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Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in 2022 




Top 3 Best HP Sublimation Printers in 2022 

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Being the best printing agency or good in graphics design is based on your printer’s processing performance or quality. For instance, the Hp sublimation printer has gained much attention because it is efficient for heat transfer. If you want a cleaner and more desirable efficient, you must go for the sublimation printers. Since the market is saturated with several products to simplify your work, here are the top 3 best HP sublimation printers in 2002 that you can consider, and below is a review analysis of these three printers.

1. HP Stitch S1000 Dye-Sub Printer:

It is one of the super-wide used printers for sublimation printing. It comes with simplified operation and can increase the rate of your production. With it, you will have several possibilities for unleashing different products like interior décor, soft signage, and many others. The printer is about 126 inches wide, and it comes with a high level of innovation that will speed up your work and produce high-quality work. With a full operational HP stitch S1000, you will be able to save time and also get optimal results. The printer is ideal for large and medium printing services like backlights, frontlets, sofas, curtains, and other designs.

Key features:


This is the best HP printer for sublimation printing. Putting your printing business on the safe side is an essential or sustainable choice to have a high volume or efficient printing machine. All the features you will need as a printing agency on the HP Stich S1000 are included, and the printer will provide you with excellent prints. Therefore it is a must-try sublimation printer.

2. HP Stitch S500 Sublimation Printer:

Hp stitch S500 is another best HP printer for sublimation that you can use in your business. It has a high tech at it is an ideal option when transferring prints directly on the fabric or transferring in the paper. It uses water-based dye sub-ink technology, and it is a preferable printer when you have high demands of printing of around 110 m2 in a given hour. In terms of usage, it is best since you can automate the workflow without monitoring it. You will get enough room for large fabric rolls or paper and ink with the printer. Their thermal print heads are easy to handle since you can recycle or replace them easily.

Key features:


It is an HP sublimation printer designed for printing, especially on paper or fabric meant for sublimation printing. It is the best printer with complete functionality to meet your Dye-sublimation printing demands. Therefore feel confident with this printer since it will provide you with the ideal professional solution you will needs.

3. HP Stich S300 Printer for Sublimation:

HP Stich S300 is also another smart solution for the HP sublimation printers in 2022. Suppose you are looking for a complete solution that is a versatile and safe investment in 2022 for the sublimation printer, then you can rely on this printer. The printer is one of the best when it comes to color distribution or consistency from one printer to another printer. So if you need to get accurate color despite the environmental conditions, then through the inbuilt spectrophotometer, you will not have to worry about the color consistency. When transferring the prints to the fabric or paper, it is also a better printer. And since this is a high-quality gadget, you will avoid unexpected preventive maintenance, thus increasing your productivity.

Key feature:


It is the cheapest HP sublimation printer on this list. and one of the most effective printers if you have high demanding dye printing jobs. You will have easy access and use while at the same time enjoying the clear and vibrant prints. Therefore it is a recommended printer, and it is a fantastic printer to have.

Buyers Guide:

Hp printers for sublimation Buyers Guide

Before you buy an HP sublimation printer, then there are some factors that you must consider. You do not have to be perplexed because there is a solution for this. Here there are a few highlighted factors to consider:


Can I use an HP printer for sublimation?

Yes. You can use an HP printer for sublimation; however, not all printers can be used as sublimation printers. The office or home printers are some printers that you cannot use as a sublimation printer. These printers use thermal heat processing to disperse the ink on the paper, and once you convert them to sublimation, they will not produce clear images. However, there are categories of HP printers, especial the industrials one, that support the sublimation technology.

Does HP make a sublimation printer?

Yes, you can make a sublimation printer if it supports the sublimation technology. If it supports, then it will be better to do so since it will help you to save a lot of money that you would use to buy a new sublimation printer.

How can HP printers be used for sublimation?

Not all the HP models can be used as sublimation. A few models of HP printers support the sublimation, and these are the ones that support the sublimation technology or use UV ink. Or, if you get an HP printer that is goon in heat transfer, it can give you an exceptional end product. Therefore when buying HP printers go for the ones made with the sublimation technology so that you cannot have any problem using them in sublimation.

Can I convert the HP printer to sublimation?

Yes, you can convert the HP printer to sublimation though it is not all the types of HP printers. However, the printers that support UV ink are the series of HP printers that you can convert, and they will be able to print on a sublimation paper or the fabric. Note that this kind of HP printer is the one that is expensive and huge, and they are mostly used in industries.


This article has provided you with a detailed review of the top 3 best HP sublimation printers in 2022. The printers are well analyzed, researched, and tested so that you can rely on this curated list doubtlessly. They are high-rated models in the marketplace, trying to bring you the best result.

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