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Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer Review

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While reading about sublimation printers, you will find articles talking greatly about Epson and Sawgrass printers, barely you will find the name ‘Ricoma’ mentioned in it. However, Ricoma is a brand that manufactures some of the finest sublimation printers in the world. And here in this article, we will review one of their finest sublimation printers ‘Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer’.

Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer:

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Ricoma R550 Printer

The Ricoma R550 Printer is a perfect tool in the hand of designers. This printer will help to enhance your creativity and will give you a replica of your design on paper. This sublimation printer is a perfect option for printing on documents, mugs, garments, plates, caps, etc.

If you want to boost the sales of your business by boosting the quality and speed of your prints, then you must have a look at this fantastic printer by Ricoma. This printer not only just focuses on the vibrant quality of the final outputs but also makes sure that you get the perfect design for your print by using its easy-to-use designing software.

This Ricoma sublimation printer is a versatile one, you can print on t-shirts, hoodies, banners, mugs, etc easily. Apart from these, you also get lifetime support with zero finance.

Now, let us look at the features that this printer offers and know why they stand out from others.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-Quality Prints:

Ricoma R550 prints with vibrant colors and high detail. It also uses special sublimation toner cartridges to print to perfection.

  • Extreme Versatility:

Using this sublimation printer, you can print smoothly on a variety of substances with suitable polymer coating. Also, it is most suitable for clothes and other such accessories and is compatible with 100% polyester.

  • Designing Softwares:

You also get high-quality design Softwares such as ProRIP and SmartCUT with this printing machine that will enhance your designing skills and will prove to be your extra hand of support.

  • Print Speed and Resolution:

Using Ricoma R550 printer, you can print as fast as up to 8 ppm on transfer media and up to 26 ppm on standard media with a resolution as high as up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

  •   Warranty and Support:

The Ricoma R550 transfer printer comes with lifetime support of 7 days a week and its printer and accessories come with a 1-year limited warranty.

  • This printer replicates vibrant results with every print
  • It comes with free designing software.
  • It is super easy to handle.
  • All-inclusive and versatile printer.
  • It has high print speed and resolution.
  • 4.3 inches digital touch screen panel for easy navigation.
  • It is a bit expensive than the others.
  • Not useful for cotton transfers.
  • The refill cartridges are also expensive.

Final Wind-Up:

For people who want to expand their sublimation printing business and are searching for printers that will give them an edge over their competitors, then this is the printer that you must go for. This Ricoma R550 printer is your one-stop solution for high quality and super-fast printing.

Using this printing machine, you can increase the product variety to a large extend. It is super easy to use and prints to perfection. Also, if you own a large production unit, this printer will be a huge asset for your company as you can easily teach your staff the working of this printer and increase your production many folds. This is the perfect product for blooming businesses on the path of becoming a brand.

Buying Guide: Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer

To be successful in the sublimation printing sector, it is not always the printers that give you the products for getting high sales but the printer type and use. You will get a variety of printers in the market today ranging in different sizes, performance, and output quality. So it is easy to get confused to find the printer of your type.

So here we bring to you a detailed buying guide to let you decide whether you must go for the Ricoma R550 or any other sublimation printer.


No matter whatever you purchase, it is always the budget that gives you the strength to go for the desired printer. So you must know your budget or design it as per your need.

Printer Use:

Understand the type of printer that is suitable for your business and then go for the one that suits best your need. Some printers transfer images to precision with high resolution and are perfect for printing mugs, t-shirts, etc while others produce smudge-proof prints that are perfect for designing decor items.

Ink type and price:

Generally, people tend to ignore the follow-up costs that come after the purchase. It is important to know the ink that is compatible with the printer and also the cost of additional cartridges to get the approximate idea of the print cost.

Print DPI or resolution:

Print resolution tells the quality of the image produced. It is the sharpness and clarity that give high-quality results. So, it is always recommended to go for a sublimation printer that provides at least 300 dpi resolution. And in Ricoma R550, you will get a resolution of 1200 dpi.

Warranty and Support:

Lastly, warranty and support are the factors that you must never miss out on or compromise with. Always purchase a printer that provides you with at least 1-year of warranty. In Ricoma R550, you will get a 1-year warranty with lifetime support.


Shall I prefer Ricoma R550 over Epson and Sawgrass printers?

When it comes to sublimation printing, Epson and Sawgrass are the market leaders. These two brands undoubtedly manufacture some of the best sublimation printers in the world but Ricoma is also an experienced player in this sector and their Ricoma R550 is one of the prominent competitors of both brands. And for high-quality life-like print, you can prefer Ricoma R550.

Will the print quality of the Ricoma R550 suffer from speed?

Ricoma R550 produces prints of high quality and also maintains speed. It is made with such precision that even though printing at the speed of 26 ppm, it will maintain high resolution.

What will be the life span of the print?

Ricoma R550 printer prints for a variety of products, its sublimation prints are permanent with at least a minimum life span of about 10 years.

Can I purchase this printer on EMI?

Ricoma R550 with the heat press bundle comes for the monthly installment of just $139 per month with 0% financing.

Is it worth the purchase?

Ricoma R550 is one of the finest sublimation printers in the market today. It prints with high resolution and great efficiency. It also comes with a low monthly installment with 0% financing and lifetime support making it the perfect buy for your business.


If you want to expand your business to the next level then this is the product that you must have at your workstation. The Ricoma R550 Printer will be your extra helping hand in delivering your projects on time. It will also be a huge asset for your company by helping you to deliver high-quality products thereby increasing your sales.

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