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5 Ideas to Make Stickers for Hydro Flask




5 Ideas to Make Stickers for Hydro Flask

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Professional-made stickers are great for hydro flasks. They let individuals decorate and personalize their bottles. Unfortunately, low-quality stickers may lead to paying extra costs to replace them often. Instead, you can learn the best ideas on how you make durable stickers for your hydro flasks at home.

How to make stickers for hydro flasks?

1. Create or find your design

You can use Pinterest, Google or other research engines to look for more interesting hydro flask sticker ideas.

2. Purchase printable sticker paper of printable vinyl

This paper is an essential sheet with waterproof material because you don’t want the sticker to get damaged after washing your bottle.

3. Print design on the printable sticker paper

Use the inkjet printer to print your decal. It’s the same procedure as printing on normal printer paper.

4. Cut out & peel off

Use the cutting machine or scissors to perfectly cut the design you want for your hydro flask bottle.

5. Laminate the sticker

This process is to seal and protect the sticker to make them fully dishwasher, waterproof and scratchproof.

What do you need for making hydro flask stickers?

Hydro flask with disposable cup and camera on the rocks

1. Printer

A colour printer would be the best option. This is an inkjet printer because it allows you to change the size or shape of the stickers.

2. Laptop or computer and design software

You need a fairly fast machine because the sticker design might slow down the computer. For the software, you can use Cricut design space and silhouette studio because they can make different designs and stickers.

3. Cutting machine

You can use a crafting knife or scissors if you don’t have a cutting machine. Silhouette Portrait is also among the best option for beginners because it comes with a compact portrait. Try utilizing the paper puncher to make start, heart and other eye-catching shaped hydro flasks stickers from the patterned paper.

4. Sticker paper

Paper labels are great for vinyl record sleeves, creating instant image stickers, personalizing name tags etc. The most commonly used paper labels include rectangular, oval, round labels and square labels.

5. Clear vinyl laminate

Vinyl stickers are dishwasher-safe and waterproof. By placing a laminating sheet right over the hydro flask sticker, you will increase its lifespan.

Five ideas to make stickers for hydro flasks

– Minimalist Graphics

This style and idea are currently trendy. In this idea, the key is making layers simple, leaving out the details. This is all about lettering, graphics and spacing. This is a flat design in three or two colours that can provide a sophisticated effect on the hydro flask sticker. In addition, use simple graphics to typically focus on the message and brand.

– Funny characters

Many people love cartoons, and I don’t see they cannot fit your hydro flask bottle. This type of sticker ate fun, appealing and attractive to people. Funny characters on ideas tend to play a vital role in your message and brand. Of course, funny characters are our friends.

– Go retro

For a cool retro brand, go with a vintage-looking and well-designed sticker for your hydro flask. In this case, choose the rustic colours, illustrations and line drawings to make this sticker ideas design suit perfectly.

Varied illustrations, psychedelic colour combinations and line drawings are ideal for the retro stickers. When it comes to retro ideas, you can decorate your hydro flasks with what you deal with, including music, packaging or even drinks and food ideas.

– All eyes are on your message

If your hydro bottle sticker has a powerful message, consider drawing your eyes right to it by making your font a focal point. Go for big, bold letters to help you get the message out to the world.

Besides, unique typography will express the brand identity and character of your business. Also, create the right feeling you want to express from your hydro bottle sticker. In addition, a funny quip, catchy slogan or wordplay can make your message more memorable.

– Get a classic look

In some sticker paintings, playing by rules is what you are just required to do. For example, when hoping to publicize something basic to appeal to a huge range of individuals, this is the best idea. This idea will sell, ensuring everyone knows what your hydro bottle is all about with a single look.

In this case, go for the classic visual cues such as familiar images, colours and styles, which led to plenty of contexts. In addition, you can use symbols which are easy to understand or just what you are feeling directly, such as “proud supporter”.

Make hydro flask sticker tips

A person holding a hydro flask of tea
  1. Use high-resolution files

Uploading high-resolution photos will make your sticker look clean and crisp. The higher resolution files are offered in large sticker sizes and also look exciting. In this case, pay attention to the textures, details and any text which may be part of the hydro flask design.

  1. Be keen on the shape

Circle or square is common options when it comes to designing hydro flask stickers. These stickers are business-looking and funky.

  1. Match the colours with your specific brand, name, interest etc

For example, sticker designs which are made for fun are made of any palette colour. On the other hand, business hydro flasks stickers should match your specific brand.

  1. Make the idea simple

If you think the world needs to know about you and your brand through a hydro flask sticker, make the idea simple when designing it. We have already given you some top ideas in the above guide. Besides, you can copy the original WhatsApp sticker design and come with a Snapchat or mascor style and eventually create a funny flashy art.

  1. Make your text readable

Avoid text altogether in your sticker design. Basically, your sticker needs to express something even without words. However, if it is a must, you include the text in the stickers; consider making it large. Make the text capital.

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Final thought

Most individuals carry hydro flask bottles along with them when going to sports, movie shops etc. You have seen stickers on the hydro flask that makes them exceptional in their brand and personality. The above guide will help you to understand how you can make sun-resistant, waterproof and scratchproof hydro flask stickers.

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