Top 5 Best Sublimation Inks For Epson 2720

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  • Date: May 4, 2022
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The Epson 2720 is a solid choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option compatible with both Windows and Mac. The Epson 2720 uses best-in-class inks for sublimation printing, allowing you to turn your artsy photos into stunning works of art. If you are looking for the best inks that will work best with this printer, look no further! We have created a list of the 5 best sublimation inks for Epson 2720.

1. Printer Jack Sublimation Ink:

Printer Jack sublimation ink is the newest and most advanced technology in the ink industry. Our specially formulated inks are designed to work with your printer, delivering optimized performance and vibrant colours. It guarantees that your printer will never clog printheads or void your printer warranty.

I think it’s the best sublimation ink for Epson 2720 on this list. The ink can get your images and photos printed onto various fabric materials, such as t-shirts, decorative cloth, mugs, shoes, caps, cross-stitch, ceramics, bag, box, etc. Moreover, the inks are designed with the latest technology and are environmentally friendly, with no pigment ink.

At the same time, the appearance of the print is clear and more delicate. With good anti-UV performance and colour fastness– you can easily clean the nozzle without worrying about the clogging phenomenon after printing.

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2. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink:

Hiipoo Sublimation is a revolutionary ink that makes it simple and convenient to refill your printer. These water-based dye sublimation inks have been specially formulated to provide high heat transfer printing rates and produce bright, vivid colors. For added convenience, its automatic syringe-free refilling system allows you to refill your tank without touching the ink directly.

The printer can produce high-quality results with smooth lines and crisp detail, whether you are printing pillowcases, masks, ceramics, cross-stitch, cap, mug cups, banner, flip flops, tumblers, canvas, or socks. The ink is ICC-compliant, so you can use your printer to create professional colour prints without any worries. Whether want to print at home or office, this sublimation ink is compatible with your Epson 2720 eco tank printer.

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3. Cosmos Ink:

Cosmos sublimation ink for Epson 2720

Cosmos ink is an outstanding new sublimation ink designed especially for the Epson EcoTank 2720 and other eco tank Printers with high-heat transfer printing. To ensure the best quality of your image, graphics and photo, it thoroughly tests print quality, durability and other features before releasing it to the market. It is a wonderful product ideal for printing on fabric and other materials, such as mugs, hats, bags, t-shirts, and canvas.

The ink includes various features that make it more exciting than its competitors. These include an auto-refill system to refill the tank without creating any mess and a no-clog nozzle. In addition to these features, it has an automatic cleaning system that will enable you to remove the remaining ink from the cartridge and avoid clogging.

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4. INKXPRO Sublimation Ink:

INKXPRO sublimation ink is a set of 4 ink refills with high-quality ink for your Epson 2720 eco tank printer. Each pack of INKXPRO comes with 100ml of dye-based ink, and a free print head cleaner.

The sublimation inks have an extreme pigmentation and offer outstanding color depth and density and an extensive color gamut compared to normal dye-based inks. This ensures that even saturated colors are reproduced with razor sharpness, almost without banding.

Moreover, besides being compatible with most Epson eco tanks, it bears ICC profile and works for both windows and mac. The ink isn’t waterproof, so you can easily remove it from the tank using a simple cleaning cloth. Meanwhile, it boasts low-temperature sublimation, which means that inks are dried faster and less likely to stick to the nozzles.

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5. INKNI Sublimation Ink:

As a new product in the market, it has won warm praise from many users. It is filled with ink, enabling you to save money and time.INKNI sublimation ink is an eco-friendly inkjet refill for Epson workforce supertank printers. Features high color density and long lasting printout, with a total of 500ml sublimation in 4 colors; 200ml black, 100ml cyan, 100ml magenta and 100ml yellow.

The ink is a brand of ink refilled for Epson 2720, workforce super tank series, including C88/C88+, eco tank series. It can be used to refill the empty cartridges in your printer and achieve the printing effect you want. Additionally, it has been tried and tested to ensure that it works flawlessly with your printer while producing crisp and clear prints.

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Does Epson 2720 come with sublimation ink?

No. The Epson 2720 does not come with sublimation ink. However, it is compatible with sublimation ink cartridges.

Why can some sublimation ink colors print out better than others?

There are a lot of reasons. For example, the type of fabric you use may affect your print quality because each fabric has different absorbing ability; most textile fabrics have a relatively higher absorption rate, so you should use high-quality ink to print out on them.

What is the difference between pigment and dye ink?

Pigment ink doesn’t dissolve in water in contrast to dye ink which easily dissolves. It is used to produce sharp and clear results.

Is it ok to use a third-party sublimation ink cartridge with epson printer?

No, not really. Third-party inks don’t work reliably with your machine and will get clogged easily.

Why? Sublimation ink comprises many solvents, which make the ink very easily dissolve in water, but most third-party sublimation inks contain more solvents than original cartridges. Using incorrect ink will make your machine fail to print correctly and even stop working.

How to choose a sublimation ink?

The above is a simple guide; there are a lot of things that you should consider before buying sublimation inks. They include the type of material you’ll be printing, the color density, high-gloss effect, pigment or dye; the amount of ink used for each print or number of prints per cartridge; compatibility with your printer.

What is a high-quality sublimation ink?

High quality refers to the grade of the ink, which is more expensive than dye-based inks, but it doesn’t mean that the quality of printing is better. It is not. However, sublimation inks are more stable than dye-based inks and the color won’t fade easily.


So, does the best sublimation ink for Epson 2720 really matter? Well, it does for most professional artists who use the equipment for their artwork. Sublimation inks allows you to transfer images, artworks, graphics and writings to other materials from woods, textiles and other materials

That being said, if you intend to print full color logos and images then Dye sublimation ink for Epson ET 2720 described in this article makes the right choice for you.

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