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Hat Sublimation Printing

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In a world full of fashion merchandise and garments and Sublimation Hat, you will not frequently find people giving much priority to hats. But for the small group of people who consider hats as their fashion statement, custom-designed hats or sublimated hats would be something that they would be obsessed with. And if your business appeals to that category of people, then this article will give immense knowledge on how to better target them and grow your business in many ways.

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Materials You Need:

Sublimating on hats is the same as sublimation hats on any other fabric. You will need to make some special settings or purchase some special equipment to get the perfect print on hats. Let’s have a look at the requirements.

Sublimation Printer:

A sublimation printer is necessary to get your prints printed on the paper for sublimation. For hat or cap sublimation, make sure that your printer prints with details as the print will be over a small area with no room for error.

Sublimation Inks And Papers:

To get the perfect print on the final product, you must use excellent quality sublimation inks and paper. It is always recommended to use the same brand ink as the printer to get a high-resolution and vibrant result.

Hat Blanks:

These are the basic items that you will need to start your hat printing business. However, always try to get them from trusted sites only after knowing their quality.

Heat Press Machine For Hats:

Heat press for hats should work excellently on the short working area on the cap or hat to get the perfect print. For this, you can purchase a heat press machine that is designed to work in a small area.

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Custom Hats Sublimation Process:

Sublimating on a hat does not require any special equipment or process. It is the same as sublimation hats and sublimating any other fabric. You will need to follow these simple steps to get the sublimation done-

  Step 1:

Get your custom design printed on sublimation paper using a high-quality sublimation printer. Make sure you get a detailed design on the paper.

  Step 2:

Bring the printed paper and set it on the hat blank at the position where you want your final print to occur.

  Step 3:

After successful sealing of the paper and the hat, place it in the heat press and start the heat pressing process at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about a minute.

  Step 4:

Once the heat press process is completed, give the hat some time to cool down to room temperature.

After all the above process is completed, remove the sublimation paper from the hat and you will have your hat with your custom design permanently printed.

Best 5 Place To Buy Hat Blanks:

You can check out these sites to get the best hats for sublimation.

1.     HeatPressNation:

Buy Hat Blanks for sublimation printing

If you are going through budget restrain and you are searching for products with the best quality and cheaper price tag, then you must visit HeatPressNation as this is a site that guarantees the lowest price with the same quality for any sublimation product.

2.     Amazon:

Purchasing a product and not checking in the world’s biggest marketplace would be very unfair. You can check the product reviews and choose from thousands of products from hundreds of sellers to get your perfect hat blanks.

3.     eBay:


eBay is a site that you might hear less about these days, but this site is also counted among some of the best sites for purchasing sublimation products. You must check eBay for hats or any other blanks as you can sometimes find bulk items on sale at a much cheaper price.

4.     Etsy:

Etsy Sublimation blanks

Etsy is a site that is known for its collection of vintage items. But it is also one of the prominent sites where you will find excellent quality sublimation products. And if you are lucky enough, you may find bulk items on sale in their open fare sales.

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5.     Coastal business:

Coastal Business sublimation hat blanks

This is another renowned e-commerce site in the sublimation field. If you need constant and fast delivery of products at your workplace, then you must purchase products from Coastal Business. They offer a fast and reliable delivery service with a self-pickup service if available in stock.

Tips For Perfect Sublimation Process On Hat Blanks:

  • To get the perfect print on hats, it is necessary to understand the technicality and settings of the sublimation process of the caps. For instance, you can try at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and heat-press it for about 60 seconds.
  • Secondly, never forget to heat tape the sublimation paper to the hat blank. This is necessary as the area of sublimation is small and not plain, so it will be hard to place them in place if not heat taped.
  • Lastly, to get the perfect print, you must keep practicing the sublimation process.


1.      What temperature do you heat press a hat?

While heat-pressing it is recommended to heat press at about four hundred degrees Fahrenheit for about a minute. But for heat pressing a hat, you can keep the setting at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 seconds.

2.      Can you do sublimation on any hats?

Sublimation on any hat might not work as it depends on the materials. For the best results, you must use hats that are made of 100% polyester. Also, you can wear hats with some blends containing polyester.

3.      Can you heat press on 100% cotton?

It is an bad idea to sublimate on cotton, as cotton does not embed the ink to itself, so the final print results to be drastic.

4.      Can you press a hat with a regular heat press or iron?

Heat pressing a hat with a regular heat press, or an iron is doable, but the result might not be very vibrant as the pressure might not be enough.

5.      How do you get wrinkles out of a foam hat?

Try to team the hat over boiling water from inside, once the tip of the foam gets warm, smoothly roll your fingers over it and you will be free from wrinkles.

6. What kind of hats can you sublimate on?

While sublimation can be an excellent choice for decorating 100% polyester hats, and even blends can work in some cases.

It’s not an option for hats that aren’t polyester or don’t contain a blend of polyester and some other material.

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Final Words:

It is not always the trending things that make you successful, it is sometimes the unique approach that makes you stand different from others. Sublimating hats and listing them on your site might not give you an ocean of sales but it will surely give you high margins from the people who understand the importance of custom-designed hats. So, get the materials at your workstation and start sublimating hats today.

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