How to Make Stickers from Your Art

  • By: Mohammed Hmimda
  • Date: October 9, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Craft and art are almost everyone’s indulgence to channel their creativity and create something impeccable. And while art comes in various forms, drawing and painting are more engaging, fun, and, of course, the most conventional ones.

But after curating your art masterpieces, you’d want them stuck on your bedroom walls to wow your friends when they show up. Besides, you need one as a keepsake, so it’s a pretty good deal. Here’s how to make stickers from your art.

How to Make Stickers from Your Art Using Sticker Papers

Sticker papers are available in craft stores and are the most convenient materials you can use since they come with their glue. It’s a pretty straightforward way to make stickers on the go after drawing and cutting them out. If you want less demand and an easy patch-on method, here’s what you should do.

Step 1: Purchase Your Sticker Papers and Prep Them. Sticker papers have a gluing side with thin-film protection and are the easiest way to make stickers. You can either print or stick pictures on top, but drawing what interests you on the top is the best and least cost-intensive.

Step 2: Cut out the Art. If you’re satisfied with your art, you can use a pair of scissors to cut it out by tracing the edges and leaving a millimeter margin. Trace carefully and create more streamlined edges to make your sticker more appealing.

Step 3: Remove the Paper Film and Stick it on a Surface. This process is intuitive and straightforward since you only need to peel off the paper backing and expose the sticky side. Afterward, you can stick it on a flat surface, including your lockers, walls, or tables – whichever you find more appealing.

How to Make Stickers from Your Art Using Paper, Pencil, and Homemade Glue

Sticker papers can be convenient but somewhat costly, so using what you have at a hand stretch is best. An art arsenal comprising paper, pencils, crayons, and a bit of paper glue can be sufficient to make a few cute stickers. Here’s how to make stickers from your art using paper glue, pencil, and paper.

Step 1: Get a Plain Paper. Here, please don’t tease your brains too much. It’s pretty simple; you have paper lying around in the house, and since you don’t need a lot of them for a single sticker, it should be convenient.

Step 2: Create Your Art. Channel your wit and use your creativity to create something savory on plain paper. You can use a few crayons to give your art or draw some life and make it more appealing. If you have a printer and want to create a more appealing art, please do so.

Step 3: Cut Out the Stickers. You can then grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the drawing or print, and get it ready for sticking. You can leave about a millimeter margin to prevent denting your art or illustration, but ensure that you neatly trim it for smooth edges.

Step 4: Patch up Some Glue and Stick it on a Surface. Once you’re over-trimming and are satisfied with your art, you can smear some paper glue on the back side and stick it on a flat surface, perhaps a wall or furniture. Some people prefer being more economical and can use wheat paste to substitute glue, which works fine.

Lots of art stickers on a black surface

How about Making Stickers Out of Magazine Cut-Outs?

If a piece of art on a magazine or other printed edition captivates you, you can cut it out and stick it on a surface – easy peasy! Here, you don’t have to draw or create art yourself, but you can use pre-made art; carefully trim around the edges and apply a decent amount of glue to prevent soaking. Afterward, stick it on the walls or other surfaces.

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Creating art is incredibly satisfying, whether or not you have the talent. It’s a perfect hobby for people who love getting creative and using their wit to create something extraordinary.

However, you must be well aware of the best methods to use and create mind-blowing stickers to leave your friends in awe. The ideal thing is, you don’t have to cough out cash to purchase the materials, and you can use what’s lying around in the house!