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Where To Buy Sublimation printers




Where To Buy Sublimation printers

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Sublimation printers belong to some of the most demanded electronic equipment in the online market today. And that is the reason you will find sublimation printers on many online sites but to choose the best site of the best printers, we bring to you a list of the Top 10 best online sites to buy sublimation printers.

1.   Coastal Business Supplies:

 Coastal Business Supplies

Coastal Business Supplies is one of the oldest retailers of sublimation printers and blanks. Began its operation more than three decades ago and online retail store about one decade ago, this site is keen on providing you some of the best printing machines in the market like Sawgrass and Epson sublimation printers.

Coastal Business provides easy shipping and delivery services with a swift return and exchange policy. It offers you a variety of items from categories such as Sublimation Blanks, Transfer Papers, Transfer Vinyl, Heat Presses, Vinyl Cutters and Supplies & Accessories. And apart from all these items, Sublimation printer is the most demanded category on this site.

2.   HeatPress Nation:

 HeatPress Nation Sublimation Supplie

HeatPress Nation is one of the most popular eCommerce sites for sublimation printers and products. This site is famous for its low price guaranteed deals, they offer you the best possible price as they are factory direct importers and they import in large quantities and pass on the extra savings to you directly. Purchasing from this wholesale site will be almost like purchasing from the factory directly.

This website offers a variety of categories in the sublimation industry like Heat Presses, Vinyl Cutters, Heat Press Vinyl, Printer supplies, Sawgrass sublimation Printers and many more. So if you wish to save some extra amount while purchasing your next printer for sublimation, then you must check this site.

3.   Sublimet:

Sublimate Wholesale

Sublimet has had a long journey before being an eCommerce store. This site was initially a web design site and gradually it has evolved itself into a position as one of the leaders in the field of sublimation product and printer sellers. This site has a worldwide presence bringing an integral solution to businesses around the world by delivering top-quality products with great speed.

This site offers a variety of products starting from the sublimation blanks to vinyl, machinery & ovens to accessories. And apart from these categories, you will also get world-class sublimation printers at a cheaper price. Do sign up here to check more details.

4.   Amazon:

Buy sublimation printers from Amazon

Any article talking about an eCommerce site no matter whichever products they are talking about is incomplete without the inclusion of Amazon. This is the most popular eCommerce site in the world selling millions of products with over lakhs of categories. And what else could be greater than searching on Amazon for your next sublimation printer?

Amazon is a site that does not need any description. However, while purchasing from Amazon, do check the seller you are buying from and also check thoroughly for the same product from multiple sellers, reviews of the sellers and then go for your purchase.

5.   Johnson Plastics Plus:

Johnson Plastics Plus  Wholesale

Johnson Plastics Plus is an eCommerce site that specifically deals in sublimation products, it is committed to providing you the best service and products. It is comparatively a new on-line firm with high potential in the sublimation sector. This company has four warehouses in the US that contain a full assortment of stocked products, so you won’t need to worry about their stocks and replacement policy.

This site also deals in a variety of categories starting from Engraving, installation to heat press and Sublimation. So you can have a look at the sublimation printers from this site and then decide to give it a try.

6.   DTG Mart:

DTG Mart

DTG Mart or more popularly All American Print Supply Co. is a print equipment provider that provides various print supplies and printers to different parts of the globe. This company is focused more on promoting the customer’s success at all costs, focusing on building a long-term relationship through providing world-class service and becoming the one-stop solution for small businesses.

This site also deals in a variety of printing products starting from DTG printing accessories to heat transfers and printing machines. However, they are a leading market giant in the printers sector.

7.   IT supplies:

Buy Sublimation Printers from ItSupplies

IT Supplies is an eCommerce platform that is not like any other platform, it provides you a full printing solution for your business. This company’s values and principles are simple, they work to provide greater customer satisfaction and superior quality products.

This eCommerce site provides you some of the best printers in the market. You will find eco-solvent printers like Epson and Latex. For flatbed printers, they provide you fantastic HP printers and for aqueous printers, you will get amazing printers from Canon, Epson, etc. Go check out their website now.

8.   eBay:

eBay Marketplace

eBay is yet another renowned site for purchasing some of the best sublimation printing machines in the world. This site needs no introduction, it is one of the largest online retailers in the world. You will find both new and renewed products on this site with prices comparatively very low than any standard eCommerce website.

This site contains a variety of printers and sometimes offers great discount deals. You will get printers from Epson, DNP, HP, Canon, and many other printers at a very reasonable price here. So, before you head to purchase your next sublimation printer do check eBay once.

9.   USCutter:

Buy Dye Sub Printers USCutter

USCutter is a sublimation retailer that began its operation back in 2005 providing excellent, high-quality and low-cost vinyl cutters in the market. Over the years, USCutter has helped many startups to grow big and has helped many hobbyists to transform their hobby into a prominent business model.

This eCommerce platform provides the best value products to its customers and also provides great custom graphics supplies. You will find a variety of products on their sites starting from Vinyl materials to heat transfers. But sublimation printing machines are the category that they have the most demand for, you can check this site too before finalizing your next sublimation printer purchase.



SUBLIMATION101 as its name suggests is one of the most prominent sublimation dealing sites in the world today. If you have a sublimation products site or you want to step into the printing business and are confused about which one to purchase, then you must visit this site and search for Dye-sublimation printers. You will get a detailed analysis of the features and then you can choose from them.

You will find printers from Epson, HP, and many other brands on this site but the most prominent site you will find is the Sawgrass. And you will get a variety of sawgrass printers on this site and depending on your need, you can make your purchase.

Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Sublimation Printer?

The best sublimation printer depends on the need of the person buying it, it depends on the demand of your business and the frequency of orders you get. In today’s market, it is very difficult to find the perfect printing machine for your business given the variety of products available in the market. But to help you find the most suitable sublimation printer for your business, we bring to you some points that you must note before making your next purchase.

Printer Dimension:

To ensure that you have ample working space along with the printer, it is necessary to know the dimension of the printer and also you must figure out the place where you want to store it while working.

Fabric Compatibility:

This is the most important thing to consider before purchasing any sublimation printer as not all printers are compatible with every fabric. Also, you must know that Dye-sublimation printing is very effective with polyester materials. But if you are thinking of purchasing a sublimation printing machine for cotton transfers, it might not be very effective.

Print Color and Quality:

Always check the working of the printer before purchasing especially the printing technology used by the printer. You must also check the quality and highest resolution offered by the printer. Also do check the versatility in print quality based on different sized products.

Cartridge Working and Compatibility:

This factor is perhaps the most important aspect to look for before purchasing any sublimation printer. You must check the sublimation ink compatibility of the printer and also the cost of an additional ink cartridge. It is generally seen that people purchase a cheap printer and then they realize that their cartridge cost is pushing their product price higher. So, you must do all these calculations beforehand.

Initial and Hidden Cost:

Do check all the hidden costs of the printer thoroughly as some printers will give you a high-quality print being cheaper but these printers at times have very high maintenance and cartridge cost which becomes a headache with passing time. Hence, be wise to check all the hidden expenses that you might need to face post-purchase.


And lastly, never purchase any item that does not have any warranty to it as sublimation printers may go wear and tear and also might require frequent maintenance so it is important to purchase a sublimation printer that comes with at least 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty and also customer support.


What printers can be used for sublimation?

Today in the market, you will get printers that are specially designed for sublimation printing purposes. And among them, if you want to choose a sublimation printer then you can consider buying one from Epson, Sawgrass, Canon, etc. But if you own a printer, you can also convert it into a sublimation printing machine if it is compatible with sublimation inks.

Can any printer do sublimation?

No, Dye-sublimation printing requires printing using sublimation papers and inks. Hence, any normal printer cannot be used for sublimation printing. However, many printers can be converted into Dye-sublimation like the Epson Ecotank printers.

What should I sublimate?

You can sublimate a variety of products and produce amazing designs on different types of objects. You can sublimate mugs, glassware, plates, phone cases, license plates, tiles, and many more other objects. And in the merchandise section, you can sublimate t-shirts, socks, bags, etc. Also, you should remember that the sublimation process is much more effective with 100% polyester fabrics.

Can you sublimate on a black shirt?

The answer would be yes but there is a catch, if you are using 100% polyester material then it will surely sublimate well but due to its color, the final product might not be very vibrant. Sublimation is highly effective on light color fabric and it is recommended to use light color polyester fabric for such printing.

Can you sublimate on cotton shirts?

You should never try sublimation on cotton fabrics as on cotton, the sublimation ink is not embedded into the fabric but is put as a layer on top of it which can easily be shredded away with time giving the final product a horrible look.

Can I sublimate on canvas?

Sublimating on canvas is not like sublimating on a polyester fabric, you will need to sublimate your design on canvas using a heat press and then stretch it carefully over stretcher bars to let it absorb the color perfectly. After absorption, you will get the vibrant design on your canvas. Also, you can personalize the canvas pictures too.


Purchasing a printer for sublimation from a trusted site is necessary as it assures you of being genuine. And the Top 10 best online sites to buy sublimation printers listed in this article are highly renowned sites having the trust of millions of people around the world. So, if you want to purchase a new or even renewed printing machine, you can visit any of the above sites and get your product delivered home.

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