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What Kind of Printer Do I Need to Make Stickers?




What Kind of Printer Do I Need to Make Stickers?

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Stickers have a wide range of applications, and many aspiring amateurs and budding hobbyists have turned their own sticker printing into a viable business. Regardless of whether you are interested in printing for fun or starting a sticker printing business, you must invest in the best sticker printer available.

What is Stickers Printing?

Sticker’s printing is a low-cost solution that promotes businesses and increases brand awareness. It is also the process by which most creative individuals use sticker printing machines to display their creative side by creating decorations for their homes or offices. Printed stickers can be used on sliding glasses, as labels on packaging for business, as an advertising medium, and as fantastic gift ideas.

While you could have your labels and stickers printed for you, it is not a good option, especially if you want to print regularly or are planning on starting a sticker printing business.

What is a Sticker Printer?

A sticker printer is a machine that prints stickers and labels and is usually linked to a computer. Basically, we have two types of sticker printers:

  • Inkjet sticker printers: Inkjet printers have tiny nozzles that spray small drops of ink onto the paper. They work well for brightly colored images and are a good choice if you wish to have high-resolution stickers and labels.
  • Laser sticker printers: laser printers use toner powder to produce high-quality black and white color prints.
  • When choosing the best printer for stickers, we advocate for an inkjet printer as it is versatile, cheaper, and reliable.

What Type of Printer Do I Need for Stickers Printing?

A colored sticker printing machine

A good and competent printer should accommodate your budget and needs. Inkjet printers are usually the most popular choice because they are less expensive and reliable. Since there are several inkjet printer solutions, the choice will depend on your sticker’s design.

A four-color inkjet printer with a high print solution will more than suffice. However, if your sticker design demands more tonal variety and dynamic color ranges, your might be required to seek an inkjet printer with at least six cartridges.

But since the ink is quite expensive and runs out fast in inkjets, you can purchase a laser printer instead. Although laser printers are costly, they can print a large amount before refilling.

Stickers Printer Specifications

  1. Software Compatibility

The stickers printer should be compatible with Photoshop or other based pixel-based programs.

  1. Automatic Document Feeder

Scanning the stickers one after the other can be a hurdle and problematic. However, an automated document feeder eliminates this problem by allowing several sticker documents to scan simultaneously.

  1. Document Sizing

Most sticker printers can shrink or enlarge the sticker size directly from the scanner table. Sticker resizing from approximately 20% to 400% is a standard feature in most sticker printers that allow users to obtain stickers of different sizes.

  1. Printer Resolution

300 DPI is the standard resolution for most sticker printers. The standard resolution is necessary for high-quality reproductions and excellent-quality images.

How to Choose the Best Printer for Stickers Printing?

A black colored printer with a plant vase on top

Since a plethora of sticker printers are available in the market, you may have to consider the features and benefits it offers before finally making the purchase. Some of the factors you should consider are;

1. Speed, Size, and Volume

Depending on your monthly print volume, you may value a printer with fast speed. The size of the printer also dictates the volume of stickers to be printed in a day. Some sticker printers are designed to handle a heavy volume of stickers. Some sticker printers are designed to hold a heavy volume of sticker output and are more suitable for people running sticker businesses, while others are best suited for a small run.

2. Operation and Maintenance Cost

Most folks choose printers that fit their budget blindly without knowing they are more likely to incur high operation and maintenance costs in the long run. It is always important to remember that not only is the original cost of a printer important, but maintenance costs, ribbon replacement costs, and ink cartridges costs are also present.

Users should also consider the cost of setting up the printer and training people who will be operating the printers. In most cases, a full-time technician may not be present. If you are worried about high costs, it would be best to go with a simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-maintain sticker printer.

3. Connectivity Options

Most sticker printers have a USB connection that connects them to a personal computer. However, such an option can limit individuals from searching for a printer that allows multiple user connections. Printers with Ethernet (LAN) connectivity are recommendable as many people can use them simultaneously. Search for a sticker printer that connects to your mobile device or smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Stickers Printer FAQs

1. How Many Colors Can a Sticker Printer Print?

Inkjet and laser sticker printers can print stickers of all colors. Typically, most color sticker printers can print up to ten color sheets in 60 seconds.

2. Does Sticker Printing Come on Sheets or Rolls?

Stickers are typically printed on sheets.

3. Are There Any Limits to the Length or Width of Stickers a Printer Can Make?

Most are the times that a sticker printer can generate anything you imagine. However, several practical considerations come in place. For example, a sticker printer might not create a sticker longer or wider than 12 inches. To be able to print anything longer or wider than 12 inches, try combining stickers that work together.

4. What Sticker Shapes Does a Sticker Printer Produce?

The shape produced depends on the printer used. Some are flexible enough to make stickers in pretty much any shape you might need. However, the shape must incorporate some practical considerations. If the designs are rather intricate, the stickers will be challenging to finish and apply.

5. What is the Best Sticker Material?

Papers, vinyl, and polyester are materials often used to create stickers. As far as sticker materials go, there isn’t one that stands out above the rest. The best sticker material is always one that is suited to your application.


While there are several factors to contemplate before investing in a sticker printer, reviewing the printer features, including speed, cost and maintenance costs, connectivity, and sticker quality produced is crucial. A good sticker printer will produce stickers less resistant to water, ultraviolet radiation, and abrasion. Moreover, laser sticker printers are better for companies, while budding hobbyists can benefit from cheaper inkjet sticker printers.

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