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Top 7 Best 4×6 Photo Printers Of 2021

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With the evolution of cameras, people today want to click and save their special moments forever. But hardly we find people printing pictures and framing them, most of the pictures they click are stored in the memory of their phone and not in a frame on the wall. So here in this article, we bring to you a list of the best 4×6 Portable Photo Printers that will give you instant and cheap 4×6 prints to ensure your pictures find a place in your life too.


Kodak Dock Portable 4×6 Instant Photo Printer:

Kodak Dock Portable 4x6 Instant Photo Printer
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Kodak Dock Portable 4×6 Instant Photo Printer

Kodak is a household name when it comes to clicking pictures. This is a brand that has been producing cameras and photo printers for ages. With Kodak, you can be assured of getting excellent quality photo print at a comparatively lower cost. And this photo printer is one of the best-selling 4×6 photo printers available in the market today.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy One Touch Print: To ensure smooth printing support, this photo printer comes with a convenient printing dock that will help you get your pictures printed directly from your smartphone.
  • Photo Quality: It is fast and convenient and prints with bright colors and excellent details. Also, its D2T2 Thermal Transfer Technology keeps the final print sharp enough and does not let it bleed, and is also fade-resistant.
  • Device Compatibility And Usage: It is compatible with almost all the smartphones available in the market today. With its 5 pins micro USB dock, it can easily take pictures from Android, iPhone, iPad, Digital Camera, and USB memory cards.
  • Easy Charging: It can easily power up to 2 devices and supply a fast charge for your business or other projects.
  • Smart Apps: Along with this printing machine, you also get filters, stickers. Collage maker by downloading the Kodak Photo Printer App. This app will not just enhance the quality of your pictures but will also make it easy for you to edit them.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The prints are fade-proof, waterproof and long-lasting.
  • Its innovative dye transfer does not let the pictures bleed.
  • It is cheaper than other photo printers.
  • It has simultaneous fast charging technology.
  • It produces high-quality prints.
  • You can only print photos.
  • It cannot take a heavy load.

Why Choose It For Photos?

This 4×6 portable photo printer from Kodak is one of the best printers for printing your pictures on the spot. If you are looking for a compatible and compact photo printer that you can carry with you and also get excellent final print then this is the printing machine that you must opt for.


HP Sprocket Studio 4×6:

HP Sprocket Studio 4x6 photo printer
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HP Sprocket Studio 4×6

HP is a brand famous for its laptops and computer accessories. This brand also makes other electronic products such as photo printers and these printing machines are among the best one of the photo printers in the world. It can instantly print photos with excellent quality and durability.

Highlighted features:

  • Instant Printing: This photo printer by HP is designed to produce high-quality 4 x 6 inches photos instantly and with its BlueTooth connectivity and HP Sprocket app, you can send pictures directly from your smartphone wirelessly.
  • Picture Quality And Personalisation: You can now print pictures that are highly durable, vibrant, and glossy. Also, by downloading the free HP Sprocket app, you can edit and personalize your pictures and print photos that are water-resistant and smudge-proof.
  • Multiple Source Printing: All you need to do is just pair your device with the Hp Sprocket app and you can easily print from Social media handles, Google Photos, etc.
  • Additional Print Supplies: You will get additional supplies of 80 sheets of 4×6” Photo Paper and Cartridge Bundle that will include 2 cartridges.
  • Additional Features: Apart from all these facilities, you also get to unlock your content in augmented reality and an optional portable battery to go cordless and print easily anytime.
  • The prints are highly durable.
  • You can easily personalize your prints with the HP Sprocket app.
  • The prints are vibrant, glossy, smudge-proof and water-resistant.
  • Augmented reality fun.
  • You get an Optional portable battery.
  • Additional print supplies.
  • One-year limited hardware warranty.
  • It is designed only for Mobile Phone or Tablet Printing.
  • Ink cartridge use is high.

Why Choose It For Photos?

For instant printing and getting high-quality pictures, this is the printer that you must purchase. Also, if you are a person who likes to play with pictures and try to find ways to enhance the beauty of the pictures, this is a perfect choice for you.


Canon Selphy CP1300:

Canon Selphy CP1300
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Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon is another brand that manufactures amazing cameras, but today in this article we bring to you this fantastic 4×6 portable photo printer that is capable of printing high-quality pictures instantly. This Dye-sublimation printing machine is one of the most popular and best seller printers from Canon.

Highlighted features:

  • Print Durability: The prints that you get from this printing machine are highly durable and can last as long as a century without any visible damage.
  • Easy Connectivity: You can easily connect this printer with your smartphone or tablet using the Canon Print app. Also, you get a USB port and also memory card slot to print directly.
  • Convenient Design: It is designed to be portable and with its optional battery back, you can print and share pictures from any place.
  • Easy Monitoring: It also comes with a 3.2 inches LCD screen that will allow you to choose, edit and print your pictures with ease. Also, its 18 sheets output paper tray will make bulk printing easy.
  • Print Quality: It can print with a resolution of up to color level 256 and with a color combination that can reach up to 16.8 million colors.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting prints.
  • Easy and all-around connectivity.
  • It is easy to carry and has a convenient design.
  • 3.2 inches LCD screen for easy navigation.
  • High-resolution prints.
  • The cost of refilling ink cartridges is high.

Why Choose It For Photos?

If you are looking for a 4×6 photo printer that gives you high-resolution images instantly then this is the printing machine that you must buy. The Canon Selphy CP1300 is one of the most demanded photo printers, it is compact and durable and gives excellent print.


Kodak Dock Plus 4×6:

Kodak Dock Plus 4x6 Prints
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Kodak Dock Plus 4×6

Kodak has always been a camera giant and this photo printer from Kodak is currently the number one bestseller in the 4×6 Photo Printer section of amazon. This is a printing machine that can easily cater to all your photo printing needs on the go. Let’s have a look at its details.

Highlighted features:

  • Print Stability and Compatibility: It can instantly print your pictures directly from your smartphone. It is reliable and can constantly print on a stable BlueTooth connection.
  • Print Quality: With its 4Pass Technology, it can instantly print high-quality pictures flawlessly. Also, the final print is water-resistant and fingerprint-proof.
  • Easy to use: This Kodak printing machine is portable and easy to use. It has C type USB docking pin and lightning connector to connect iOS devices.
  • Free And Easy Kodak App: You also get the free Kodak app that will help you to edit and print pictures anywhere you want.
  • It gives stunning print quality.
  • The printing is fast and smooth.
  • The cost of paper is low.
  • Easy docking and removal.
  • It has a laminated protective layer on the prints.
  • Water-resistant and fingerprint-resistant.
  • The cost of the cartridge is high.

Why Choose It For Photos?

This 4×6 photo printer is the number one bestseller in the section of Portable Photo Printers. The prints you get using this printing machine are water-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, also you get an excellent laminated layer on every print making it the best.


Victure Photo Printer, Print (4 x 6) inch Photos:

Victure Photo Printer, Print (4 x 6) inch Photos
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Victure Photo Printer, Print (4 x 6) inch Photos

and find best price for your needs

Victure is comparatively a new brand in the field of photo printers when it is compared with other top brands. This photo printer helps you to print fantastic pictures using the dye sublimation technique. This printing machine is comparatively more compact than its competitors and is highly portable.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy connectivity: You can easily print via your smartphone with a BlueTooth connection. It is easy to pair with Android and iOS devices and the connection is more reliable when on a stable BlueTooth connection.
  • Print Quality: It uses the Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer Technology to print with stunning details and bright colors. And the final print that comes is fade-proof, water-proof and tear-resistant.
  • Compact design: This photo printer by Victure is very compact and occupies very little space making it a suitable product for portability.
  • Instant Color App: You also get a Victure Photo Printer App where you can easily edit your photos and send them to print.
  • It is very compact and portable.
  • Amazing app with diverse filters.
  • The print comes with automatic photo lamination.
  • The final prints are waterproof and finger-proof-resistant.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The ink might glitch and stuck.
  • It is sometimes tough to find compatible ink and paper.

Why Choose It For Photos?

This 4×6 photo printer from Victure is comparatively a new product with many reviews containing flaws but it also has many good reviews about the quality of the prints. If you want a highly compact photo printer that you can carry anywhere then this is the printing machine that you must consider.


Epson PictureMate PM-400:

Epson PictureMate PM-400
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Epson PictureMate PM-400

Epson is a market leader when it comes to printers especially sublimation printers. And this photo printer in the list is among the best photo printers available in the market today. This printing machine gives you a total wireless solution for printing and is made to give you amazing prints.

Highlighted features:

  • Quality Print: The first quality that comes with an Epson printer is high-quality photo prints. This printer gives you excellent photo prints when Epson cartridges are used along with the compatible print paper.
  • Compact Design: This printing machine indeed has a compact design although might not as many others, it is still lightweight and portable.
  • Wireless and Borderless Printing: To get your printing works done fast, it has wireless printing technology and also it can easily print high-quality borderless pictures.
  • Print Speed: Speed is the most important requirement for photographers who want to deliver their pictures fast. So this printer borderless prints photos with a speed of 36 seconds per photo.
  • It gives high-quality outputs.
  • It prints beautiful borderless photos.
  • It is lightweight and saves a lot of space.
  • Prints wirelessly from iPad, iPhone, smartphones and tablets.
  • It has a high printing speed.
  • Although this printer has a compact design, it is not much portable as others.
  • It prints perfectly only when Epson cartridges are used.

Why Choose It For Photos?

If you need a small printer that prints perfect and high-quality photos efficiently, then this is the printing machine that you must purchase. It gives you great borderless photos with a much lower printing time. So for people with high print needs must have a look at this product.


Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90 4×6 Photo Printer:

Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90 4x6 Photo Printer
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Sony Picture Station DPP-FP90:

and find best price for your needs

The last product on our list is this fantastic photo printer from Sony. Sony has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality camera, its accessories and photo printers and this is one of its best products. It is a fast, convenient and low-cost photo printer.

Highlighted features:

  • Convenient Printing: It conveniently prints color photos with a high speed of about 45 seconds per 4 x 6 inches color print.
  • Dye Sublimation Printing Process: It gives out permanent and long-lasting prints using the advanced Dye Sublimation process.
  • Picture Quality: The final print that appears on the printing paper is vivid and clear as the printer can print 256 shades of three dye colors in millions of combinations.
  • Easy Navigation: With its large built-in 3.6 inches LCD screen, it is easy to navigate and print pictures.
  • Other Features: Apart from these features, you also face detection and D-Range Optimizer to enhance your printing experience.
  • It has a 3.6 inches LCD screen for navigation.
  • It can print pictures easily.
  • It uses the dye-sublimation printing method.
  • The prints are spectacular and vivid.
  • It has a portable design.

Why Choose It For Photos?

This is a 4×6 photo printer that can handle all your high-quality printing needs. If you are looking for a printer that is compact in design, gives long-lasting prints, is convenient in printing and also has comparatively a low cost in printing then this is the printer that you must opt for. This is an all-in-one solution for all your printing needs.

Buying Guide: Portable 4×6 Photo Printer

Framing your special moments and relieving the good old days is indeed the best feeling ever. But for your pictures to be perfect and last long, you must purchase the perfect printer. And here in this part, we will discuss the major factors that you must consider before purchasing your next photo printer.

Print Quality:

The first important thing to notice before purchase is the quality of the print. To ensure that the pictures last long and are vibrant, make sure the print quality is high with at least 256 color shades. Also, if the print comes laminated, then it will be fade-free, smudge-proof and fingerprint-resistant.


The next thing to focus on is the price. And not just the price of the printer but also the price of the ink cartridges and the print papers. If you want to purchase the photo printer for commercial purposes then you must also calculate the per print cost of the photo printer.


A portable photo printer can be useful to you in many ways, it is compact and you can carry it with you on every trip. Nowadays, people prefer the smaller-sized printer as it does not require any specific space and cuts your cost to a large extent.


To get your pictures printed constantly, you will need a strong connection from your phone to your printer. So, you must get a printer that has strong Bluetooth connectivity and also USB ports to connect with any device.

Print Speed:

Lastly, you must see the print speed of the printer. Generally, the regular photo printers take a long time to print perfectly but today you get compact photo printers that do the same job within seconds. So you must get a photo printer that has a speed of at least 30 seconds per print.

How to print with a 4×6 photo printer?

Printing with a 4×6 photo printer is easy, you will just need to follow some simple steps –

  • Take the photo and set it up according to the user manual with the power cord.
  • Next, open the paper feeder and remember not to block the power cord end.
  • Next, place the print papers with the shiny surface above.
  • Set the ink cartridge in the dedicated slot.
  • Now, if you have a dedicated app then open it and set up the settings.
  • Next, connect the smartphone with the photo printer via a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Lastly, send your pictures to print.

Tips: 4×6 Photo Printing:

Here are some tips that will help you print excellent images.

  • Never block the power cord end of the printer as sometimes the pictures go through the printing process more than once.
  • Do not panic if you see yellowish print initially as it might go through multiple printing processes.
  • Always use the company-manufactured ink cartridges and compatible paper to get the perfect print.
  • For continuous printing, make sure you have a stable BlueTooth connection or connect through a USB cable.


What is the best 4×6 photo printer?

There is no definition for best, you must choose the one that suits you the best. From a general perspective, Kodak Dock Plus, Canon Selphy CP1300, HP Sproket are some of the best 4×6 photo printers.

What is the best cheap 4X6 Portable photo printer?

Compact-sized photo printers are generally cheaper. To name some of them, Kodak Dock, HP Tango, Canon Seplhy are some of the cheapest reliable photo printers with prices just above $100.

Can I print 4×6 photos on my printer?

Yes, you can 4×6 photos from your regular printer. You will just need to select the picture on your PC and then click on Print. And on the Print dialog box, select the print size as 4×6. You will get your pictures printed.

How much does a 4×6 photo cost?

4×6 photo printers are generally low costing photo printers. However, the price depends on the features and the print quality. A standard reliable 4×6 photo printer will cost you somewhere around $100.

What printer do professional photographers use?

Professional photographers generally use printers that print with high resolution and have at least an 8-ink dye system. For instance, you can take the example of Canon Pixma Pro.

What is the best portable photo printer?

There are a variety of compact-sized photo printers. And for portability, you must look for printers that occupy very low space. So you can go with Canon Selphy CP1300, HP Sprocket Plus, or Kodak Mini 2.

Where can I get pictures printed off my phone?

You just need to go to the gallery and then choose the picture that you want to print and then click on the print option on the printer. Or you make a separate album in your file manager and send it for bulk printing.


On the endnote, you know that memories are one of the driving forces of life. And what else is better than capturing the memories and printing them with some of the best 4×6 Portable Photo Printers. It is not that you need to spend a lot of money for that, many printers will give you cheap 4×6 prints with great quality. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your portable photo printer today.

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