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Sublimation Tumblers: All You Need To Know

Gifting custom-designed drinkware like coffee tumbler, tea-pot, coffee mug, etc. is preferred by millions of people today. It is not just any other gifting option but gifting emotions that stay with your loved ones for long. Designing a beautiful sublimation tumblers is a growing hobby and business model today.

So, today in this article we bring to you some information that you must know about Dye-sublimation Tumblers

Materials You Need:

Sublimation Tumblers

Dye-Sublimation tumblers do not require a lot of equipment, you just need to have these four pieces of equipment to start your printing business.

●    Sublimation Printer:

This is the first requirement for starting any sublimation printing process. You will need to get a good-quality sublimation printer that gives high-resolution images. Always try to get a printer that is specially made for sublimation purposes as they can print with greater efficiency and higher quality.

●    Sublimation Inks And Papers:

For a sublimation printer to give great results it must be compatible with the sublimation inks and papers you purchase. Always look to purchase inks that are manufactured by the same brand as your printer to ensure great quality and compatibility.

●    Tumbler Blanks:

Next, you will require sublimation blanks to print the designs on. Always get these materials from trusted sites and make sure they are of superior quality as these tumbler blanks will need to go through a heating process to get the print.

●    Heat Press Machine:

Lastly, get a good quality heat press machine that can sublimate tumblers easily. You will get heat presses with the heating ability of quite a good amount of range. So make sure the tumblers and the sublimation color you use are compatible with yours or vice versa.

Tumbler Sublimation Printing Process:

Tumbler sublimation is not much different from the normal sublimation printing process, the core process is the same, you just need different equipment to execute properly. These are the steps you should follow to complete your tumbler sublimation done:

●     Step 1:

Get a tumbler blank that is good in quality and has not gone through the printing process before. Make sure it is completely blanks and free from any color.

●     Step 2:

Get your design printed on sublimation paper using a printer and allow it some moment to settle down.

●     Step 3:

Now bring the paper and prepare it for sublimation printing with the tumbler blank. Wrap the paper around the tumbler blank and make sure the image section is in the position of the place where you want it to get print.

●     Step 4:

Now take the tumbler with the paper, fix it properly in the heat press, and turn the heat press on. The machine’s hear and pressure will embed the print into the tumbler and make the design a part of the tumbler.

After completion of the process, let your tumbler cool down for a while and you will have the beautiful and permanently designed tumbler.

Best 5 Place To Buy Tumblers Blanks:

You can check out these sites to get the best tumbler blanks.

1.   Amazon:

Buy from Amazon

Whenever you purchase any product it is always wise to check the price on Amazon. As Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world, you will get products from various sellers and thousands of reviews on the products. You can then read the reviews from various customers make your decision.

2.   Coastal business:

Buy Tumbler Blanks from Coastal business.

Coastal Business is another great platform to get high-quality tumblers as they are very serious with their quality and the products they sell. Also, you get same-day shipping with easy return & exchange facilities. They also offer you customer pick-up from their warehouse for items in stock during office hours.

3.   HeatPressNation:

If you want products with the lowest price guaranteed then you must visit HeatPressNation. It is a great marketplace to meet all your sublimation needs. As they purchase products in bulk from the factory itself, so they assure you guaranteed return and full refund if any further low price with a similar quality is found.

4.   Etsy:


For people who are obsessed with vintage designs and sublimation tumblers that are custom-designed, then there is no other site better than Etsy. This site provides you with awesome handmade items other than tumblers and also holds open craft fairs for people to purchase and list their designs and items for a very low price.

5.   Johnson Plastics Plus:

If you need a constant supply of sublimation tumblers from a site that is dedicated and has high potential in the sublimation field, then you must go for JPPlus. This marketplace is committed to providing you the best quality products with excellent customer service.

Tips To Perfect Sublimation Process:

  • Generally, people tend to think that sublimation is just traditional print and heat press but there is a lot more technicality than you can imagine. It is not the settings that bring out the perfect print but the proper knowledge of ink patterns and experience that brings out life to your prints. Hence, the absolute mantra to perfection is practice.
  • Secondly, check the print head before printing and clear any remaining ink residue from it to ensure it doesn’t create any mess in the design.
  • Lastly, during heat press make sure that the flow of heat is consistent all over the tumbler as it will ensure even and perfect print on every point.

FAQs: Sublimation Tumblers

1.    What is needed to sublimate tumblers?

Sublimating tumblers is somewhat different from sublimating on paper. You will require a convection oven, a shrink wrap, a heat transfer tape, a tape dispenser, heat-resistant gloves, and a sublimation printer to carry out sublimating tumblers perfectly.

2.    What are sublimation tumblers coated with?

To print custom designs on a sublimation printer, you will need to coat the tumblers with polyurethane and then imprint images on them using the sublimation transfer process.

3.    Can you sublimate on any stainless steel?

If you are thinking to sublimate directly on stainless steel material then it won’t work, you will need to use a polyester coating on it and then sublimate on it.

4.    Can you sublimate a tumbler twice?

Tumblers can be sublimated to any number of times as they don’t get damaged, however, you must know that the previous print image will appear as a ghost image in the background when it is reheated.

5.    Can you remove sublimation ink from a tumbler?

Yes, you can easily remove sublimation ink from a tumbler, you just need to place the sublimated tumbler in a toaster oven or any regular oven and then heat it to let the color fade and removed and then let it cool down to room temperature.

Final Words:

People today cherish the idea of gifting custom-designed items to their loved ones and a sublimation tumbler with a special message will surely bring that beautiful smile back. So you can purchase tumbler blanks and start your new business bringing smiles to many faces.

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