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Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer Review

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The Epson WF-7720 is not only a feature-rich printer but also a great choice for Dye-sublimation printing! In our opinion on this printer, please read more about our Epson Workforce 7720 Study.

Epson Wf-7720 Sublimation Printer:

Epson 7720 printer for sublimation business.

We’re going to help you determine if this printer is the right option for your requirements in this sublimation printer study. All the various aspects of the printer will be covered by the review of WF-7720 and discussed in depth. As an Epson sublimation printer, we can also help you understand the WF-7720. If you are interested in a great Sublimation Printer, check out this Epson 7720 sublimation Review!

Connectivity Options:

This printer has many ways to interact with it! The Epson wf 7720 possibly supports it, no matter your specifications! Some of these include:


The Epson workforce 7720 is 16.5 inches tall, 22.3 inches wide, and 17.8 inches deep. It weighs nearly 49 lbs. It’s bound to be big for a printer that supports wide-format printing. This printer is not going to fit in a tiny position and needs a solid foundation to withstand its heavyweight.

This Dye-sublimation Printer has a great collection of features, despite the large size, to help any need you have for it!

Efficiency of Printing:

One of the world’s most recognizable printer brands is Epson! Because of this, you can usually conclude that the printing quality is excellent for Epson printers. The WF-7720 certainly maintains that consistency!

Printing Price:

The cost of printing a page-only text ranges from 3-4 cents. Whereas, the cost per page for printing a color page is around 11-12 cents. It is possible that the cost of printing wide-format pages would double per page.

This price will vary if Epson inks are used! Sometimes, sublimation inks and sublimation paper can be a little more costly. You should take that into account if your long-term printing costs are a problem!

Speed for Printing:

When it comes to printing speed, the Epson wf-7720 printer provides mixed results. The pace isn’t perfect for daily Sublimation paper printing. But compared to its rivals, it is reasonably fast for picture printing.

That being said, some options can affect your speed of printing! You can print at a greater pace if you are willing to compromise the quality of your prints. Even, the WF-7720 is speed-over-quality!

Wide-Format King:

When it comes to wide-format printing, this printer has an advantage over its rivals due to its support for larger 13 x 19-inch printing formats. The few extra inches can make an enormous difference and give someone who frequently prints wide-format documents versatility.

For any printing needs, the wide-format is great! This can be particularly true when printing with sublimation! Wide-format prints for t-shirts, hoodies, and more will make a big difference between your prints!

Power Consumption:

This Epson sublimation printer uses less energy than its rivals. Often, also 80% less power consumption than other printers. For eco-minded people, that makes the Epson 7720 a great option!

The Best Professional Printer:

Would you like to see your prints stand out and make an impression? Then, what you should be looking at is the WF-7720. It comes with one of the industry’s finest scanners, too.

Large Capability of Paper Storage:

The Epson 7720 sublimation printer has two paper trays that allow each tray to contain up to 250 pages. You also get a third tray that you can use for specific types of paper on the back. You get a combined ability to accommodate up to 501 papers stored in this printer. Multiple paper trays allow various paper sizes to be preserved at the same time.

Printing on two sides:

This printer enables you to print on both sides of the page, which can save your company a massive amount of paper resources.

Improvements over its WF-7620 predecessor:

The WF-7720 is a replacement for the model WF-7620. Changes to features include:

  • Enhancement of the control panel by increasing the size of the touch screen and the distance between the buttons.
  • Auto-duplexing ADF.
  • Best Epson WorkForce 7720 Printer

Now, come on to our sublimation analysis of Epson WF-7720. Dye-Sublimation printing, however, can look appealing, but for anyone completely new to it, it can be daunting. This is where you’re saved by this printer. It may be the best choice with the simplicity of using it for sublimation printing and the cost at which you can get started. You can also use a sublimation roll to set up your Epson WorkForce 7720, which can allow you to run very large prints!

Kits of Conversion:

The Printer has easy-to-use and affordable conversion kits available on the market that make getting started very easy. Without any headaches, you can conveniently mount the conversion kits. With consistent output, you’ll also get great quality prints.

Cheap choice when it comes to printing with sublimation:

As compared with other available sublimation printers on the market, the WF-7720 is one of the cheapest printers. The cost of the printer is not only low, but the conversion kits available for it are also inexpensive. This makes the printer one of the most economical choices.

The Epson wf-7720 sublimation is a great printer for you if you are just getting started with sublimation printing!

Epson 7710 vs 7720 Sublimation:

For paper sizes, the Epson WF-7710 and 7720 have various choices. With the ability to print A3+ and envelopes, the Epson 7720 sublimation printer is more flexible. It is difficult to deny that a great advantage is the extra paper tray, twice the capacity. Things such as the size of the touchscreen and the number of prints per minute will influence the decision of a customer, but it makes no difference since they are the same for the WF-7710 and 7720.

The WF-7720 and Epson 7710 sublimation printers are both well priced for the functions and capabilities when considering the cost of the Epson printers. The Epson 7720 printer is more costly, but in the long run, photo enthusiasts can get their money back. The tray count is the only difference between the WF-7710 and the WF-7720. There is a single tray for the WorkForce 7710 and 2 trays for the 7720. You should certainly choose the WF-7710. If you want to save space. Obviously, the Epson 7720 is perfect if you intend on printing your images.

The WorkForce 7720 was, in my opinion, the overall winner. Since the printer is wireless, you don’t need to have it in your living room or on your laptop. While still being used by any member of the office or family, it may exist in an invisible field. While it is more costly, it has additional features that will make your life simpler, not only picture printing, but also the capability of the 500-sheet tray and additional paper size options.

Epson Vs Sawgrass Sublimation Printers:

Sawgrass printers are designed to be used for sublimation, whereas by using third-party ink, Epson printers must be ‘converted’ to sublimation.

Epson printers are not designed to be used with sublimation ink, unlike Sawgrass Printers. In reality, using any other connection than the link given, you would void your warranty. The danger is worth the reward sometimes.

You will not have any assistance from Epson until you have “converted” your printer to a sublimation printer. If you buy ink from a higher-end company such as Cobra ink or InkOwl, the ink will provide you with help. Customer service is not going to be similar to that of Sawgrass. Since the printer and ink business is Sawgrass, they have more troubleshooting tools. The output of customer service with an Epson printer would correlate directly with your choice of sublimation ink.

Sawgrass printers took and revamped Ricoh Printers (commonly used in offices) and renamed them to be used with sublimation ink developed specifically for these printers. Sawgrass is renowned for its outstanding customer service and predictable outcomes. Though Sawgrass printers and inks are more costly than Epson, their customer service is great. Epson Vs Sawgrass Sublimation Printer.

With a bypass tray that needs to be purchased separately, the SG400 can print 8.5X14 and the SG800 can print 11X17 and 13X19. Additional Note: Epson Vs Sawgrass printer, the cost of ink for Sawgrass printers is slightly higher than that of Epson sublimation ink. Sawgrass consumers have fewer options for ink, unlike Epson printers.


This analysis of the Epson WF-7720 should help you determine if this printer is currently the best choice for you. No matter whether you’re a novice in sublimation printing or a pro, the WF-7720 is suitable for anyone. In purchasing this powerful multipurpose printer, you will not go wrong either.

The WorkForce 7720 helps to add the excellent standard of printing and scanning to the wide-format printers of a typical Epson printer.

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