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Is The epson 2720 sublimation printer good?




Is The Epson EcoTank 2720 Good For Sublimation?

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The Epson Eco Tank is an incredibly easy-to-use printer that is a must-have for anyone venturing into printing jobs, precisely sublimation printing. The Epson 2720 is one of the best Epson EcoTank printers for sublimation. It has been a popular choice among print shops, photographers, and product decorators. You will achieve great results with this reliable and affordable Epson printer. So let’s discuss in detail how good the Epson ET 2720 is for sublimation printing.

Epson 2720 for sublimation:

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The Epson 2720 is a printer you can convert into a sublimation printer by changing or rather replacing the normal ink with your sublimation ink. An eco tank means that the printer uses ink tanks instead of cartridges. This means that the ink tanks are reusable each time the ink is empty. Unlike cartridges that must be replaced with new ones, often eco tanks can serve for a very long time making the printer a sustainable one that saves you the cost of buying and disposing of ink cartridges that will pile up the electronic waste on the ecosystem.


The Epson ET 2720 gives you ideal sublimation printing not counting that it saves you plenty of ink and prints much more pages than the traditional printer. This printer offers wireless printing via WiFi which improves flexibility. It also has a USB port to plug your regular printer cable into your laptop or computer. What’s more interesting is that the printer is configured with Alexa- which is a voice-activated system that enables you to control this printer using your voice. On top of that, the printer features an Epson iPrint smartphone app that makes printing photographs and documents from your smartphone a breeze.

Epson 2720 sublimation printer prints are stunning with a resolution of 5750x 1440 dpi. The color reproduction is also vibrant and accurate considering this is mainly a home printer. When printing black and white, it can speed at a rate of approximately 10 pages per minute. If printing color, it can print approximately 5 pages per minute. Although this is not the best speed, it is worth its price, not forgetting that the printer produces some high-quality projects.

This cheap EcoTank printer has dimensions of 14.8 x 13.7 x 7.0 inches when folded and when you unfold the printer’s tray, the dimensions get to 14.8 x 22.8 x10.0 inches. It incorporates a built-in scanner and a copier. Another notable thing is that this printer boasts a two-year ink supply which saves you up to about 90% on ink replacement costs. Each bottle equates to 80 conventional ink cartridges thus making it a cost-effective sublimation printer.

Why is the Epson 2720 good for sublimation?

The Epson 2720 is the best cheap sublimation printer on the market today. you need just convert it into a sublimation printer by replacing the standard ink with sublimation ink. Typically, this is the best sublimation printer for beginners. It boasts easy-to-fill tanks that will not waste or consume a lot of ink, unlike ink cartridges. Additionally, its high-quality resolution and ideal speed make it ideal for sublimation printing. This printer has proven that it can print frames, sportswear, flags, canvas, and household systems using the dye-sublimation printing system.

How to convert Epson 2720 to sublimation?

If your Epson 2720 is brand new, then it is much easier to convert it to a dye sublimation printer. The only thing you are required to do is to get rid of the ink present and then replace it with your sublimation ink.

However, if your printer has been used before, there is a slight change in the process. The first step is to remove the already filled ink from your tank. After you have removed the entire ink, try cleaning the tank with clean water. Then, add your sublimation ink. Your printer is now ready for sublimation printing.

Epson 2720 vs 2760 for sublimation:

Both the Epson 2720 and 2760 printers are quite comparable when it comes to their features. However, the Epson 2760 printer is a step ahead because it offers automatic double-sided printing. It also has a dedicated SD card slot that misses on the 2720 printer. Additionally, if you want to reduce waste and ease of printing is your priority, then 2760 has the upper hand. However, with these features, it is also quite expensive than the 2720 printer.

Conclusion For epson 2720 sublimation printer:

The Epson 2720 sublimation printer is a great choice if quality prints and ease of use are your priority. This printer is also affordable and reliable and easy to convert to a sublimation printer. The use of cartridges is outdated and that’s why Epson has introduced the ink tanks which makes their printers suitable for sublimation printing.

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