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Sublimation Printers vs DTG Printers vs Screen Printing Printers

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Wearing custom-designed clothes, personally designing decor items or merchandise is a growing trend among people today. And to get the best out of their designs, they take up a printing method. Here in this article today, we will discuss the three most popular fabric printers available and will help you find your perfect printer type.

Dye-Sublimation Printers:

The dye-sublimation method of printing is one of the most popular methods of printing t-shirts and merchandizes. This method involves printing your designs onto a special sublimation paper and then heat pressing it in the fabric. The final print of this type of printing is permanent and vibrant.

The printers used in the dye-sublimation printing process are specially designed to give high contrast and vibrant color to the final print. They also possess certain features to work efficiently with precision.


  1. Multiple Piezo inkjet Print Head – A top-quality sublimation printer will possess multiple Piezo inkjet print heads that contain nozzles of different sizes to allow finer details, high color density, and high-resolution vector outputs.
  1. Separate Color Section With Ink Modes – To get high-speed prints with great resolution, a good quality sublimation printer will have specific modes in which they can print according to the need. Also, in some printers, you will get to choose from a 4-color or 8-color option giving you the ability to reproduce Solid Coated colors.
  1. Prints On Special Papers and Compatibility – To obtain the perfect results, you will have to print on special sublimation papers using sublimation inks that are compatible with the sublimation printer.
  1. Replicates on-demand – These printers are very versatile, you will be able to make and print your custom design or simply send a print directly from the internet and they will replicate it on the special paper.
  • The prints obtained from these printers are vibrant and become permanent after printing.
  • You get thousands of color choices using the 4-color or 8-color combination.
  • The printers are very energy efficient and easy to use.
  • It prints within seconds.
  • You can also convert certain regular printers to sublimation printers.
  • The print heads might get clogged frequently.
  • You can only print on light-colored objects.
  • The print size is comparatively low.

Best Sublimation Printers:

Some of the best sublimation printers can be:

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-15000
  2. Epson Surecolor F570
  3. SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG1000 T-Shirt Printer
  4. Epson ET-2720

DTG Printers:

Direct To Garment printing or DTG printing is a type of printing where you print your design directly on the garment. It is also one of the most popular types of printing due to its easy way of execution and fine result.

To get the perfect print on your t-shirt, you will need special DTG printers that are compatible with the fabric also produces high-resolution prints. A good DTG printer must have some special features, let’s have a look at them.


  1. High-Speed One Pass Printing – The DTG printers generally use high viscosity GT inks that allow them to print both the white base coating and the design above it with just one pass thereby reducing the speed and increasing productivity.
  1. Vivid And High-Quality Print – DTG printers generally possess precision print heads that allows them to print with great precision and resolution as high as 1200 dpi giving you a crisp and clear final design.
  1. Print Area Versatility – DTG printers give you the freedom to print over any type of substance. The print heads in the DTG printers generally have a large base area for printing that is perfect for printing on hoodies, caps, t-shirts, and other promotional goods.
  1. Easy Connectivity And Smooth Printing – You can connect these printers with the internet through a built-in LAN connection and command it to print any type of picture files from any system Windows or Mac.
  • The printers give a replica of pictures every time you print.
  • You do not need to worry about any coating to put on the material as the printer itself does that while printing.
  • The printers offer a high range of color options.
  • These printers can print on any amount of space and surface.
  • The printing cost might be high as compared to others.
  • It is good for printing on light-colored garments.
  • These printers cannot print on polyester garments.

Best DTG Printers:

Some of the best DTG printers can be:

  1. Sertec Eagle TX Series
  2. DTG M6 Industrial DTG Printer
  3. Brother GTX DTG Printer
  4. Epson SureColor F2100 DTG Printer
  5. NeoFlex 800 DTG printer

Screen Printing Printers:

Screen Printing is a different way of printing than the above two mentioned ways., you will need to make a print template and then place it on the screen printer and pour color over it to make your paint. This type of printing creates durable and vivid results.

The printers used in this type of printing are also different from the traditional printers and also have a different way of working and features.


  1. Silk Mesh Stencil – The Screen Printers use a silk mesh stencil to print the designs onto the fabric.
  1. Print on a variety of materials – Using the screen printers, you can easily print on different types of materials ranging from very flexible and thin to hard and thick materials.
  1. Print versatility – These printers can print the same design in different colors and textures maintaining the quality and resolution intact.
  • These printers can easily print on a variety of surfaces in various layers.
  • It can give a variety of colors and textures ranging from vivid to opaque.
  • You can print on a wide range of substrates from different shapes to sizes.
  • The print quality is superior.
  • You can print easily on fragile items too.
  • The production cost is higher.
  • The area becomes messy.
  • The workstation needs to be dust-free.
  • Lots of ink wastage is seen.
  • It takes time for the paint to dry and thus the print speed is not much high.
  • You cannot print with precision.

Best Screen Printing Printers:

Some of the best printers for Screen printing can be:

  1. Yudu Personal Screen Printer
  2. VEVOR Screen Printing Machine
  3. Mophorn Screen Printing Kit
  4. SHZOND Screen Printing Press
  5. Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Kit

Comparison Between Sublimation Printers, DTG Printers, and Screen Printers

To understand the working and efficiency of the printers, it is necessary to compare them side by side on various factors and then have a clear picture about them and then go for the preferred one.

FactorsSublimation PrinterDTG PrinterScreen Printer
Print SurfaceSublimation PaperPrints directly on the fabricPrints directly on the fabric
Printing MethodHeat-press the ink from paper to the fabricHeat-press the ink on the fabric directly.Heat-press (if required) the ink on the fabric directly.
Print QualityHigh-qualityHigh-qualityHigh quality
Print precisionYesYesNo
Unlimited color combinationYesYesNo
Print DurabilityHighly durable and permanentHighly durableNot sustainable for a long time
Print CostComparatively lowComparatively HighHigh production cost
Initial investmentHeavy initial investmentHeavy initial investmentA comparatively low initial investment
Ink compatibility and usageSpecific sublimation ink is required and usedSpecial textile ink is usedPlastisol ink is directly poured on the printer.
Cost of printersStarts from about $500 and extends up to $2500Starts from about $16,000 and go beyondThe average cost will be around $150
Print speedIt can print in secondsTakes comparatively more time to print.Takes the highest time to print and dry.
Suitable material typeLight-coloredLight-coloredCan be used for both light and dark-colored clothes.
Compatible materialsPolyester and polymersCottonCotton, silk, wool

Final Words:

Whether you want to start a clothes printing business or you are already into this industry, it always good to look for options to expand more. Hence, you must check these printers and choose the one that suits your business the most. All these printer types are the best in their respective segment, so get the one that can boost your business to new heights and take you to new roads of success.

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