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Sawgrass SG800 Sublimation Printer Review

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Sublimation Printing and Sawgrass go hand in hand. Sawgrass today has become one of the finest sublimation printer manufacturers in the world. And adding to it comes one of the finest creation Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800. If you are want to reach new heights in Dye-sublimation product manufacturing, you should have this Sawgrass SG800 sublimation printer.

So, let’s dig into its details and understand the unique features that make this sublimation Dye-printing machine one of the best in the market.

SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG800 Review: The Best One Can Expect

SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG800 for Sublimation Printing Business

Sawgrass SG800 is one of the finest and advanced sublimation printers in the market today. It will create fantastic life-like reprints on your sublimation products in the most effective manner. It is one of the most versatile Dye-sublimation printers available in the market today and is suitable for printing on bags, socks, shirts, etc.

If you want an advanced sublimation printer to upgrade to and also want the printer to work effectively being economical at the same time, this is the printer that you must have a look at. The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800 gives you excellent print quality with the capacity to print advanced photos of 34 @ 1200 x 1200 dpi.

It is extremely versatile as it can decorate on a variety of polymer-coated surfaces that includes ceramic, glass, metal, FRP, etc. It also has superior image durability and the print produced is hard, scratch-proof and it won’t peel or crack.

Apart from these, it also infuses images with vibrant colors. The image printed on the sublimation product is not like screen printing or printing on the surface of the fabric, it is more like the image is woven into the surface making it free from any crack. It can easily print high-resolution digital camera images with great clarity and precision.

Now, let’s understand the highlighted features of the printer that helps it to create such stunning image prints.

Highlighted Features:


The Sawgrass VIRTUOSO SG800 is a perfect product to take your business to new heights. It is loaded with upgraded Sawgrass Print Technology that will give you vivid and superior quality output. It is also very effective and economical and it will make sure that your orders are delivered with great precision and on-time.

With this printing machine at your workplace, you can increase the variety of your sublimation printing products as it is capable of printing on a variety of polymers and fabrics. Also, if you have an older version of the SG series printer, you can use its input tray to use as a bypass tray for the SG800 to print products of longer size in one go without dividing them into parts. This is an ideal product for any entrepreneur wanting to increase the area of their sales.

Buying Guide: Sawgrass SG800:

Sawgrass SG800 is undoubtedly one of the finest and advanced sublimation printers available in the market today. However, better things come at a bigger price tag. So, before clicking on the check out button, you must note some important points and check if your needs will be fulfilled with this printer or not. So, have a look at the following aspects and determine your choice for the Sawgrass 800.

1. Budget:

The first issue is always the budget. The Sawgrass SG800 sublimation printer maybe will cost you about $1400 which is a bit difficult for the new start-ups to invest in. Hence, if you have a cash crunch at the beginning, you can switch to the previous versions and then upgrade to it once you have enough power to invest.

2. Print Quality resolution:

The Sawgrass VIRTUOSO SG800 gives you a variety of choices for your print speed selection and resolution. It offers you a max of  22 @ 1200 x 1200 dpi for advanced photos and about 156 @ 600 x 600 dpi resolution for high-speed printing. Whereas the Sawgrass SG500 can give you a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi but costing a huge amount of ink.

Hence you can choose as per your requirement and get the ideal product for you.

3. Product and backward compatibility:

If you already own a Sawgrass SG series printer, you can easily upgrade to this one. However, there is one thing to look for when you upgrade, the accessories of the older printers might not work as fast as the new ones. Hence, choose as per your workload.

4. Minimum requirements:

This printing machine requires a minimum of Windows 7 with a 64-bit operating system to work on. It can also work on Apple OSX / macOS and requires a minimum RAM of 4 GB with at least dual-core and 10% free HDD space to work. So, if you have a computer with these specifications and above, you can go for this printer.

5. Warranty and Support:

And lastly, about the warranty, the SG800 comes with a 2-year warranty with lifetime technical support. So, there is no need to look for an alternative for it.

Sawgrass SG800 vs Epson Sublimation printers:

Let’s compare the specifications of this Sawgrass SG800 printer with one of its prominent rivals in the market that are the Epson Sublimation Printers.

The SG800 gives vivid colors with high quality prints. The ink used in the SG800 is the SUblijet HD ink whereas you need to convert your Epson printer to Dye-sublimation. It can work with any standard sublimation ink.

The Sawgrass SG800 produces prints on fabrics that are scratch-proof and fade resistant while some reviews about Epson complain that the prints fade with time and wash.

And for the price, this SG800 is a bit costly than any average Epson sublimation printer, however, the quality of the print and durability justifies the cost.


What is the cost of the prints from Sawgrass SG800?

The cost of the print depends on the number of print items and the speed. However, for about 30 items per hour, maybe the cost of the print will be about $1 per unit and for 2 units per hour, the cost will be about $15 per unit.

Will the print quality suffer from speed?

The print quality can suffer from increasing speed as it will get less time to print the details and will shift to low-resolution printing.

How long will the print last?

The prints of the Sawgrass SG800 are highly durable and will last for a long time. However, a general life-span is about 10 years.

What would be the cost to sublimate a mug?

The cost of the final product will depend on the design, the color, and the resolution of printing the mug. But a general estimate can be made for the cost to be around $25 to $30 for each mug with high-quality resolution.

What will happen if we sublimate on cotton with the Sawgrass SG800?

The Sawgrass SG800 is not compatible to print on the cotton surface. However, if you still print on cotton fabric, the ink will remain on the surface and will peel off or fade away with time and washing.


Sublimation printing is a growing hobby and business model today. And for the growing brands who want an upgrade in their sublimation business must have this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800 sublimation printer. This printing machine will ensure great quality output and quick sales. So, get your Sawgrass 800 printer today.

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