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Remove Sublimation Inks From Mugs




Remove Sublimation Inks From Mugs

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One of the striking benefits of using sublimation inks on Mugs is the high quality and long-lasting results. For starters, it’s scratch resistant and your image comes out with photographic quality. However, if anything goes wrong and you want to remove sublimation inks from mugs, it can be a daunting task. But not with this technique we’re about share. Read on

How to remove sublimation inks from Mugs:

A critical step when it comes to removing sublimation ink is learning about the original cause. With time, you may notice the print fading leaving behind a strange stain. And several things can evoke this. They include:

  • Wrong Cleaners – alcohol cleaners are harsh on sublimation print and can lead to discoloration.
  • Excess heat – while heat is vital in the process, the excess amount can reverse the process.
  • Low Heat– low heat on the other hand leads to poor bonding and low-quality print. that doesn’t last long.
  • Poor quality sublimation paper or ink – this can lead to low-quality print that doesn’t last.

Remove Sublimation inks from Mugs Process:


  • Apple cider vinegar
  • White Vinegar
  • Kitchen scrubber sponge


  1. Get a bowl and pour in the apple cider vinegar
  2. Thereafter, dip in one of the mugs ensuring the print side is submerged completely.
  3. Then live it there for at least half an hour

Since removing sublimation ink from mugs is not a simple affair it doesn’t guarantee a perfect result. As such you can try two techniques on the same type of print found on different mugs. With the first mug on Apple Cider Vinegar, let’s use White Vinegar on the second mug. Using the same steps:

  1. Get a bowl and pour in the white vinegar
  2. Then submerge your mug while ensuring the print is completely in the white vinegar.
  3. And just like the first set up, live this to settle for over half an hour

Both Setups:

Now, this step applies to both setups:

  • When time is up, get the kitchen scrubber and start scrubbing off the ink
  • If it begins coming off, well that’s great news. However, if it still resists, let it settle in the apple cider vinegar/ white vinegar for more time.
  • Depending on your sublimation print, both solution plus scrubbing will remove the ink. However, there’re times when only one setup works. And that’s the benefit of trying both. It allows you to end with an effective option that can work on all your mugs.


Remove Sublimation Inks
How to remove sublimation inks?

There are a few methods for removing sublimation inks. The first and most effective way is to use a chemical solvent like acetone or alcohol. This will remove the ink from any surface it is on, but can also damage some surfaces. The second way is to use a heat gun, which should only be used on non-porous surfaces. A third option is to use an adhesive remover, but this will not work on all materials.

Can you re-sublimate the mug?

Unfortunately, re-sublimating these mugs isn’t an option. This technique only works on new mugs. Luckily, your mugs won’t go to waste, because the water slide technique will still work on them.

Can you remove sublimation ink from mugs?

If you are looking to remove sublimation ink from a mug there are many simple solutions for you to try. One solution that works rather well is using Apple Cider Vinegar. You will need a bowl, water and vinegar as well as a dish rag or soft cloth. Fill the dish rag or soft cloth with the vinegar and wet it thoroughly.


Finally, removing sublimation inks from Mugs is a challenging process; however, it’s not impossible. When you have a reliable technique like the one mentioned above, this is possible. However, the result will not be perfect because you can still trace where the print was. And once the ink is out, re-sublimation is also not an option.

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