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Sublimation on Baby Onesies Process

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Are you planning to transform the look of your baby onesies? Well, whether you’re doing this for business or for your baby, Dye-sublimation printing is the best technique. It not only provides remarkable results but also long-lasting quality prints. In this case, we’ll look at the onesies sublimation printing process step by step. Let’s start:

How to sublimate on onesies?

How to sublimate on onesies

If so, you will need to take the following steps: 1) Put on the onesie. 2) Select an image that you would like to sublimate on it. 3) Select a sublimation printer that is appropriate for your desired size of the image. 4) Feed the paper into your printer and print your design onto it. 5) press your design with the heatpress machine.

When sublimating fabrics, there are several factors to consider and in this case, it’s onesies. You can work with an all-over style to make your work easier and the result adorable. It’s a popular design where the outcome is an image print covering the entire print surface on the fabric.

While the results are commendable, sublimation onesies also have a few setbacks. For instance, white creases can form in various parts of the fabric. And the cause is oftentimes the poor setting of the transfer paper making it fold during printing. Also, if you’re looking for a print with texture, this is not an option for your onesies.

The items you need:

  • Sublimation printers
  • Sublimation papers and inks
  • Onesies blanks
  • Heatpress machine

Baby Onesies Sublimation Printing Process Step by Step:

In this case, we will cover the entire process from choosing the graphic design to printing on onesies.

  • Generate an image: You can visit Google and search for visual characters you are interested in and then download them. Alternatively, you can generate a graphic image from scratch with help of design software like photoshop.
  • In this case, let’s work with looney tunes. Choose one of the images or two that you would want to use and then download.
  • Thereafter, go back on search and type paint splatter. Also, choose a style that impresses you and download/ save it.
  • Now, to design the PNG, open Microsoft word on your computer. Then set the size to 13*19.
  • Thereafter, drag and drop the paint splatter or any background design you have on Microsoft word for editing.
  • Speaking of editing, crop out any header or footer the image may come with from Google.
  • Next, right-click on the image, then click “wrap text”, then “In front of text”.
  • This action will make it easy to move your image right or left.
  • Next, double click, tap location and choose a configuration (either lighten or darken the image)
  •  The hit ctrl-P to print, ensure the image is in reverse when printing on the sublimation paper
  • With the image print and your baby onesies (high mix or polyester material)
  • Use parchment paper in the onesies to prevent ink leakage. Also, use one on the sublimation paper to prevent ink leaks from the top.
  • Now, close the heat press and exert pressure to transfer the image from the sublimation paper to your onesies.
  • And how you have your onesie sublimation to gift or sell.


Fabric sublimation is one of the effective ways to create quality and charming prints on your onesies. The result is outstanding on polyester or high polyester mix material as the print comes out perfect. However, when dealing with cotton fabrics, expect the result to be a retro look. And this is because cotton absorbs almost of the ink leaving around 60-65% for a graphic image.

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