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Best 12 Sublimation Printing Ideas for your Business




Best 12 Sublimation Printing Ideas for your Business

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Are you planning to launch a business centered on product personalization? Well, sublimation printing is a perfect choice. It has great popularity due to the exceptional and high-end prints it delivers. And as such, a great market has developed due to demands on personalized products through this printing technique.

But to start this business, you not only need the essential pieces of equipment and accessories but also print ideas. Thus, let’s have a look at the following Best 12 sublimation ideas:

1.Subimation T shirt:

The T-shirt printing business is the most popular business idea for this printing technique. It’s a venture that many enterprises that are targeting higher profits are investing in. all that you need is the sublimation printer and all the requirements including the accessories.

Apart from that, you should be skilled in graphic editing and creative enough to come up with exclusive print designs. The best part about this business is the freedom to set the market price for complete t-shirt prints.

If you are perfect at graphic designs and printing, then you can fetch more money per piece of the t-shirts you sell and generate more income. Lastly, graphic T-shirts have a higher demand and broad market you can explore. Thus, you can either sell your final products locally or through digital market places Like eBay and Etsy.

2.Sublimation Mugs:

Have you bought someone a gift mug or have seen mugs with a print best mother or father in the world? Well, you have an opportunity to melt the heart of many consumers with creative mug prints. And it’s all thanks to dye-sub. Apart from the print writings, you can also incorporate other fascinating visuals.

And depending on your clients or customer wishes, you can also include their face print on their mugs. Further, mug printing is the easiest of all and also has great potential for better returns.

3.Sublimation Plates:

Plates have a special role to play in households. And not just in serving food but also in complementing the household. Thus, this has provided a great business opportunity that involves printing blank plates. Here, you have a chance to impress the consumers with fascinating plate prints.

To an extent, you can allow them to choose specific graphic designs they want to use in personalization their plates. Lastly, you have several options for plate material you can choose to work with. This enables you to serve a wide range of consumers irrespective of their budgets.

4.Sublimation Socks:

Printing socks is another lucrative business idea you can invest in through this printing technique. Gone are the days when socks were kept hidden. Nowadays socks are part of the fashion industry.

And not any socks, the printed designs are the most adored by many people. So, if you have the necessary skill set to create socks print, then this is a venture you can make good returns from your investment.

5.Sublimation Phone cases:

If you walk on the streets, you will hardly miss seeing someone with a phone case without decoration. This shows you how people love their phones. And the love of phone casing has grown to an extent of individuals beginning to personalize their phone case through graphic prints. Further, this is a popular trend amongst the millennial and Gen Z. and as such, this has created a lucrative market you can venture into through the dye-sub printing business.

6.Sublimation Face Masks:

Face masks have become the new normalcy owing to the fact that no vaccine for this pandemic has been successfully developed. However, a new trend had been emerging where people are personalizing their face masks to create humor and also look stylish when wearing their masks. It’s a great business idea you can invest in if you want to make fast cash.


It’s hard to find a household without pillows whether they are bed or seat pillows. And as such, this has created a market for pillowcases. And here is where dye-sub printing comes in handy. With this printing technique, you can create custom pillowcases for a competitive advantage over ordinary pillowcases.

8.Sublimation Caps:

If you Google online, you will find tons of caps with various logos and images being sold. And it’s not just online; organizations, institutions as well as companies are also investing in branded caps as a marketing strategy.

There6fore, you have a great opportunity here to invest through dye-sub printing. And this is because this technique supports a detailed personalization, unlike any other image printing technique.

9.Flip flop:

Flip flops are quite personal, and what other way is better in personalizing it more than the use of the dye-sub printing technique. But rather than doing it for your benefit, you can instead turn this idea into a business venture.

You can develop various graphic designs that will impress the customers and print it on the flip flop. For the market, consider e-commerce as well as the local market around you. It’s a great business opportunity with the potential for generating more revenue.

10.Sublimation Shoes:

The shoe industry is another business that’s blooming both as fashion wear or ordinary outfit. However, if you want to make better returns through this business then consider dye-sub prints. You can decide to create your fashion line or shoe brand with ease and sell them for profit. Therefore, don’t think too much, select quality pairs of shoe blanks and start it today.


Canvas is versatile in application, you will find some being used to create tents, other users in developing portraits, and some in billboards. Therefore, there are more than enough uses for it if you have a business idea. And this is where canvas prints come in handy.

And not just any print, dye-sub print to create permanent and quality designs that will impress people. That said, you can choose to venture into this printing business and create marketing billboards, breathtaking portraits or decorate tent canvas for people.

12.Sublimation Mousepads:

Today, almost every home has a desktop computer and it’s all thanks to the advancement in the world of technology. Nowadays, you can do all your shopping at the comfort of your home through online shops via the desktop and have it delivered at your doorstep.

While scrolling the pages online with the mouse, mousepads have made this experience more efficient and comfortable. Thus, almost everyone with a desktop has a mouse pad. And this provides a business opportunity in two ways.

First, you can use it as a marketing strategy for your printing business by giving the custom pads with your brand for free to the public and clients. Alternatively, you can customize the mouse pad with various designs and sell it to desktop users to make a profit.


With all the above business ideas for sublimation printing within your reach, now it’s upon you to make them work. You are free now to choose the ideas that fit your skills and pieces of equipment you have. Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider the market you are targeting. After all, printing business cards may work in your locality but that doesn’t mean it will have the same results when another person invests in it somewhere else.

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