Best Printers For Stickers Printing 2023

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  • Date: January 1, 2023
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If you need quality and striking-looking stickers, you’ve got no other option except to get the best printers for stickers making. To save you from the overwhelming process of finding one among a vast collection, here are top pics. They comprise the best in class printers for sticker making 2023.

Our top 3 Picks:

1. Canon PIXMA PRO-200

Want to enjoy professional printing, especially on vinyl papers, consider using Canon PIXMA PRO-200. It’s a fast printer with efficiency in producing quality prints. Through the eight-color dye-based cartridges, the printouts have rich and vivid colors.

It has a compact design that conserves space and also improves portability. Thanks to the fast printing system, it can handle bulk tasks. Further, it’s compatible with various print media and also devices you can connect it with enhancing convenience. Through the LCD and self-explanatory button, you can manually manage printing on this device.


Reliable for vinyl stickers but not a great option for industrial use due to ink scarcity.

2. Canon Pixma Pro-100

While Canon Pixma Pro-100 has a compact design, it’s fairly large making it a good choice for large format prints. Further, the astonishing performance makes it a great choice for professional projects that require quality output.

Some noteworthy features include the CL42ink cartridge that delivers superior and long-lasting images. Further, it has eight individual color cartridges that guarantee extreme details in each printout. In addition, 4800x2400dpi resolution ensures photo quality remains uncompromised. Supporting up to 13by19” papers, this device prevents the need to outsource help when you need large printouts.


Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a professional printer for those who don’t want to compromise output.

3. HP ENVY 5055

Whether you’re upgrading from HP ENVY4520, or you’re simply looking for the best cheap sticker printer, consider HP ENVY 5055. It comes with state of art features from aesthetics to astonishing performance. For starters, it has noteworthy printing speed, advanced wireless connectivity, and more. Also, it has three in one service that comprises print, copy, and scan.

And through the Smart App, you can operate this wireless printer from any location at home. That is, you can print the stickers from Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, the cloud, or social media. Unlike most sticker printers, HP ENVY 5055 conserves ink reducing the cost of running it. Also, it supports various print paper sizes from letters to size 10 envelopes making it a suitable choice for stickers.

4. Canon IP8720

If you want nothing but the best option when it comes to sticker print, consider Canon IP8720. And that’s because the quality of print, color vibrancy, and speed of printing is priceless. Also, it’s best for handling both small and large print papers.

While it can handle all types of print media, wait until you experience its performance on vinyl stickers. Color accuracy is one of the best among devices at this level. Due to the 6-individual color cartridge, the vibrancy and clarity of the prints are just remarkable. Most importantly, it has a superior resolution that enhances photo clarity further.

Lastly, Canon IP8720 supports multiple forms of connectivity. Therefore, if you’re typical, you can work with wired or decide to be modern with wireless connections.


The best printer for sticker making generally is Canon IP8720

5. HP OfficeJet 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830 was designed to impress starting with a structural appeal to remarkable performance. First, it comes with a competitive price considering it’s fitted with high-end features. And with the options like HP instant-ink, you can suppress the cost of running it even further.

Among the notable qualities is the four-in-one functions that include copying, faxing, printing, and scanning. Through the touch display, you can manually configure this printer. Also, there’s wireless connectivity that allows you to control the device virtually. Performance aside, this device is built to improve your comfort during various operations. Thanks to the optional silent mode, you can minimize the noises and enjoy a quiet room.


The best printer for stickers with a competitive price

Buyers Guide

If you need a printer that fulfills the sticker making needs, here are features to consider:

  • Resolution

This is a critical factor that determines the graphic quality of your stickers. To choose the right printer for sticker making whether on a budget or not, the least resolution should be 800x1200dpi.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is a core concern since it can limit the number of tasks you can run efficiently. That said, you should ensure the printer has both wireless and wired connectivity to enjoy convenience.

  • Print paper compatibility

If you’re certain which type of papers you’ll need for sticker making, then choose a printer that supports it. Also, the thickness and dimensions are important to consider.

  • Customer support

It’s worse when your printer malfunctions in the middle of an operation with no tech support to help. Therefore, ensure the option you choose comes with tech support contacts.

  • Type of Cartridge

To reduce the running cost of your sticker-making venture, choose a printer that’s compatible with third-party cartridges.

FAQs: about printers for stickers making

Do you need a specific printer for sticker making or can you use any printer?

Well, there’s no specific answer to that. ‘Cause the capacity of a printer to print stickers depends on the type of print media. You may find slim print media that can be processed by any printer. However, there are some media with thickness and conditions that require sticker printers only. Therefore, if you’re venturing into the sticker-making business, it’s safe to buy sticker printers.

Which type of sticker printer is best for vinyl material or stickers?

It all comes down to the type of printing technology. For vinyl stickers, choose inkjet printers, they’re effective at handling vinyl stickers. On the other hand, avoid laser printers since they cannot vinyl papers because of the toners.

Are printers from HP reliable for making stickers?

On average, HP printers are some of the best in the market and industry in general. Therefore, you can trust their capability or capacity to print stickers. And in this text, we’ve got two best options you can consider – HP OfficeJet 3830 and HP ENVY 5055.

Which printers are best for sticker making?

Well, we’ve made it easy for you with the above top five options. The selection is based on performance, reliability, and result quality.


With this review on the best printers for sticker making, we believe it’s much easier to pick one for your business. There’s little chance of you encountering setbacks while deciding which one fits your business needs. Whether you’re considering budgets options or not, all these printers guarantee reliable performance.

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