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Best Heat Press Machines for Sublimation Printing in 2022




Best Sublimation Heat Press Machines in 2021

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Heat Press Machine is a mixed version of iron and sublimation printer. This machine prints your designs onto any fabric, ceramic, mugs, plates, pots, etc using controlled heat and pressure transfer technique.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 best sublimation heat presses for sublimation on our list.

1.   Cricut EasyPress 2:

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects,

To begin our list of the best sublimation heat press machines, we bring to you the best product in hot Press Machines. The ‘Cricut EasyPress 2’ is the product that you need if you want your products to be professionally ironed within a minute or even less.

If you are a beginner and in search of a product that will help you produce amazing prints on your fabrics and other materials, then this is the best product for you. You can easily learn to operate this sublimation machine and start your printing within a day.

Now you don’t need to worry about size issues, its 9 inches x 9 inches size of the advanced heat plate design with the ceramic coated surface is ideal for printing basic t-shirts, tote bags, aprons, etc.

The ‘Cricut EasyPress 2’ is easy to use, lightweight, portable and is also compatible with most HTV (heat transfer vinyl) brands. The only thing you must keep in mind is to keep the maximum input of 120V outlet.

Now talking about temperature control, it can precisely control temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 C). So now you just need to enter the time and temperature of your HTV and wait to get high-quality results.

Highlighted Features:

2.   Fancierstudio Power Heat press:

Fancierstudio Power Heat press for Sublimation t shirts

This is a product that is made for people who have a high power requirement and want their print to look real and lively. If you are already in a sublimation printing business and want to expand your business, in that case, this can be your next great partner.

The ‘Fancierstudio Power’ is a brand new and slightly larger heat press machine for tshirts. If you worry about the size of your artwork to be printed on your fabric, then you can easily rely on this product for your printing purposes as its 15 x 15 inches silicon-gel baseboard will assure that a larger part of your artwork gets printed evenly in your fabric easily.

Now talking about its temperature control range, it can precisely control the temperature at a range of 0 to 699 degrees Fahrenheit along with a time range of 0 to 999 seconds. It uses a voltage of 110 volts and generates power up to 1800 watts.

Highlighted Features:

3.   PowerPress Sublimation Machine:

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt

If you are in search of a sublimation heat press machine that provides an industrial-quality output, then this ‘PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Machine for tshirts’ by Powerpress is what best suits your need.

This Teflon coated heat plate design sublimation heat press machine has all the features you need to produce a great print. Its silicon gel base board and the replaceable fuse will always make sure that the product is safe and keeps producing quality products for a long time.

With its 15×15 inches, Teflon coated heating plate, it can print over a large area of your fabric. Also to protect the machine from overheating and electric short, this machine comes with a replaceable fuse.

And it can control the temperature from 32 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit with a time range from 0 to 999 seconds and that too with an LCD Control Board.

Highlighted Features:

4.   F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine:

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press T-Shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate Digital Transfer Sublimation Machine

Having a multifunctional product saves a lot of money and space. This is what the ‘F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine’ is known for. It is a 5-in-1 set that you can use to print colorful pictures and characters on to a wide variety of products like ceramic, glasses, a high range of textiles, etc.

This machine is a combo pack. If you are a professional printer and want to take your t-shirt designs to a whole new and next level, then this product will do the same for you. This product evenly spreads heat on the full printing surface and produces an excellent replica of your design on the printed material.

It has a full 360-degree rotation and a professional swing-away design with a digital LED controller. And it has a non-stick surface with an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle that can be detached and used for mugs, hats and pads elements.

It is a large heat press machine with a size of 12″ x 15″ that provides you with a surface large enough to create your custom t-shirt, etc.

Highlighted Features:

5.   Smartxchoices Pro 5 in 1 Combo:

Smartxchoices Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine Combo for T-Shirts Hat Mug Plate Cap Sports Bottle

‘Smartxchoices Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine Combo’ is a secure and multifunctional sublimation Machine. It is a pro 5 in 1 heat press and comes with a platen press assembled, a hat press, a mug press and two plate press. If you are a professional printer, you might want to have a look at this amazing product.

The heater plate is large enough to transfer a custom T-shirt, you can even print on ceramic tiles, coasters, mousepads and many other fabrics. This machine with its 360-degree rotation and swing away design evenly spreads heat all over the surface of the material and produces an evenly settled design over the surface.

It has a digitally controlled design visible through an LCD screen. It can easily operate and bring great results in temperatures ranging from 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a timer control ranging from 0 to 999 seconds.

And with its swing-away design and adjustable height and multi-spring pressure know, you can easily adjust the machine to the thickness of the material. And also its 360-degree rotation allows the heating to be evenly spread while protecting your hands.

Highlighted Features:

6.   Easy Press Sublimation T-Shirt :

Heat Press Machine for t Shirts Portable Hand Free Rapid

This is a sublimation heat press machine for people who are beginners in the field of sublimation printing and for people who want a printer for their home use purpose. Even though it is a 5 in 1 multi-functional heat-press, still it is perfect for general heating uses.

Heat Press Machines can sometimes be a bit confusing to use as the size of the heating plate matters. But that’s not the case with this Machine by AONESY, it is a large size digital geat press machine for t-shirts and more products with its heating plate being 12″×10″. It is a perfect option for a variety of transfer work yet being so light in weight.

It is easy to use with a newly designed temperature control and press system. And with its advanced heat plate design and ceramic coated surface, you won’t feel the warmth even after 2 hours of work in 355-degree Fahrenheit.

It is suitable for sublimation paper and thermal transfer stickers with temperatures ranging from 0 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with time ranging from 0 to 999 seconds.

Highlighted Features:

7.   F2C Heat Press Machine:

F2C 15" x 15" Heat Press Sublimation Machine for T-Shirts

Are you looking for a durable and high-quality heat press machine for expanding your business? Then this is the product that will suit you the most.

‘F2C 15″ x 15″ Black Heat Press ’ is one of the hard and durable machines on our list. It is simple to use and easier than the swing away ones. It is a great heat press for your business or hobby purposes.

Also, it has a large printing area of 15″x15″ and has a rigid steel frame that is durable for long-term use. Also, with its temperature range of 0 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and time range from 0 to 9999 seconds, it is important for your sublimation printing business startups.

it has a silicon pad that can endure a temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius without any distortion. Also, since it has a CE certification, it is safe for all your printing and designing works.

Highlighted Features:

8.   ePhotoInc T-Shirt Heat Press Machine:

ePhotoInc New 15" x 15"

The ‘ePhotoInc New 15″ x 15″ T-Shirt Heat Press Machine’ is a brand new T-shirt transfer Machine by ePhotolnc. It is a fully assembled and ready to use sublimation machine as you take it out of the box.

If you are in search of a product that is great for printing t-shirts, you might want to have this product on your table. This sublimation heat press machine will cater to all your needs for printing excellent artwork on fabrics.

It has a Temperature and Time Display Controller that is easily displayed through the LCD screen. It has an aluminum heat platen that is coated with Teflon and is specially designed to evenly spread temperature all around.

And lastly, this product has a heat press silicon pad that can endure up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature without any distortion.

Highlighted Features:

9.   Seeutek 5 in 1 Sublimation Machine:

Seeutek 5 in 1 Combo for T Shirts Mugs Hat Plate Cap

If you are a person who runs a cloth designing business and has clothes of various sizes printed, then this is the sublimation heat press that you must consider as it can easily be adjusted to the thickness of the material.

The ‘Seeutek 5 in 1 Heat Press 12×15 inch Machine’ is yet another 5 in 1 full 360-degree swing-away designed machine on our list. It has a heat press of 12×15 inches along with two Teflon coated sheets.

With its 360-degree swing-away design, it allows you to move the heating element keeping safety in mind. Also, it has a digital control box that can set the temperature as per your need and stops the heating as the desired temperature is reached.

It comes with removable silicon and cotton pads and has a temperature control range from 0 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit within 0 to 999 seconds.

Highlighted Features:

10.  TUSY Digital Industrial:

TUSY  Sublimation Machine for Tshirts

Now to end the list, we bring to you a sublimation printer that is made for digital industrial use. This hot press sublimation printer by TUSY is an easy to use machine even for your bulky works. Its LCD control board is what you need to navigate the correct temperature and set the time.

With its 15×15 heat press size, it assures you a high-quality output, no matter what the size of the print is. Also, with its pressure adjustable mechanism, you can better control the pressure during the print.

Also, it comes with a safe anti overheating feature that can automatically shut off the machine when the temperature is overheated to avoid any sort of accidents. This is a product that is necessary for people who want to produce industrial use products as this sublimation heat press machine can produce designed clothes and other materials in bulk quantity.

Highlighted Features:

Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Heat Press Machine

1. Heat Distribution:

You must always look for machines that have platen that can evenly distribute heat all over the press. As uneven heat distribution may result in a low-quality result of the product which should be avoided no matter how big or new your brand is.

2. Temperature Accuracy:

Temperature accuracy is a must, whenever you use it to press any fabric. A slight miscalculation of the temperature may result in the print of the product to be loose or slightly burnt. Check for an automatic temperature setup system in your heat press machine.

3. Evenly distributed pressure:

This is another important point to notice, it is generally better to have a 360-degree swing-away sublimation machine as a centralized pressured heat press may not be able to put pressure evenly on the fabric that may result in the poor quality of heat distribution on the material.

4. Easy to use :

If you are thinking to open a new business especially one based on textile printing, you must look for heat press machines that are easy to open and close and maintained as production on a mass basis may require the machines to be frequently opened and cleaned.

5. Temperature and time monitoring digitally:

Check for heat press machines that monitor the temperature and time digitally as many cheap printers will depend on manual monitoring but it may cause minute accidents. Having a printer that digitally looks after this stuff will give you an edge when you have bulk works to do in a limited time.

6. Fitting of the platen with the size of the material:

You might want to get a sublimation printer that has an adjustable platen to it as getting the position of the fabric on the correct spot is important for a specific printing of the artwork.

7. Size Matters:

Before making your purchase, always make sure you know the correct size of the product you want to buy and the size that can fit in your workspace. Also, always look for the size of the heat press you need for your printing purpose.

8. Workload compatibility:

Compatibility of heat press printers with your workload is important as the quality of work and time have taken will vary with the frequency of use of the product. You might not want to buy a thin platen as they do not retain heat evenly for a longer time.

9. Warranty:

This is yet another section that is very much prone to miss before you buy a product. Always try to take the product that has a minimum of 6 months warranty with them but prefer the ones that come with greater warranty periods.

10. Post-purchase customer care:

This is the thing that you must check into thoroughly before buying any heat press machine as if any of the parts of the product malfunctions, you will need an expert to handle it. So, check the post-purchase customer service availability and their duration.

How to Take Care of Your Sublimation Machine: 5 Heat press Maintenance Tips

1. Clean the upper platen:

For the smooth working of the machine, it is necessary to keep the platen clean. To clean it, you will need to switch off the machine and then apply spirit on a soft cloth and wipe it gently to remove all the dirt stored on it.

2. Protect the coating on the platen:

It is important to protect the coating on the platen as it saves the ink to permanently stick on the platen surface. If the coating gets removed even partially, it may lead to uneven heating of the platen.

3. Lubricate regularly:

Any machinery without proper lubrication from time to time will stop working properly, so you will need to properly lubricate all the pivot parts on the machine regularly or once a month to avoid drying out of the pivots and causing disruption to the heating process.

4. Keep the air circulation system clean:

Keeping the air circulation haste free and clean is necessary especially for the automatic heat transfer machines as the heat is regulated through the air captured through this system failing to which may lead to disruption in the cooling of the machine when required.

5. Protect the pads that endure excess temperature:

Protecting and maintaining the rubber or silicon pads that endure the excess temperature will help in the maintenance of the heat press machine and increase the safety to the next level. You can use a Teflon cover that will further increase the endurance capability of the pads.

Final Words:

Sublimation heat press machines are indeed a useful and much-needed product for your new start-up or business. But while you purchase it, make sure they are compatible with your need. The list provided here is based on the comparison of numerous heat press machines and the best 10 as per our research is provided in the list. You can easily rely on the performance of these products and do your printing works with ease.

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