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Sublimation on Dark Color Shirts Step by Step




Sublimation on Dark Color Shirts

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If you are a fanatic for dye sublimation printing, I’m sure you’re wondering whether you can sublimate on dark color shirts. And we’re here to share with you the good news that you can. And this text, we’ll let you discover how sublimation on dark colors works. Now, read on to learn more:

How to Sublimate on Dark Shirts:

How to Sublimate on Dark Shirts

How to sublimate on dark colors is one of the popular inquiries on the internet and social platforms like Reddit. And this is followed by cotton shirts sublimation. While many experts argue it’s impossible, which is true in some cases, there’s an alternative. We’re talking about using the same sublimation technique but relying on a different transfer paper this time.

And it’s as follows: 1) Pick a design. 2) Feed the fabric sheet in your sub printer. 3) Click print. 4) Take the silhouette and cut out the design. 5) Transfer your design to the dark shirt or fabric using the heat press at (385oF).

Sublimation on dark color shirts process step by step:

Are you ready to learn the sublimation process on dark-colored fabrics? Well, use the following steps:

Items you’ll need:


  • 60 seconds medium-hard pressure
  • Temperature – 385oF

Getting started:

  • Using your favorite designing software, come up with a graphic picture you want to print on the shirt. In this case, feel free to try various designs, colors, and patterns. You are only limited by your creativity. But as you do so, choose an image with a great contrast on dark material.
  • Thereafter, adjust the image to fit the size you want to print on the shirts. Also, you can tune the art quality, print speed, among other settings, and then send it to the printer.


  • At the printer, swap the ordinary sublimation paper with a fabric sheet.
  • Before you print, ensure the adhesive and printable side of the fabric sheet are set properly in your printer.
  • After printing, leave your fabric sheet printout to sit for two hours

Cropping the silhouette:

  • In this step, use an auto blade like the Cameo or crop it with a scissor

Preparation and Heat Pressing:

  • Use a parchment sheet in between the upper and lower layer of the shirt to prevent ink leakage.
  • Using a splint role, clear up the printable surface
  • And as you do so, turn on the heat press to 385oF
  • Pre-heat the shirt to remove factory moisture and also line up the surface
  • Thereafter, take your image and put it in the right position on the shirt.
  • Put another parchment paper on top.
  • Afterward, press heat using the heat press for 60 seconds and then release
  • You can now remove the parchment paper and check the result.


Thanks to the above tips and tricks, you can work on various dark color fabric when it comes to dye sublimation. It’s as simple as you can see and the only change is the sublimation paper. In this case, don’t forget to get a fabric sheet when doing sublimation on dark color shirts.

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