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Sublimation on Black Shirt Step By Step 2022




Sublimation on Black Shirts

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While it’s impossible to sublimate black shirts directly, with help of the sublimation printer and silhouette Cameo, there’s a chance. The entire process is not different from normal sublimation, except on graphic printing. And in this text, we will learn how sublimation on a black shirt works. Let’s start:

How to sublimate on black shirts:

How to sublimate on black shirts

Sublimating on black material is unique compared to other material colors like white. If anything, the process is similar to that you would use on sublimating cotton. That is, you don’t do direct sublimation but instead rely on sublimation vinyl in transferring the print.

To your surprise, the result is quite remarkable. It’s a long-lasting print with great graphics, even on a black shirt. In this case, we will use a fabric sheet as the transfer paper.

With that said, to get started, you’ll need the following list of requirements. They are easy to get and some are at your disposal if you’ve been doing shirt sublimation for a while.



  • Medium to high-pressure pressing
  • 385-400oF

Sublimation on black shirts process step by step:

  1. Choose the graphic design you want to print, make the necessary modification and then print it on the fabric sheet.
  2. So, instead of using the normal sublimation paper put the fabric sheet in the printer instead. Once you print, don’t be alarmed when you notice the print looking dull. Since you are printing on a piece of fabric, it’s bound to look so.
  3. Also, after printing, let the print out on the fabric sheet settle for over 2 hours before heat pressing.
  4. After 2 hours, it’s time for a print cut. You can use a cutting machine like Cameo or use a scissor.
  5. Turn on the heat press and set it to the right temperature.
  6. As it heat up, place the parchment paper as the first layer, then put on the black shirt. Ensure the parchment paper is in between the shirt’s two layers. Confirm the alignment of the shirt. And thereafter, use a lint roller over the area you’ll print.
  7. Once the heat press attains over 380oF, give the shirt a pre-press to eliminate moisture. Also, you’ll end up with a flat surface to use
  8. Now lineup image, ensuring the sides are facing the right direction. Then place the parchment paper on top. And thereafter a butcher paper.
  9. You can press now for 40-60 seconds and then release the heat press to check the outcome.
  10. At this point, you’re done and the shirt is ready for wearing once it cools off.


At last, this process just shows you that nothing is impossible when it comes to creating quality print using sublimation. By following the above steps, you can create striking prints on black shirts. And this is something many people believe is impossible. So, give it a try and share with us your result.

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