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Wood Sublimation Printing: You Must Keep In Mind These Things




Wood Sublimation You Must Keep In Mind These Things

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Wood is probably the most widely used decorating object in the world.
You will see beautiful crafting and decors of wood but do you know the demand for wood sublimation printing products is increasing day by day.

And this is the right time to get into the wood sublimation products business.

All you need is to use the sublimation process in a slightly different way, get the wood blanks, print the custom designs and you are good to go.

Let’s get detailed information regarding this.

Materials You Need:

Sublimating on wooden blocks is almost the same, the only difference it has is with the printing process.

However, a high-quality print on wood will require these pieces of equipment. Let’s have a look.

●    Sublimation Printer:

Wooden blocks add a different texture to the final prints. So the sublimation printer you purchase and the prints it produces must adapt to the final changes.

Also, know the size of the prints that the sublimation printer can produce as you may sometimes need to print for larger sizes too.

The Epson F170 is one of the best sublimation printers for beginners.

●    Sublimation Inks And Papers: sublimating on wood●    Sublimation Inks And Papers:

For printing on wooden blocks, you will require a special type of sublimation ink and paper.

Always check if the ink is compatible with the texture of the wooden blank as only then the final print will give you vibrant results.

●    Wooden Blanks:

The next and perhaps the most important thing is to get the wooden blanks that are of compatible texture with the sublimation ink.

Also, know the coating that is given to the wooden blank as it will only help to embed the ink into the wood.

●    Heat Press Machine:

For sublimating on wooden blanks, you must purchase heat press machines that are specially designed to perform hard sublimation jobs.

Get a heat press that has a high range of heat settings and also has a good range of pressure.

Wood Sublimation Printing Process:

To execute the wood sublimation process properly, you will have to get the design and texture of the wooden blank correct.

These are the steps that you should follow to complete your custom wooden printing:

●     Step 1:

The most important step of wooden printing is getting the correct texture and size of the wooden blanks.

Once you have the required texture, select the designs that will be suitable on the wooden blank as not all of them look vibrant.

●     Step 2:

Get the designs printed on the sublimation paper using special inks.

Make sure the prints are of high resolution and high contrast.

●     Step 3:

After printing the design, place it on the wooden blank and then both the things on the heat press and set the heat press on.

The heat and pressure of the heat press will embed the design in the coating of the wood.

●     Step 4:

Once the heat press process is completed, bring out the wooden block and let it cool down to room temperature, and then remove the sublimation paper carefully.

After you have removed the paper, now you will have your design printed on the wooden block permanently.

Best 5 Place To Buy Wood Sublimation Blanks

You can check out these sites to get the best wooden blanks.

1.   Amazon:

Check amazon

Amazon is the greatest marketplace all over the world. It is like a one-stop for all your needs.

Whether you need a sublimation printer or accessories, you will find everything on Amazon. And apart from these, you will get products reviewed by millions on this site.

2.   Etsy:


This is a site that deals with products that have a vintage touch to them. This is also one of the best sites to get all your sublimation needs.

And especially if you are a person who likes vintage products or vintage woodblock designs, then you must visit this site.

3.   HeatPressNation:

Buy wood blanks from Heatpressnation

HeatPressNation is your one-stop solution for sublimation products at the lowest price, You will find all kinds of sublimation products on this site.

This site also guarantees the lowest price as they import products from wholesale in bulk quantity keeping in mind the quality.

4.   bestsub:

Best sub is an e-commerce site that deals in all kinds of sublimation accessories, You will find over 6000 products listed on this site and the number is increasing day by day.

This site gives its utmost priority to quality products and with its large delivery base, you will never be delayed with the delivery of products.

5.   Sublimet:

Whatever products you need be it vinyl products or accessories or sublimation startup products like machinery, ovens, or sublimation printers, you will find all such products here on Sublime.

Sublime is a site that gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of categories and types of products Also, for wooden blanks, this is one of the best sites that you must visit.

Tips For Perfect Sublimation Process On Wooden Blanks:

  • For successful sublimation on wooden blanks, the first tip is to know the type of coating that is given on the wooden plank as this is the place where the sublimation ink gets embedded into the wood.
  • Secondly, understand the texture and color of the wooden blank, Understanding the color combination and texture is very important as this is the thing that will let you decide the type of print that you must use on the wooden blank for vibrant output.
  • Lastly, you must understand that the perfect print will come with time and practice, so it is important for you to practice the print a lot to perfection.


1.    Can wood be sublimated?

It is a common question among people whether they can sublimate their custom design on wood The answer to it is yes but only with a polymer coating it.

2.    What surfaces can you sublimate on?

The dye sublimation process can be used on a variety of surfaces, you can easily sublimate on plastic, polyester, or ceramic, And for sublimation on wood, you can use plastic or polymer coating.

3.    How long do you sublimate on wood?

To get a perfect sublimation print, you must heat press on wood with light pressure at about 360 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes.

4.    Why do we use parchment paper for wood sublimation?

For sublimating on wood, it is necessary to give a coating to the wood but will heat and pressure, the coating can get damaged, So to save the coating from the heat, parchment paper is used.

5.    Can you sublimate on laminate?

Yes, you can use the sublimation process on laminated products, As lamination film itself is a two-step sublimation process where you apply a polyester film on a wooden block and then sublimate on it, so you can laminate on products that have 100% polyester film.

Final Words

In the end, you know that there is a craze among people to use wood sublimation products for decorating their houses.

So this is the correct time for you to start your new sublimation printing business. All you need is just wood blanks and your old sublimation printer.

And if you are a trend-loving person, then you must know that this is the ongoing trend today.

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