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Is The Wide Format Sawgrass VJ 628 Sublimation Printer Worth It?




Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 Wide Format Sublimation Printer

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For getting professional photos, printing, and images, you need a sublimation printer. If you are constantly involved in printing, then you already know how important a printer is? It uses heat for applying dyes on various materials, including paper, plastic, glass, and fabrics. Through sublimation, you will get a solid design without smearing and overheating. If printing is your business or hobby, then the invention of this equipment opened various designs for you.

SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO VJ 628 Sublimation Printer

You want to print your logo to create promotional products, so sublimation printing is the best solution for this purpose. Perhaps dye sublimation printing provides a super blend of colors and quality, also time-saving for designers. So, The wide-format Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 is a sublimation unit known for its performance and design. You can use it for print photos on paper and other merchandise, including t-shirts, mugs, tiles, plaques, socks, jerseys, polyester apparel, and many other materials. Its high-resolution power can handle large format media and suitable for all types of printing work.

Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 large sublimation printer is one of the best printing machines in the market. It offers an outstanding balance between speed and performance. It’s a highly recommended machine for business and suitable for a wide range of printing jobs, including t-shirts designs, mugs, CDs, Tiles, and ceramics.

It comes with a complete set of ink and paper so that you can start right away. It’s not only a printer but a whole kit in which you get sublimation paper rolls, USB cable, Flash drive, designing software’s, ink cartridges, and instruction manual. Furthermore, it also comes with a large bypass tray for making it a more user-friendly option. Its size is good enough to hold various media and paper sizes, making it more reliable for regular printing tasks.

Key Features:

Let’s discuss some vital features of Sawgrass VJ 628 wide format sublimation printer:

We must recommend Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 large sublimation printer, the best sublimation printing machine worth buying for various printing tasks. This model is known for its performance has a higher resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi for large formats.

Vj 682 Virtuoso is a printer and a turnkey solution having everything you need to start a printing business. It’s a complete sublimation printing kit having a printer, Designs, ink, print software marketing, and technical support that takes your business to the next level. If you start a business or expand your existing one, Sawgrass will assist you with its advanced sublimation printing technologies. Its overall size makes it more feasible for every type of printing work.

Buying Guide:

You cannot pick out random sublimation printers from the market as they are a considerable investment for your business, personal project, and crafting shop. The market offers various products available in variant sizes, performance levels, and prices. These varieties could be confusing, so you must know some considerations before buying them. We have come up with an immense buying guide to help you choose the best sublimation printer that meets your desires.

Uses of Printer:

You must know why you need a printer and what type of work you will do before purchasing. Usually, printers can perform multiple jobs, but some are solely for t-shirt designs, mugs, photos, and plaques. Therefore, make sure you must know what you are going to do after buying a sublimation printer.

 However, two types of sublimation printers are available in the market. The first one is for commercial use the ability to do all kinds of work. It’s primarily used for business purposes like in offices, photo booths, digital labs, and printing centers. In contrast, the other one is budget-friendly cater to all of your crafting hobbies. This type is not high-end and suitable for average consumers.


When you are looking to print something through any sublimation printer, you must know its DPI. It determines the resolution of something you print. It would be best to prefer higher resolution printers as their prints will be more explicit, sharper, and brighter. And it would help if you considered the printer having 1200 DPI, but you can also opt for 350 DPI printers. If extra clarity is your prime concern, then opt for a 600 DPI printer.

Types of Ink:

All printers use a specific type of ink that either be ribbon or cartridges, and both need paper and ink to print. Therefore, make sure to choose the one having the best quality of ink and paper. If you do not want to compromise with the performance, efficiency, and speed, buy the combo printer. The combined ink type remains intact and doesn’t fade away.


Advance sublimation printers work well with all types of operating systems like windows and MAC. Also, for transferring photos to a printer, the memory card is the most suitable option. Most printers are also compatible with iOS and Android through Bluetooth and WI-FI. Therefore, make a wise choice of keeping in mind your connectivity options before buying a printer.

Printing Medium:

Sublimation printer uses a special kind of paper for printing. Perhaps business model printing medium comes in massive rolls, while for consumer models, you get sticky paper or paper packs. Standard printing medium type is 2 x 6 inches while mostly use 4 x 6 inches. Furthermore, professionals use 6 x 8 inches of larger-sized paper rolls. Apart from the paper, you can also print on t-shirts, CDs, Cups, Glasses, etc.


What type of materials can you sublimate through sublimation printers?

You can sublimate various things, including photo paper, rigid products, plastic, apparel, and signage. You can even refine woven material, fabrics, cotton that is riotous. Solid substrates like fiberglass, plastic, ceramics tiles, and aluminum can also be sublimate.

How longer can sublimation ink last?

An average Sublimation ink lasts up to five to six months, and it will also dry out when you don’t use the printer regularly. The use-by date is mentioned on every sublimation ink, so you will have a clear idea about how long the ink can be used. Perhaps never use expired ink as it would not be beneficial and harmful for other inks. And you will face substantial damage if not handle well.

How can I start sublimation?

Getting a starter with sublimation printing is a piece of cake. First, you will need a sublimation-ready printer to support sublimation. Then you must have sublimation ink, sublimation paper, heat press, design software, and that’s it.

Besides these, some other accessories are heat-resistant gloves, heat-resistant tape, and various kraft papers. But keep in mind these are minimum requirements for getting started your work. You can quickly start your work by using Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 sublimation printer. It is not only a printer but also a complete kit with everything to get started.

Can I sublimate on pure cotton fabric?

No, you can’t sublimate on pure cotton because it’s not possible. The sublimation process transmits dyes onto fabrics by bonding ink with polymers present in the transfer material. The polymer is an artificial part of various materials, including textiles, but not 100% natural fabric. That’s why fabrics like wool and cotton cannot be sublimated; having no polymer for sublimation ink to bond. Fortunately, various advanced products enable sublimation on natural stuff. Their working principle is based on coating cotton with thin layers of chemicals that accept sublimation transfer.

What is the ideal sublimation design software?

There are countless options available in designing software for your sublimation journey. But it’s overwhelming to choose the right one. If your requirements are specific and you want to print well. Then we recommend Photoshop, GIMP, and Adobe Suite as the most suitable software. This software will allow you to manipulate the colors and enables you to design what to want.


Looking for a suitable large format sublimation printer from the flood of market products is a difficult task. But we already make your work easier by reviewing a top-notch mark product. Sawgrass VJ 628 sublimation printer is a complete kit providing everything to do a printing job effectively. Many professionals, enterprises, and businesses approved this product for being the most suitable one in the market. It even works well with a basic t-shirt design and to create another large project. This portable model capable of handling large images and highly budget-friendly.

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