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Best Sublimation Papers For Your Printer 2022: Top 7 Picks




Best Sublimation Papers For Your Sublimation Printer In 2021

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A great sublimation printer needs high-quality sublimation paper to give you the perfect print every time you hit that print button. So here in this article, we bring to you a list of the best sublimation papers in the market today.

1.  A-SUB Sublimation Paper:

A-SUB Sublimation Papers

A-Sub is one of the most popular brands when it comes to manufacturing sublimation papers. This company has been a leader in this market for more than 19 years now. It designs its sublimation papers specially for inkjet printers and to make outstanding prints and transfers.

I think A-Sub is the best sublimation paper on the market today. It’s dries out very quickly and you don’t need to wait for hours for your paper to dry. It is even more useful with polyester and cotton materials, it does not waste any ink and gives an outstanding print on these fabrics.

This paper is made from a highly developed technology as it transfers over 90% of the ink to any fabric you use. It is made to handle the sublimation ink from inkjet printers and provide you excellent results at the end of the transfer.

It has flat edges and a print on the backside which makes it convenient to load and transfer ink onto any fabric.

If you want excellent and quick results with no waiting for the ink to dry, this is the product that you must use with your printer.

Highlighted features:

2.  DyeMaster:

DyeMaster Sublimation papers

Are you looking for a sublimation paper that is perfectly compatible with Epson sublimation printers and can be used to print designs on a variety of things? Then this is what we bring to next.

This paper from DyeMaster is one of the most advanced and popular paper for sublimation printers today. Be it printing on your shirt or printing on your favorite furniture, this paper will give you fantastic results every time.

Generally, A4 sublimation papers take a lot of time to dry themselves and at times this becomes the prime reason for orders getting delayed. But with this DyeMaster, you don’t need to worry about it anymore as it promises to dry in just 5 seconds making your work run fast and smoothly.

This Dyemaster paper is perfect for printing on light-colored and polyester fabrics. However, it does not work effectively on ceramic or cotton surfaces.

Highlighted features:

3.  Seogol papers:

Seogol Sublimation papers

If you prefer efficiency more than number then this paper for sublimation printing will be your next purchase. It gives you an over 98% transfer rate making it perfect almost every time you print.

If you are trying to make your brand grow by providing the best sublimation product every time they purchase from you then there is no other better option available than this. It gives a perfect print on sublimation mugs, phone cases, ceramic plates and many more other products.

It is highly compatible with sub printers and easily takes on sublimation inks. And for perfect monitoring and custom results, you can set the temperature and time for the paper too, this will also help in mirror printing too.

This Seogol sublimation paper shows life-like colors on it with high-quality final prints. So, you can now relax and see your printing job done with great precision.

Highlighted features:

4.  TexPrintR Sublimation Paper:

TexPrintR Paper for Sublimation Printing Business

This paper is perfect for printing amazing designs on mugs and other such materials, it has a unique coating on it to prevent it from tearing. With this A4 TexPrintR sublimation paper, you can get bright and colorful results easily every time you use it.

Generally, people get fed up purchasing different Dye-sublimation papers for different products. But this is not the case with this paper, it is perfect for getting amazing prints on key chains, mugs, mouse pads, phone cases, etc.

But the goodness of the paper does not stop here, it creates vivid color and texture on your design and makes it a perfect eye-catching object. It also delivers excellent stability with huge ink loads and also dries up easily with high transfer efficiency.

Lastly, it is 100% recyclable and is compatible with Sawgrass Virtuoso sublimation printers. Hence if you want bright and vivid colors on your final prints, then this is the product that you must have.

Highlighted features:

5.  Fole sublimation papers:

Fole A4 papers.

This paper is an ideal choice of sublimation paper for people who want fast and effective results. It provides you amazing results effortlessly within seconds of hitting the print button. This paper is designed to give you stunning results with a fast drying time.

Fole paper offers you vivid, natural and long-lasting colors that you will hardly find in any other brand’s sublimation printer. It is also cheaper than others and is a great option to substitute any top brands Dye-sublimation paper.

This paper offers you great quality at a very affordable price and it also transfers over 90% of the ink to the surface. It is also perfect for the polyester fabric containing a mixture of 30% cotton and is compatible with dye-sublimation printers.

Highlighted features:

6.  EDIY papers:

EDIY papers

If you are searching for a highly stable sublimation paper, has a greater transfer rate with sharp precision, this is the paper that you will have to look on. This paper from EDIY is one of the best available online today.

It has great stability and works perfectly under both room temperature and high or low temperature. If you look at it closely, you will see some minute pores that fully absorbs the ink at a very high rate and gives amazing print.

It has a very high transfer rate and is suitable for coated products, chemical fiber and products with less cotton fabric in it. And, it can easily transfer heat and produce high wrinkle-free color on the final print.

It is compatible with most of the Dye-sublimation printers available on the market and can easily print high-quality images on mugs, caps, phone cases, etc.

So, if you need a highly stable and compatible A4 sublimation paper for your printing job, you must have a look at this paper too.

Highlighted features:

7.  BetterSub Sublimation Paper:

BetterSub Papers For sublimation Printing.

This is the last sublimation paper on our best sublimation papers list and it is one of the best on our list. This paper from BetterSub has a very high rate of transfer and it soaks every drop of ink that falls on it and delivers it perfectly to the surface you want to print.

It is perfect for printing on polyester fabric and other fabrics that have less than 30% cotton in them. And, it also reproduces great print on mousepads, mugs, hats, caps and other surfaces.

It has an impressive 98% transfer rate using its nano-coating technology, it dries very fast and has no fracture in it. It is also washable and the surface on which it prints does not fade.

It works perfectly on inkjet printers and easily takes sublimation ink in it. Hence, if you need a paper for getting vivid colors and designs, then this is the product that you must purchase.

Highlighted features:

How to choose the best sublimation paper?

This is perhaps a very difficult question to answer. There are numerous brands selling tons of sublimation papers of thousands of different qualities. Hence, it is a very difficult task to choose the best among them. So, here we bring to you some essential points that you must notice before purchasing papers for sublimation printer.

Quality of color output:

This is important to notice before making any purchase. For the quick and large sale of sublimation print items, they must bring out vivid and life-like colors. Many printers promise to give vivid colors but fail to handle colors correctly, so make sure you have the proper research done before you buy.

Time to dry:

This is a great problem related to the sublimation paper. Many papers take a lot of time to dry the sublimation ink on them. You should always go for one that takes seconds to dry as the faster the papers will dry, the faster you will be able to finish printing objects and delivering them.

The heat transfer rate and durability:

Check for the heat transfer rate before making your purchase. There are many papers with a heat transfer rate of just 60% while others have about 98%. Go for the one that has more heat transfer rate.

And then check for durability very well, the color and design that the sublimation paper prints must be long lasting and reliable and also they must be fade-proof.

Printer compatibility:

Lastly, compatibility is the most important thing to notice. You must strictly check if the paper is compatible with your inkjet or sublimation printer and works perfectly with the sublimation ink used. You will generally get this important on their commercial site but if the information is not available, we will suggest you skip to another product.

How to use the Sublimation Paper?

Using a sublimation paper is very easy, you don’t need to hire any professional for it. You just need to make sure that the paper you are using is compatible with your sublimation printer and the sublimation ink works perfectly fine with the paper.

After checking up all the settings, you just need to follow some simple steps to get started.

  • First, take the paper and carefully load it into the printer.
  • Secondly, choose your desired speed and select the high-speed print quality.
  • Thirdly, mirror the image you want to print.
  • Then click on the print.

After these steps, the print will start automatically.

For multiple prints at the same time, you must be careful with the print outputs as some sublimation papers take time to dry hence carefully separate them and don’t let them stack and pile upon one another.

Once you complete the printing, you must never use the same sublimation paper for printing again. Even though your paper has a high transfer rate, it can still contain some ink from the previous print.


For the perfect print to appear on your product, it is necessary to have the perfect sublimation paper with your printer. And the list here gives you the best 7 sublimation paper available in the market today.

This article is a result of our hours of online research on various printers. You can save your research time and get a perfect one from this list for your sublimation printing business. Have a happy day of shopping!!!

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