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Sublimation on Stainless Steel Tumblers Step by Step




Sublimation on Stainless Steel Tumblers Step by Step

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When it comes to sublimation, working on tumblers and travel mug is the most exciting venture among others. Whether you preparing a gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, there’s a lot you can do. And the same goes when it comes to your business. You have a lot of room for creativity. In this case, we’ll look into how to sublimate on stainless steel tumbler.

How to sublimate on stainless steel tumbler:

How to sublimate on stainless steel tumbler

Learning how to sublimate on stainless steel tumbler is so exciting. It doesn’t take so much effort and the outcome is impressive. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, this is something you need to try. With that said, you’ll the following items and steps to complete this project:


  • Heat Resistant Tape
  • Sublimation paper
  • Sublimation ink
  • Sub Printer
  • Mug press
  • Graphic design software


  • Choose design
  • Print Design
  • Pick your steel tumbler size
  • Place the design
  • Heat press
  • Unwrap
  • There you have a steel tumbler sublimation

For more details on these steps read on

Stainless steel tumbler sublimation printing process step by step:

  • Pick the image or design:

The first step is choosing a design or image you want to print on the tumbler. Feel free to work with any design that impresses you or your clients. Also, if, it’s a gift, you can personalize the design by choosing something that the recipient loves doing. For instance, if he or she is a sports fan, choose a theme or an image of their favorite sport.

  • Resize:

Take measurements of your tumbler and apply that in your design to get an image that fits

  • Print:

With your design ready, you can go ahead and print it on your sublimation paper using a sub printer. Since you’re working on a tumbler, you can crop the printout to fit it.

  • Place design:

Using the heat tape, place your design on the tumbler. And this is an important step because it determines where your image ends up during pressing. So, check the alignment and ensure everything is right, including the direction the image will face.

  • Pressing:

Wrap up the tumbler with parchment paper and then place it in the heat press machine. As usual, set the temperature to 400oF and press it for 60 seconds.

  • Unwrap:

Before you remove the tumbler from the heat press machine, ensure you have heat gloves on. This will protect you from getting burnt. Once the tumbler is off the machine, leave it on a secure surface to cool. Alternatively, you can decide to cool it with water.

Once it cools, start by removing the heat tapes on all sides and finally, the sublimation paper will come off. Now you can appreciate your hard-earned effort with a striking-looking tumbler.


Lastly, sublimation on stainless steel tumbler is perhaps the easiest and most satisfying job. The results are mind-blowing and the quality of the print is impeccable. And with the above step-by-step procedure, you can begin your project and share with us your result.

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