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Top 10 websites for Sublimation Designs

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Sublimation printing is a growing trend among people now and so is the craze for learning and making new designs. There are many websites where you can create and/or buy sublimation designs and today in this article we bring to you a list of ‘My Top 10 websites for sublimation Designs’.

The best sublimation websites in design:

in these paragraphs we bring to you a list of the best sublimation websites in design:

1.   Vexels:

Vexels Shirt Designs

Vexels is a cool site for people who are looking for amazing vector content for their sublimation printing or POD business. This is a great site where you get both print-ready and editable designs for your merch.

As you log in to this site, you instantly get access to over 9000 t-shirt vectors, 300 PSD, 1650 PNG/SVG, 400 Logos, 350 icons and 11 editable designs. Also, with its T-shirt maker, you can design your custom-made original t-shirt designs.

After you upgrade to their pro or merch or business subscription, you get access to over 70,000 designs and thousands of graphics that can be edited with the online PNG editor.

Website Link: Vexels

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2.   Design Bundles Sublimation Designs:

Design Bundles Sublimation Designs

Design Bundles is a website for people who investigate printing as a hobby and for professionals. They offer extensive design resources from design firms as well as from independent designers. It is a perfect marketplace for both the designer as well as people who need creative designs for their project and that too for a very low price.

Design bundles offer a vast variety of quality designs at a very reasonable price. Also, there are free designs for those who want to try this website out. They provide unlimited support as well as a commercial license for every purchase.

Design Bundles has over 914,900 products, over 2,298,000 customers and more than 7,300 stores. If you are a design freak, this may be your next favorite spot.

Website Link: Design Bundles

3.   Designious sublimation designs:


Designious has been the premium vector library for designers, freelancers, and POD enthusiasts since 2008. They have been providing digital assets to independent designers as well as companies to create amazing designs.

This site has a lot of designs that you can use to print on t-shirts, mugs, pillows, phone cases, etc. If you want to start sublimation printing, where else will you find a massive collection of stock vector art, design templates, etc to create eye-catching digital or physical products?

This site has the biggest t-shirt design bundle stock with a bonus of more than 27,000 design items. As you sign up, you get access to over 3000 ready-to-print designs with lifetime merch and commercial licenses that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Affinity, Corel Draw, etc in formats like EPS, AI, SVG and high-resolution PNG.

Website Link: Designious

4.   Buy T-shirt Designs:

 Buy T-shirt Designs

‘Buy T-shirt Designs’ is one of the world’s best marketplaces for purchasing vector and png t-shirt designs. You can now get amazing graphic t-shirt designs made by some of the best independent professional T-shirt designers in the world.

This is a perfect place for people searching for designs to purchase and start a new merchandise business or expand their business and for the designers who are creative in creating designs and want to sell them and promote their work.

As a seller, you can earn up to 70% on each sale, you won’t need per-product approval, you can sell at your desired price and you can track the stats of your sales.

Website Link: Buy T-shirt Designs

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5.   T-shirt Bundles:

 T-shirt Bundles

‘T-shirt Bundles’ is the best marketplace for small businesses who work in coth and textile designing. It is also a great marketplace for people who want to start or take their merchandise business online.

‘T-shirt Bundles’ offers you a collection of editable designs in various categories and that too at an extremely low price. Also, by becoming a VIP member, you get instant access to all the products available on this site and to all the products that will be created and updated in the future.

With this VIP membership, you get a commercial license of all the products you download with unlimited downloads and one custom niche request per month. And the important thing about this membership is that it gets renewed every year, also you can cancel it anytime.

Website Link: T-shirt Bundles

6.   Shutterstock:

Shutterstock Tshirt Sublimation Design

The website next to our list is the famous Shutterstock. While being a famous website for stock pictures and videos, Shutterstock provides great content for sublimation designing too.

Shutterstock is aimed at finding enterprise solutions for growing businesses. With Shutterstock Premier, you get a creative platform built for your team, on-brand content created for you and API integration.

Shutterstock offers royalty-free stock images, vectors, illustrations, etc. Also, you get mobile apps, Shutterstock Editor, and many other plugins.

And the most important thing is that you can download 10 Free images with a risk-free trial. Also, Shutterstock has more than 350 million images to download from.

Website Link: Shutterstock

7.   Etsy:

Etsy Tshirt Designs

Etsy is an Americal e-commerce website that provides you with excellent custom designed and handmade items. They focus more on vintage designs and items and crafts. It is a great marketplace for people who hunt for highly detailed vintage crafts and for people who want to sell their designs.

This site has open craft fairs and gives sellers personal storefronts to list their products for a fee of just $0.20 per item. Each product will be listed for up to 4 months or until its sale and the most amazing thing is that Etsy charges just 5% of the final sale price of the product.

Now looking at privacy, Etsy provides safe, fun and secure connections and exchanges for the products dealt with. Etsy has over 60 million items till 2019 (last updated till now) in its marketplace and has over 2.1 million sellers and 39.4 million buyers.

Website Link: Etsy

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8.   PNGTree:


PNG Tree is an all-in-one destination for Png images. It provides you with amazing png images, excellent templates, text effects, illustrations and the latest backgrounds for your designs.

If you are searching for cool png texts or designs, this may be the place you want to visit as it offers millions of royalty-free png images, and more than 500 updated daily images combined into your creative ideas.

You can also join the design team of PNG Tree and earn a reasonable amount for your designs. Also, it has millions of PNG images and many other graphic resources to download. Their main aim is to build the largest free PNG platform with a commercial license and serve all the designers out there to create amazing designs.

Website Link: PNG Tree

9.   Creative Fabrica:

Creative Fabrica

‘Creative Fabrica’ despite being established only in June 2016,thes a one of websites sublimation designs have a lot of amazing designs to offer especially if you want designs particularly related to embroidery. This website will be immensely helpful for people who want to start a new business or have a business related to manufacturing embroidered clothes. It will also be immensely helpful for people who take embroidery as their hobby or even if they want to try it new.

They have a total of over 1,519,900 products listed on their site and have a total of 5182 designers working on their site. So, you can now easily avail yourself of commercial license of the products on this site and that too at an exceptionally low price.

Website Link: Creative Fabrica

10.   So fontsy:

So fontsy

For the die-cut crafters, crafters who create cut-friendly designs and fonts, this is the perfect place to visit. While sublimation printing, many people find it fascinating to use commercial font and this is what ‘so Fontys’ specializes in.

They partner with the leading designers in the die-cutting and designing industries that particularly focus on vinyl and HTV, 3D designs, embroidery, etc. The designs and fonts available on ‘so fontsy’ including the freebies come with the commercial use license. And for bigger businesses, some of the designers on this site offer special Enterprise Licenses so that they can avail high volume designs print on demand.

Website Link: So fontsy

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To take a business to new heights, it is important to upgrade yourself with time and create innovative ideas and improvements from time to time. This is also the same with sublimation printing. You will need new and updated designs to sustain the market for T-shirt printing, etc. And these websites here provide you with loads of creative designs and ideas that you will always need.

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