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Top 7 Things To Consider When Buying a Sublimation Printer




Top 7 Things To Consider When Buying a Sublimation Printer

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A sublimation printer is a popular choice for those who wish to have affordable prints that are more durable than traditional ink on paper. A sublimation printer is a specialized type of printer as it will only work with special heat-sensitive paper. In some ways, this makes these printers more economical as heat-sensitive paper is cheaper to buy and use than inkjet paper. This makes the only consideration when purchasing a sublimation printer its cost.

Making sure you have the right printer for all your needs can be difficult. There are so many options, and it’s even more complicated because most printers produce different types of prints. To narrow down your search, there are a few things to consider when buying a sublimation printer:

How to choose a sublimation printer

1. Print Size:

A sublimation printer is an essential tool for anyone that wants to print high quality images in a variety of sizes. The best way to find the perfect printer is to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish in your printing. For instance, if you want to create large or small prints, then you should consider looking at printers with different print sizes. This also works in reverse. If you want prints to be larger than your screen, then you’ll want to consider a sublimation printer with larger print sizes.

2. Print Quality:

Another factor to consider is print quality. Sublimation printers are designed to create prints that are very durable and will hold up for years. It’s important to find a printer with high quality prints. If you want to hold onto your prints, then you should definitely consider a sublimation printer.

3. Printing Speed:

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable commodity. With the increasing demand for goods and services, companies are constantly looking for ways to make production more efficient. One of the most common methods for maximizing productivity is to use a sublimation printer, which has been known to increase printing speed by as much as 75%.

4. Price:

Sublimation printer prices depend on a variety of factors including the size and type of machine, which brand is chosen, and the features that are desired. The cost typically ranges between $500 to $1500 for small a printer, and $2000 to $25,000 for a large model.

To get the best prints, it is important to know what to look for in a sublimation printer. There are many printers on the market that offer different features that each customer may find beneficial. For example, some printers have touch screens that allow for easier use by new users and others only work with specific paper types. Some printers require their own cartridges, while others can use standard ink cartridges instead.

5. Printing cost:

Anyone looking to print on a T-shirt should be aware of how much it will cost. It’s not only the printer that matters, but also other factors like ink, paper, and other optional accessories. A lot of variables go into the cost of printing on a T-shirt, so it is important for an individual to shop around before making their purchase decision.

6. Memory or Internal Hard Drive:

It’s important to consider a printer’s memory level. Some sublimation printers can come with a built-in memory. However, some printers will come with a memory card that will allow you to use the memory level to store your print jobs. Another factor to consider is the internal hard drive.

7. Maintenance:

Maintenance should also be considered when buying a sublimation printer. Many T-shirt printers offer a warranty, but it is important to know how the warranty works. Generally, the warranty covers normal wear and tear of parts and is valid for a period of time. Some printers offer a year-long warranty or even longer whereas others offer a 90-day warranty. Other warranties may include parts and/or labor, and may or may not include a guarantee.


Today in the world of technology, there are many printers that are available to buy. One type of printer that people often turn to when they need an economical choice is a sublimation printer. These printers are great because they use heat and pressure to transfer ink from a ribbon to paper. The process gives them a more vivid and durable look than other types of printers on the market.

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