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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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You can make your merch all by yourself in the comfort of home and maybe, begin a fabric printing business. All you need, most importantly, is a heat press machine. So, in this article today, we will show you 12 mini heat press for sublimation printing that will make your fabric printing game extraordinary. Are you ready?

1.     9×9 Cricut Easypress 2:

9×9 Circuit Easypress 2 is a great option if you are looking to purchase a mini heat press that would serve both your small and big projects.

This product is designed to give professional iron-on results within 60 seconds and was tested alongside the regular household iron to ensure that it produces more optimal press-on results. With a precise temperature control of 400° F (205 C), it takes this heat press to heat up in 2 minutes, so you do not have to worry about waiting for so long.

It has an inbuilt timer that beeps whenever enough heat has been transferred to the fabric. What does this mean? With this inbuilt timer, your fears of whether the heat is enough to create a lasting design are erased. Also, your safety is assured and even a newbie would be able to handle it with its ceramic coated surface. I think the Cricut Easypress2 is the best small heat press machine for sublimation on this list.

2.     Cricut Easypress Mini HeatPress:

This product is popular for being a ‘mini but mighty.’ The Circuit Easypress Mini is a game-changer for customizing t-shirts and small HTV vinyl projects. One of the most astounding features of the Circuit Easypress Mini is that you can use this heat press to make impressions even on the littlest pieces like an earning.

It is designed with three heat transfer settings for long-lasting iron-on and infusible ink works. Having an easy-to-hold handle, using the small Circuit Easypress for sublimation printing makes it easy to maneuver places that are hard to reach; it has been tested and seen to move in between buttons and still prints smooth designs. What’s more, it is easy to carry. So, what are you waiting for? And here’s a little secret: it comes in handy for ironing when your household iron is not with you.

3.     Dododum Heat Press Machine:

When you are so particular about your workspace being free as a fabric printer, you need to always purchase equipment that is compactable and would also effectively get the work done.

The  Dododum small Heat Press Machine is another mini-press designed to meet your small design project demands. It is the perfect tool for designing your t-shirt, hats, tote bags, face mask, shoes, and stuffed toys.

The Dododum Machine is reputable for being designed for safety; it has an auto-off that shuts down the printer after 10 minutes of dormancy. It also has a safety base that guards against any form of accident.

You can also regulate the heat temperature to suit your needs from low to medium and high temperature. The best part of the Dododum mini Press Machine is that it comes with a smart bag with a sprayer — always spray your fabrics before you start.

4.     Oprol 4.45”x2.5” Heat Press:

Mini Heat Press

Oprol 4.45”x2.5” Mini Heat Press is another portable heat press that is designed to take on all project sizes. With a comfortable handle, it is easy to maneuver. It is lightweight, thus, it is perfect for those who love a spacious workspace.

Like other mini heat-press, it has 3 temperature heat settings. When you are ready to start work, the Oprol 4.45”x2.5” It comes with how-to instructions that guide you through the transfer process. After switching your Oprol 4.45”x2.5” Heat Press, it takes about 3-5 minutes to get heated up. When you place and press your Oprol 4.45”x2.5” Heat Press, it takes about 25 seconds for the right amount of heat to get transmitted for a long-lasting design.


  • It has a buzzer reminder.
  • It has an insulated safety base.
  • It has a precision tip.
  • It has an auto-off feature.
  • It comes with a heat press mat.
  • It comes with a heat press decal and a user manual.
  • The soleplate is a ceramic-coated heat surface.
  • It has 3 temperature settings.
  • It has a high-temperature resistance.

5.     HTVRONT Small Heat Press (Orange):

Small surface size has always been the downside of using a small heat press machine. The HTVRONT brand has discovered that challenge and sought to solve it with the HTVRONT Small Heat Press with a larger heat surface size.

This small heat press is popular for leaving fabrics –no matter how sensitive—in good condition after an iron-on. This means that you do not have to worry about the heat deforming or melting your fabrics. We can attribute this to the temperature advantages and control. The HTVRONT Small Heat Press has 3 heat temperature settings, a buzzer alarm, an overheat protection, auto-off, and can not go past 180°C.

6.     Fierton 12” × 10” Heat Press Machine

If you do more than HTV vinyl heat press projects like sublimation and you need an economical, easy-to-handle, and compactable heat press machine, kindly hop on here.

The Fierton 12” × 10” is a dual-function heat press machine that is mostly used for large projects. It functions as both a heat press and iron. With a digital screen that guides you while setting the temperature and timer with their respective buttons, it gives an automatic press and a buzzer sound after the work has been done.

 It has an insulated base that you would have to assemble and screw together from the box with the aid of a screwdriver and nails that would be provided. The Fierton 12” × 10” Heat Press Machine guards against accidental burns by ensuring overheat protection through its 3 layered heat transfer handle.

7.     Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-GD Heat Press:

The Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-GD Heat Press is another super fast and high-quality guaranteed heat press produced to cater for your large and medium-sized project. The product is a system with easy functionalities that make fabric printing goes smoothly. It has a large touch display settings screen to set the heat temperature and timer.

The Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-GD is popular for being the perfect heat press that ensures optimal heat protection for your fabrics. It has a heat-regulating system and a safe overheating system that guards against accidental burnings on the user and the fabrics.

It is especially beneficial for those who are already used to heat setting and timing because it does not come with a heat time instruction manual. It also has a safety base that allows the heat press temperature to cool off faster after use. Its large surface plate is profitable for all types of fabric printing projects like glittering, infusible ink, HTV vinyl press, etc.

8.     Vevoir 12”x10” Heat Press Machine:

When you get small, medium, and large fabric printing gigs and you need the perfect heat press machine that would cater for all your projects without you having to break the bank, then the Vevoir 12”x10” Machine is just what you need to get your business on the move.

It has a stellar reputation all thanks to its user-friendly design and multi-functional use. Its sensitive touch display screen makes it easy to set the temperature range (0-392°/0-200°C) and the time range (0-999 seconds). The Vevoir 12”x10” Machine is designed to cater to both you (user) and the fabrics.

This heat press has a thermostat handle that ensures that there is no heat transfer even when the Vevoir 12”x10” mini Press Machine overheats (especially when you are not aware). In the box of this heat press machine comes a silicone pad and a compound pad to ensure that the right amount of heat is what your design receives.


  • It weighs 9 pounds.
  • It has a detachable safety base.
  • It is designed with a touch display screen.
  • It operates on 110 voltage power and 1000 watts.
  • Its temperature ranges from 0-392°/0-200°C.
  • It has a vibration feature.
  • It is accompanied by a silicone and compound pad.

9.     Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-PK Heat Press:

The Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-PK Heat Press is another variety of the Powerpress mini 12”x10”. This is the perfect fit for any material you want to work on like glitter, HTV transfer vinyl, flock, acrylic, transfer paper, and infusible ink.

With a touch display screen, it is easy to change the temperature and time range. Although it does not have a vibrating feature and does not permit a hands-free mode, yet it is specially designed with four patentable pressure regulating cables connected with the heat-regulating mat that helps ensure that overheating does not affect the material.

With the Powerpress 12” x 10” HPM-0000-PK, it is easy to operate by even a newbie all thanks to its user manual. If you get small projects like cups, phone case printing gigs to large projects like t-shirts, this mini heat press machine can play the role of a do-it-all. The best part it comes with 3 transfer vinyl sheets.

10.  HTVRONT Small Heat Press:

Tired of time-consuming heat press machines? You can achieve more designs production with less time when you purchase the HTVRONT Small Heat Press (Dark Green) that saves you up to 20 seconds off every transfer. It has been tested and tagged to be a high-performing heat press despite its small size.

The HTVRONT (Dark Green) weighs 1.37 pounds and overall dimension of 65mm x 111m x 105mm, yet can take on iron-on designs on large projects like t-shirts and tote bags to small projects like mugs, socks, and stuffed toys. Reputable for having one of the largest heat surfaces compared to other brands of its size, the HTVRONT mini Heat Press has been certified by FCC and UL for high quality.

11.   Vevoir 7”x8” Automatic Heat Press:

An automatic press is one great functionality that many lookouts for when purchasing a heat press because daily pressing may cause pain to the ankle. The Vevoir 7”x8” Automatic Heat Press is an advanced heat press with a large heat surface plate that can take on small to large projects. It has a touch display screen which allows you to set heat temperature and time range.

The body is made from a thermostat, which ensures that there is no form of heat transfer to you, the user. It is outstanding for the wide variety of heat transfers it can perform. It has a double heating tube with a 5° temperature difference from the edge to the center.

The overall voltage of this mini press is 800 watts and its temperature ranges from 0-392°/0-200°C and the time range of 0-999 seconds. Finally, it comes with a compound and silicone pad for safety.

12.   BS Cute Cow Mini Heat Press:

If you are all about aesthetic appeal, BS Cute Cow Mini Heat Press is the best pick for you. With its user-friendly design, this mini heat press helps you achieve a lot of design printing work within a short period. It saves up to 20 seconds and has 3 temperature settings that guide you to ensure the right amount of heat is transmitted to the material.

For excellent results and to avoid burns, BS advises that the fabrics should be sprayed beforehand. To ensure this is done, BS Cute Cow Mini Heat Press comes with a spray bottle and canvas belt.

It has a temperature display tube that indicates the temperature level from 120°, 160° to 190°. It has a large heating surface plate and takes on small to medium projects.

Mini Heat Press: Buyer’s Guide:

The absence of an operational manual has always been a source of concern for many fabric printers, especially those who are new to clothing and design. In some cases, some heat press products might come with an instruction on the functionality of each setting, but fail to elucidate the step-by-step guidelines for operations. Below are the step-by-step guide for operating a mini heat press printer:

After purchasing your mini press machine, check after unboxing if the safety base is detachable. If yes, in many cases, a screwdriver and set of screws would come along with the products. So, screw them all in the holes to hold the safety base into a secured circle.

Press the power-on button. If your heat press machine requires direct electricity to function, ensure that the heat press is connected directly to an electrical power rather than an extension box.

The next step is to get your fabric ready. It is always advisable, especially for soft and sensitive fabrics, to ensure that the right heat temperature is set with the right timing. Some fabrics require you to spray before applying the heat press printer, ensure that you understand the nature of your fabric. For some mini heat appliances, there is a display screen with buttons for you to set the heat temperature and time, and while for others, it is a switch with 3 heat temperature levels which you cannot go past.

For heat press machines that allow you to adjust the heat temperature settings, you can switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius by long-pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) signs at the same time.

After you have set the timer and the heat temperature, wait for your mini heat press to get heated up. For some mini heat press , you would wait and watch the timer countdown from the time you set. While for others, it is already specified how long it takes to get heated up like 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, etc.

Finally, get your design ready whether you are doing an infusible ink, sublimation, glitter, or HTV vinyl heat press project. Place a pad underneath the shirt especially for the vinyl project, then, place the heat presser on the material. Place back into the safety base after use to cool off. After that, switch off your mini press.

What is a heat press machine?

A heat press machine is a device that presses two materials together using pressure and heat. The materials may be paper and an ink-filled pad, or vinyl and a printed design.

What is a cricut mini heat press?

The Cricut Mini Heat Press is a small, lightweight machine that heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It was designed for people who want to cut letters and images out of vinyl, paper, or fabric and then put them on a shirt or other clothing.
It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to create their own custom shirts at home.

How to use a cricut mini press?

The Cricut Mini Heat Press is a small, portable machine that can be used to apply heat and pressure to transfer vinyl designs onto a variety of materials.
To use the Cricut Mini Press, set up your design on the mat and cover it with the Lace Mat or other material you are using. The mat should be at least 1/4 inch larger than the design. Place the vinyl on top of your design and place it in the machine.

What can you do with a mini heat press?

A mini heat press is the perfect tool for the person that wants to start a craft business or printing hobby. You can use it to make small items like printing mugs, and phone cases. It’s also great for people who want to make their own custom t-shirts or other DIY projects.

Can you use the mini-press for t-shirts?

Yes, the mini-press is designed for t-shirts.

Is Cricut mini press worth it?

The Cricut Mini Press is a great tool for the home crafter. It’s perfect for people who want to make mugs, coasters, and other small items. The machine is also a great way to personalize gifts without spending a lot of money on expensive personalized items.


I hope the information contained in this article has been a helpful guide as you make your purchasing decision. Fortunately, all the heat press machines listed provide all the aforementioned. Kindly click on the link to make a purchase, and do not forget to share with friends and family. Have a happy day shopping!!!

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