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Best Sawgrass Sublimation Printers in 2023 – Top 5 Picks

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Sublimation printing is one of the most popular businesses today. Dye-sublimation is the use of heat to print or dye to print designs on fabric, plastic, or other materials. And Sawgrass sublimation printers are the best sublimation printing machines available on the market today. In this article, we bring to you the best sawgrass printers of 2021.


SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG400 Sublimation Printer

If you are new to the sublimation dying industry and you are searching for a sublimation printer that will be very handy to use and also will be able to handle all your initial workload, this is what you must check out. This is one of the initial printers from Sawgrass.

It is difficult to initially get used to this industry because you need to make products that are unique, cheaper, and also are of high quality. Hence, Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is one of the best Dye-sublimation printers that will ensure high-quality prints and will be very economical for you.

Also, it comes with many additional features to help you work easily with this printing machine. It gives you durable prints with fantastic designs to help your business grow easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sublijet-HD inks: This is the only printing machine that highly optimizes digital decorating and comes with a complete set of Sublijet-HD inks.
  • Creative Studio Software: For your support and initial kick to your start-up, it comes with easy software that will help you create amazing designs from their stock design library.
  • High-Definition Prints: This printer will reproduce vibrant life-like colors on the objects with optimized heat pressures and using advanced algorithms.
  • Lowest Cost: This printer will give you the lowest production cost that will help any start-up to grow.
  • Warranty: Sawgrass 400 provides you with a 1-year warranty and also complete partner plus support to ensure that your production carries on without any halt.
  • It can reproduce High-definition images.
  • It is incredibly easy to use
  • It is specially designed for sublimation printing.
  • Lowest production cost compared to others.
  • Extremely versatile and prints on a variety of polymers.
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • The cost of ink and paper is high for the product.
  • Inks are not compatible with the cotton transfer.
  • The setup process is tiring.


Final Verdict:

So, finally whether or not you must consider this product. If you look at the review, you will get an excellent 4.7-star review out of 5-star. So it is indeed a great product. Hence, if you are just entering the Dye-sublimation printing industry, we will suggest you start your journey with this amazing Sawgrass SG400 sublimation printer.


SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printing Machine

This is an upgraded sublimation printing machine and it has many additional features than the previous version of SG400 that we talked about a little while ago. With many people today trying to shift from their daily 9 to 5 jobs to the business sector, they are trying to search for new business opportunities and sublimation printing is one of the popular business choices among them.

This Sawgrass SG500 printer is a letter-sized desktop printer and is more capable of printing large prints than its previous one. It comfortably fits on a desktop and allows you to make your custom artwork and print them on your products. It’s amazing for the t-shirt printing business.

It comes with a premium membership and a free license to the Sawgrass Creative Studio to help you create and innovate your design and to get access to unlimited artworks and additional features.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sublijet UHD inks: This printer delivers you more lively and vibrant colors on the print surface no matter whether the fabric is hard or soft. With its UHD Sublijet ink, you don’t need to worry about the print quality and style.
  • Install Kit: This new sublimation printer has an install kit that allows you to choose the size of the ink cartridge that needs to be included in the printer. This will help you to cut down the ink wastage to a great extent.
  • Sawgrass Creative Studio: This Sawgrass printer comes with a free license to the creative studio for you to create your custom designs and print them directly from the software.
  • Backward compatibility: The Sawgrass 500 is compatible with the accessories of Sawgrass SG400, so if you have that older version, you can easily upgrade to this one.
  • High-quality print resolutions: This printer can print high-resolution prints up to 4880 x 1200 dpi and has a maximum media print size of 8.5″ x 14″ (215 x 355mm) but with the optional bypass tray, it will be able to print up to 8.5″ x 51” (215 x 1295mm).
  • High-quality print resolutions: This printing machine can print high-resolution prints up to 4880 x 1200 dpi and has a maximum media print size of 8.5″ x 14″ (215 x 355mm) but with the optional bypass tray, it will be able to print up to 8.5″ x 51” (215 x 1295mm).
  • Wireless connectivity: It has the facility of both wired and wireless connectivity. It has the traditional USB cord and power cord connection and also Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Warranty: This printer comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support guaranteed.
  • It comes with a free Sawgrass creative studio license.
  • It comes with unlimited access to their artwork.
  • Easy multiple prints once the settings are entered.
  • It uses UHD Sublijet ink for high-quality prints.
  • It is compatible with the accessories of Sawgrass SG400.
  • It has a smart print manager to adjust the print settings for different materials.
  • The cost of the compatible sublimation ink and paper is high.


Final Verdict:

This Dye-sublimation printing machine is indeed an upgraded version of its predecessor SG400. It also has an excellent 4.6-star review out of 5-star. And The Sawgrass VIRTUOSO SG500 kit is perfect for your business to boost manufacturing. Have a look at its features and make your purchase today.


 SAWGRASS SG800 Printer for Sublimation Printing

Sawgrass is a brand that makes amazing printing machines and this SAWGRASS SG800 is one of the finest sublimation printers from this brand. It is the most versatile and effective printer in the market today.

This printer prints faster and more multiple prints per page. It also prints large-sized images and has the maximum print media size of 11 x 17 inches. It is suitable for printing shirts, bags, socks, etc, and is also great for printing even small and detailed images and banners too.

So, if you want to increase your business size and want more fast prints, this is the product that you need. And also if you have an older version of the Sawgrass SG series sublimation printer, you can upgrade to this printer easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sublijet HD inks: Just like its previous versions, this printer also uses Sublijet HD inks for greater quality prints.
  • Sawgrass Technical Support: Perhaps the most crucial thing for non-technical folks. Sawgrass provides lifetime technical support to keep the printing work going smoothly.
  • Sawgrass Creative Studio: This sawgrass sublimation printer also comes with a free license to the creative studio for you to create custom designs and print them from the software.
  • Backward compatibility: This Sawgrass VIRTUOSO SG800 sublimation printer is also compatible with the accessories of its predecessors, so you can now reuse the old stuff and cut some extra costs.
  • Versatile: The Sawgrass 800 is versatile to different substances and can print quality designs on metal, plastic, polyester, ceramic, wood, etc.
  • It also comes with a free license to the Sawgrass creative studio.
  • It also gets you unlimited access to their artwork.
  • It reproduces vibrant colors with stunning resolution.
  • The images created by this printer are super durable and permanent.
  • It is compatible with the accessories of its predecessors.
  • It has a printer manager to optimize color outputs.
  • The cost of the compatible sublimation ink and paper is high.

Sawgrass SG800 VS SG400 Dye Sublimation Printers:

Final Verdict:

This Sawgrass SG800 printing machine is perfect for your high-quality fast printing needs. It also has a 4.4-star review out of 5-star. And it will surely help to boom your business’s sales.


SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG1000 Sublimation Wide Format Printing Machine.

For people who are searching for the best sublimation printers of 2021, this is what they need to look at before you check out any other printer. Whether you are starting a small business or you suddenly have a large order to deliver, this is the printer that puts an end to all your problems and provides you the best that you deserve.

This Sawgrass SG1000 sublimation printer is high-speed at printing and it offers you the lowest start-up and running cost. It also prints at a very affordable rate that allows you to earn profit at a very early stage of starting your business. And its compact design will help you install it even in a very small space making it an ideal choice for small business startups.

This printing machine also comes with a smart print manager and an online creative studio with 2 years of product warranty and technical and in-house support. What else do you need to get started with it?

Highlighted Features:

  • Sublijet UHD sublimation inks: For greater print quality, it uses original Sawgrass Sublijet UHD ink.
  • Sawgrass Technical and in-house support: This sublimation printer like its previous one also comes with full technical support and also it has full in-house support so that you do not need to take the headache of carrying the printer anywhere to repair it.
  • Sawgrass Creative Studio: Just as its predecessors, it also comes with a creative studio to create and print your custom designs.
  • Backward compatibility: This Sawgrass 1000 is backward compatible with many accessories of the Sawgrass SG800 model and you can also use the bypass tray of the SG800 to print items up to 13˝ x 51˝ (330 x 1295 mm).
  • Versatile: The Sawgrass SG1000 is as versatile as it can be. It can print on almost every printable surface available on the market.
  • It also gives you a free license to the Sawgrass creative studio.
  • It reproduces vibrant colors with high-quality images.
  • The designs created are permanent and wear and tear-free.
  • It is compatible with many accessories of SG800.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and full in-house support.
  • Its larger bypass trays need to be bought separately.
  • It is very expensive.

Final Verdict:

This Sawgrass VIRTUOSO SG1000 is a perfect sublimation printing machine for any brand that wants to build its brand as a high-quality Dye-sublimation items seller. It has a fantastic 4.6-star review out of 5-star. And if you are a future CEO of a big sublimation print product selling brand, you must have this.


 Sawgrass VJ 628 Large Format Printer

The last Sawgrass sublimation printer on our list is this fantastic Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628. This is the best high-value and wide format printer from Sawgrass. This printing machine offers you highly efficient printing with precision. It is a perfect printer for people who constantly have long printout requirements.

This Sawgrass VJ 628 is also an ideal product for people with short spaces as it just needs 7sqft of space to fit in and print a full bleed of 24 inches products with a resolution of 1400 x 1400 dpi. It gives exceptional output and with its four sets of 8-color ink, it ensures that you have the perfect reproduction of the image as you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sublimation ink sets: For attaining a perfect result each time you hit that print button, this printer comes with four different sublimation ink sets each containing 8 colors.
  • Sawgrass Print Manager: To ensure print efficiency and proper print status, this printing machine is loaded with a smart print manager.
  • Sawgrass Creative Studio Online designer: It also comes with a license on the Online Creative Studio designer to let you create your custom designs.
  • Warranty and In-house support: This Sawgrass virtuoso vj 628 comes with a 1-year product warranty and lifetime in-house support to ensure smooth printing.
  • It reproduces brighter and high-definition images.
  • It uses 4 sets of subject HD ink.
  • It uses next-generation i2 print technology.
  • It easily produces large prints with small footprints.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It was so expensive.
  • It is not compatible with the new line of Apple computers.

Final Verdict:

This is the perfect Sawgrass wide format sublimation printing machine for printing large printouts. Even though it does not have any reviews on it now on Heat Press Nation but still it is worth your time and investment.

How to Choose the Right Sawgrass Sublimation Printer for Your Need?

Unlike any normal printer, sublimation printers are tough to select from as they occupy quite a good amount of space and also differ in many other features. So, to make your search easier, we bring to you some points that you must keep in mind before clicking the checkout button.

Yes, the print field size, is the point that you must know before searching for Dye-sublimation printing machines. As different sawgrass sublimation printers have different sizes and different field areas as per their holding capacity of the sublimation papers.

The next important thing will always be the ink quality. Whenever you purchase a sawgrass sublimation printing machine, always remember to use the original Sawgrass Sublijet ink. It doesn’t matter much whether you use the Hd or the UHD inks, the most important thing is the quality of the ink.

Also, check for the color that is available with the sawgrass printer and if they are available in sets. Generally, in some printers, you will find CMYK colors but if your printer offers and is compatible with Pro photo colors, you must get that for better print outputs.

·        Maintenance:

Maintaining a printer can at times be very hectic and dreadful especially if the ink leaks. So, try finding a Sawgrass printing machine that has a smart management system and auto maintenance to ensure that you don’t need to put your hand in the mess.

Generally, people complain about the slow printing speed of printers. But with the growing technological advancements, today’s sublimation printers come with a high printing speed. Check for the print speed per minute and try to find and read reviews to get the actual insight. Also, make sure the printer does not compromise with the quality to speed up the print works.

·        Connectivity:

With the growing technology, it is important to have machines that use fewer wires and more wireless technology. Hence, today’s sublimation printers come with wireless technology and Wi-Fi support as well. So before getting yourself a new sublimation machine, always look that it works wirelessly too

·        Price:

Perhaps the most important thing to look for is the price and budget. Always set your budget and then look for the perfect sublimation printing machine for yourself. Also, you must not forget to check multiple sites to get the best price for your product.

·        Warranty and Support:

Lastly, there is a warranty and in-house support. Never purchase an item that has no warranty with it. Always look for sawgrass printers that come with a minimum of 1 year of warranty and also look for technical support with it.


Sawgrass sublimation printers are some of the best printing machines all over the world. And if you want to start a new business related to the sales of printing products, you must always choose sublimation printers. So, go for the best and make your business a successful one with your hard work and Sawgrass printers.

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