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How to Choose the Best Sublimation Printer?




How to Choose the Best Sublimation Printer?

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The best sublimation printer will deliver the best printouts. Sublimation printers effectively print onto materials such as mugs and t-shirts. They use special sublimation inks that make them very reliable. You will have a high-quality printout to serve your given purposes. There are several sublimation printers available in the market. It is essential to check the different printers available and then decide on the best. The use of sublimation inks guarantees the best-looking printouts. They are bright and can work on a wide range of surfaces.

What Factors Should One Consider While Selecting the Best Sublimation Printer?

Before buying a printer, there are several factors to check out. Here are some of the factors you should check out before you decide to buy a given printer:

Print Quality:

The printer should be made to deliver the highest print quality possible. If possible, check samples of printouts that the printer has several products. There as re some printers that are designed to deliver the best results. You can count on them, and they will work perfectly to allow you to enjoy the best performance possible. Before you decide to get any printer, take your time to compare the different printers available and decide on the best.

Print Size:

Some printers cannot work on large printouts. Check out the size of the paper. The printer can handle it before buying. You can consider your given printing needs before purchasing the printer. If you would like to print on large t-shirts, you will have to buy a big printer to accommodate the services.

Print Speed:

It is a good idea to check out the print speed. Some printers will deliver the printouts very fast. For instance, if you have a lot of work you would like to print, it will be necessary to get a sub printer designed to print very fast. A high capacity and fast operating speed can save you money.


There is a given budget you may have set aside. It is necessary to stick to your budget. If the printer has several features, you may have to pay more. Check out the features available on the printer before you can decide. Some printers will assure you the fastest operation and require you to pay more in the process.

What sublimation printers do you recommend?

What sublimation printers do you recommend?

You need to get the best printer for sublimation to keep your printing process running smoothly. Some of sublimation printers you can get in the market include printers such as:

1. Epson Sure Color F170, F570:

The printer comes with several features that make it stand out when printing. Some of the features you will get on the printing that makes it a great addition to your printers include features such as:

The Epson SureColor F170 and F570 are high-quality complete desktop printers that will ensure the fastest operation possible. They can deliver custom dye-sub printing services. Some of the features that make the printers very reliable are:

Rock-solid reliability:

You need a highly reliable printer. The printers are made to achieve the highest level of reliability. They are among printers with durable parts that will keep the printing process running smoothly.

Astounding print quality:

You will never feel let down when it comes to print quality. The printers are made to achieve the highest quality designs. You will be assured of the fastest operation after you get the printers.

Bright images:

The printer is made to assure you of the fastest operation possible. It delivers brilliant images with great colors. The high-quality printouts make the printers very reliable. You can always turn to the printers to enjoy the best results.

World-class support:

The printers are backed by world-class support. If you get high-quality printers and start applying them, you will never get stuck because of the reliable support.

2. Sawgrass Sublimation printers: Sawgrass SG500, SG 1000:

The Sawgrass sublimation printer is among the best. It comes with several features that make many people prefer it. For instance, it produces high-quality printouts that will make you enjoy using it. Some of the features available on the printer that make it very reliable are:

Sawgrass CreativeStudio:

The printer allows users access to a design tool that simplifies the creation of designs. You will get to explore several inspirations from the creative studio. If you buy a printer to print different designs, you will find it easy to use the printer. You will get several artworks that assure you of the best printouts possible.

Sawgrass Print Manager:

The software automatically adjusts the settings so that the printer can deliver the best printouts. It is a high-quality printer developed to guarantee users the best results possible. Get the printer, and it will provide the best results as you work on different printouts.

SubliJet UHD Ink:

The printer comes with high-quality ink that delivers the best sublimation printing quality. You will get a printer that will provide the best results after turning to high-quality designs.

Backward Compatibility:

The printer is compatible with accessories from other models, such as the SG400. You will not be stressed about where to get spare parts after getting a high-quality printer. It is among the few printers built to deliver the best results as you work on different printing projects.

3. Convert Epson EcoTank to sublimation:

You may like to convert Epson Ecotank to sublimation. The process is easy, get the Epson Ecotank and own the cartridge tray. Replace the cartridges with sublimation cartridges. Fill the cartridge with the sublimation ink that is recommended. The printer will require you to run a few test prints to know whether it has aligned well. The printer is built to convert to a printer for sublimation easily.


The sublimation printers are known to deliver high-quality pertinent outs. If you want to improve your printing business, you need to get a printer for sublimation. It will deliver the fastest operation possible.

Many people prefer printers because they are built to deliver the best results when working on different printing projects. The printers deliver the best quality print outs. They are made to deliver the best printing services possible.

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