With the  Mitsubishi CP-D90DW, you can easily print with a reasonable speed of 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  • Color gradation: You can now print by recreating more than 16 million colors with its 256 color gradation, the print may not be of the best quality but it will give you sufficient for most of the people out there.
  • Wireless connection: The Mitsubishi CP-D90DW comes with a great wireless connection using WIFI. Also, you can use a USB to connect directly to the printer.
  • It prints with a faster speed than any sublimation printer.
  • Has 256 color gradation.
  • Easy setup.
  • Wireless connection using Wi-Fi.
  • Low printing resolution.
  • Not an inkjet printer, you can’t use it to make transfers

Final Verdict:

This is the perfect printer for your long and bulky print needs. It retains inks and needs fewer replacement inks as compared to others.

Buying Guide: Sublimation Printers For T-Shirts Printing Business:

Purchasing a sublimation printer is not an easy task, you will need to keep many things in mind and look for various features in many different printers to finally choose one. And buying a sublimation especially for printing shirts is tough because you will need to look for compatibility too and whether or not they are handy to you. So today here we bring to you some points that will help you get the best sublimation printer for yourself.

1· Look for the structure of the printer:

It is very important to look at the print structure of the printer because each printer generally tends to have a different working structure. Now for merchandise printing, you must check if the printer directly has the facility to print on the shirt or it needs a transfer medium to print custom designs on your shirts.

2· Compatible materials:

Not all printers can print on every fabric. Some printers are capable of giving outstanding print on cotton fabrics while others on nylon fabric. So check the fabric compatibility of the printer with your needs and if it fits, go for it.

3· Quality of prints:

This is perhaps the most important point to note before making your purchase. Check out the quality of the prints that the printer makes on your preferred fabric and whether the print is permanent and fade-free.

4· Cartridge strength:

Check the quality and the amount of ink contained in each ink cartridge. Always, check the price and quantity of the replaceable ink that you will need to purchase once the cartridge on the printer is used.

5· Budget:

Lastly, set your budget and then look for the printers that are compatible with your needs and also fall under your price range. If a sublimation printing machine is out of your range, you can wait till the company comes out with a new model or you can go with the predecessor models too as they generally have most of the features same as the new one.


Sublimation printers for shirts are a great investment to make when it comes to starting a new merchandise startup. Here in our list, we bring to you the best sublimation printer for t-shirt after lots of research from various sites and after reading numerous online reviews. You can rely on our research and get the best printing machine and take your business to new heights.

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