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Best Wide Format Sublimation Printers 2023: Top 7 Picks




Best Wide-Format Sublimation Printers

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Are you wondering about getting a printer that can transfer dye smartly over any fabric, plastic, or other material? Plus, you are dealing with some traditional printers but fad up with their low efficiency and poor quality.

So, don’t worry about the latest technology pruned out a new modern sublimation printer. Although various models of large format printing machine roaming across the internet offering high productivity with brilliant quality.

But it’s necessary to figure out the best one from the market flood that worth your investment. For printing shops, mostly your clients demand Dye-sublimation prints on their skateboards, garments, and sports equipment. If you don’t have a wide format sublimation printer, then you have to return those clients. Although It can affect your business, as well.

Dye-sublimation printers are usually required for making ID cards, T-shirt designs, photo printing, and printing on plastic material. But it’s complicated to choose the suitable type of printer from the flood of market products.

So, to make your work more comfortable, we have come with a list of the best wide format sublimation printers for your business, studio, and home. We have keenly researched many market products, considering their ups and downs and make the list of best products.

Moreover, consider the factors we have discussed in the buying guide section while choosing the best Dye-sublimation printers.

Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at our List.

1. Epson SureColor F9370:

2.Mimaki TS500P-3200 :

Mimaki TS500P-3200 Wide format Sublimation Printer

3.Mutoh RJ-900X:

Mutoh RJ-900X Large Format Dye-Sublimation Printing Machine

4.HP STITCH S500 :

5.Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628:

6.Epson SureColor F570 Sublimation Printer:

7.Roland Texart RT-640:

Wide-Format Printer For Sublimation Buying Guide:

A large format dye-sublimation printing machine helps to get tremendous prints. Similarly, it’s essential to know the features of a quality printer to worth the purchase. Without any lengthy discussion, let get into it. Moreover, you can’t randomly pick any wide format dye sublimation printer from the market. It’s a massive investment for your craft shop and business.

We all know it’s confusing to choose. That’s why we include a buying guide section in our article to help you. Before choosing a wide format, the printer considers the following things. It will make your perching process easier and effective.

Highest Resolution:

For the effective working of a printer, you must consider its resolution power. As it determines how firm the image produces. Hence, 300 dpi is good resolution of a printer. However, the resolution tells the sharpness and clarity of any image. The higher the resolution better the performance of the unit. For extra clarity, you can purchase the printer having 600dpi to 1200dpi resolution.

Type of ink:

Most printers use cartridges; obviously, all the printers need paper and ink to print. Consider the quality of ink, and it depends on the ink to produce efficient performance. Always prefer to buy combos. Their ink will never fade and smudge. But for a professional business, ribbon ink is suitable but expensive. For large-format sublimation printing, mostly CMYK inks use for formatting.


Mostly, printers’ warranties range from a few months to several years. Obviously, the longer the warranty period, the good it is.

Connectivity options:

All of the advanced sublimation printers work on Windows and Mac operating systems. And they can be connected to PC, Mac devices, and laptops through USB ports. We have only discussed the printers compatible with the commonly used operating system of now the day. Suppose you have a printer not contain any USB port. Don’t worry, there are several other ways to transfer the photographs to your printers. These ways include a memory card, Bluetooth, and WI-fi. But make sure to purchase the one that meets your needs.

Media Form:

Usually, sublimation printing machines use a specific kind of paper. That paper comes in large rolls that are used by the professional machines. Moving on to the paper size, the standard sizes that they print include 2″ x 6″, 3.5″ x 5″, while the most common size 4″ x 6. Similarly, you can also print mugs, cups, bags, and jerseys.

Additional Equipment:

The dye-sublimation process required multiple and straightforward steps. A heat press is a piece of essential or additional equipment available in various sizes or styles. Such as flatbed press is best for printing T-shirts and many overall designs. The calendar press uses oil and electrically heated drums for transferring heat to provide soft signage. It is ideal for high volume printing.

Cutting and Sewing:

If you want an excellent working of your printer, choose the one with cutting and swing option. They also range from simpler to inexpensive but large factory equipment.

Sublimation Printer Cost:

You can find various quality brands like Mimaki, Mutoh, Epson, etc., starting from 10000$. Plus, they become more costly and provide much productivity with additional equipment. Additional equipment like heat cutting and heat pressing is essential for fast work and efficient results. If you purchase all additional equipment, then your total package becomes more than the printer cost.


We hope you realize the importance of a reliable printing machine. Through our list, we have tried to cover all of the quality wide format sublimation printers. We keep in mind speed and connectivity as our top priority while choosing them. These printers are suitable for personal or commercial use.

Hence, it depends on you to choose the suitable one from our list. Think keenly and choose the one that meets your need to maximize your business production.

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