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Sublimation Phone Cases: All You Need To Know About It




Sublimation Phone Cases: All You Need To Know About It

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Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our life. And designing it to our satisfaction makes it feel closer to us. Sublimation phone cases are the thing that gives us the freedom of giving our custom design to the phone. So if you are looking for a new business model, check this article out to know more about sublimation mobile cover and also how to use and where to find the best blank phone cases.

Materials You Need:

To sublimation phone cases in your custom designs, you do not require a lot of equipment; these four pieces of equipment will be sufficient for you to start your phone cover sublimation units.

●    Sublimation Printer:

A sublimation printer is as usual the first thing that you require to start any sublimation unit. To ensure greater color contrast and high resolution, make sure that your printer is of superior quality and prints to perfection. You can go for high-quality Sawgrass or Epson printers.

●    Sublimation Inks And Papers:

Sublimation inks give the best results only when used with the compatible printer. So, make sure you purchase the correct printer and thermoplastic ink. Also, the sublimation paper you use should be able to reflect the exact color of the ink and to make it sure, go with the same brand paper as the ink.

●    Phone Cases Blanks:

Get the sublimation phone cases of the phone’s model that you want to print. Purchase them from a trusted site or shop to ensure quality and try avoiding phone covers that have more polyethylene components in them.

●    Heat Press Machine:

In the end, you will need a heat press machine to print the designs perfectly onto the phone cases. So, get an excellent quality heat press machine from trusted brands and trusted sites. And most importantly, get the one that has a high range of heat settings to ensure you satisfy the heating needs of various phone covers and colors.

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Phone Cases Sublimation Printing Process:

sublimation phone cases is almost similar to sublimating designs on t-shirts but with a little twist. These are the steps you should follow to get your Custom phone case done:

●     Step 1:

Get a special release paper and a plastisol-based thermoplastic ink to print your designs on it.

●     Step 2:

Next, get your designs printed with thermoplastic ink on the special release paper using a sublimation printer.

●     Step 3:

Bring the release paper and place it on the phone case blank and heat press it with elevated temperature and pressure for a brief period. The thermoplastic ink when subjected to elevated temperature and pressure adheres the color molecules tightly to the phone covers.

●     Step 4:

After the heat press process is completed, take out the phone case and let it cool down to room temperature. Once cooled, carefully remove the release paper and you will get your designs printed onto your phone case.

This process of printing designs on phone cases makes the print permanent and the colors vibrant. Also, the designs become fade-free, shrink-free, and do not lose their color.

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Best 5 Place To Buy Phone Case Blanks

You can check out these sites to get the best blanks for phone cases.

1.   Amazon:

Amazon Blanks

Amazon is the first marketplace where you must visit to get excellent sublimation phone cases blanks. Here you will find thousands of sellers selling thousands of phone case blanks of good quality and due to the high competition of the sellers, you will get the products at a much discounted price.

2.   Etsy:

Buy Phone cases Blanks from Etsy

Etsy is the perfect site for people who have a taste of vintage products. This site provides you amazing custom-designed products with great quality. You will get high-quality phone cover blanks and also cool designed phone cases here. And also their open craft fairs are the perfect destination for you to get great products at a very low price.

3.   Subli Blanks:

Subli Blanks is your one-stop solution for any sublimation phone cases item you need. This company deals with more than 100 types of sublimation products and the most important thing that they focus is on quality and quick delivery. If you want to purchase products to start your sublimation printing unit, you will find every product here.

4.   bestsub:

With over two decades in business, this sublimation e-commerce site has also evolved itself into a complete one-stop solution for all your sublimation accessories needs. This site has over 6000 products to choose from and also has a large delivery base to get your products delivered in time.

5.   Sublimet:

Whether you need vinyl products or accessories, or you need machinery and ovens to printers; this is a site that has all the products sorted. And for sublimation blanks, there are a variety of categories from which you can choose your product, you just type the name of the sublimation blank product and they will produce it for you.

Tips For Perfect Phone Case Sublimation:

  • Custom Phone cover sublimation seems to be a very easy process but it is not the case. You will need to know the right ink and paper required that will go perfectly with the phone case. So, for the perfect print, you must use thermoplastic ink on a special release paper.
  • Secondly, know the temperature settings required for the ink to perfectly embed with the phone case. In most cases, thermoplastic requires more heat with little pressure.
  • Lastly, you cannot expect a perfect print on the first print as you will require a lot of practice to understand the color combination and saturation for the perfect print.

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FAQs: Phone Case Sublimation:

Phone Cases Sublimation Printing

1.    What accessories do you need to sublimate a phone case?

Sublimating a phone case is easy when the equipment used is compatible with the process. You will need a metal insert with a plastic or rubber case, heat tape, parchment paper and for custom designing, you will need access to adobe photoshop.

2.    Can you heat press a phone case?

Yes, you can use a heat press on a phone case to sublimate, you will need to place the print paper on the phone case and apply heat to get the print.

3.    How do you 3D print on phone cases?

For 3D printing on phone cases, a special type of 3D vacuum heat press is used to allow the print to settle on both sides and the back.

4.    Can you use a regular printer for phone case sublimation printing?

Regular printers cannot be used for sublimation printing as this process involves using a special type of ink and sublimation paper. However, you can convert some regular printers into sublimation like the Epson Eco tank Series.

5.    Can I do sublimation with an iron?

Sublimation is a different process; you will need to apply even heat and pressure for a certain amount of time and using iron can result in it being a mess.

6. Can you sublimate on silicone phone case?

You’re going to need some blank cell phone cases these are made for sublimation. So, whenever you’re going to get them, they’re going to come with a phone case as well as a metal insert.

Final Words:

If you have the idea of sublimating custom designs into your phone covers and you want to take it as your new business model, then this is the right time to start. Start sublimating phone cases by knowing all the essential information from this article. Get your sublimation phone cases cover today.

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