Is The Epson ET 15000 Good For Sublimation Printing?

  • By: Printysublimation
  • Date: April 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

If you’re wondering whether the Epson 15000 can produce high-quality sublimation prints, the answer is yes.

Sublimation printing relies on ink made of a mix of dye and plastic particles. When these particles come into contact with heat they become liquid, and when they cool down again they will form a solid coating.

The Epson 15000 is designed for photo printing but it can handle sublimation materials as well.

Epson EcoTank 15000 for sublimation:

It can handle paper that is sold specifically for sublimation, which is a polymer-coated material intended to hold color better.

This wide format Epson EcoTank sublimation printer scores are high in all three categories.

Quality – This is one of the best 13 x 19 sublimation printers. It can produce prints with a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, which is the highest resolution you’ll find in any reputable sublimation printer. It uses Stylus PRO polymer ink technology to produce high-quality gloss photos that have better color saturation and tones than lower-end printers.

Ink Cost – The cost of ink per page is actually quite low. You’ll spend about 4 cents for black-and-white prints and about 6 cents for color prints. That’s well below the per page costs of other sublimation printers.

• Durability – Because it’s designed for sublimation printing, the Epson 15000 is made from high-quality materials including top-quality plastics and corrosion resistant metals. This means it’s built to last.


Why the Epson 15000 is good for sublimation?

The 15000 is a good sublimation printer because the quality of the images it produces is excellent and it can handle most types of media.

It has an inkjet print head that works with sublimation inks, allowing you to print on any type of paper. The printhead is also compatible with non-Epson printers, which means that you need only one device to use all your printer cartridges.

This is one of the best printers for sublimation printing. It has a wide print area, so you can print on any type of paper with ease. The print is clear and crisp and does not leave smudges or water marks.

The Epson 15000 for sublimation is also easy to install and use, as it comes with CD that includes all the necessary software.

The sublimation process requires a very precise temperature, which this printer has the capability to reach without issue.

How to convert Epson 15000 to sublimation?

For you to convert Epson 15000 to sublimation, you have to follow these simple steps:

The printer has separate tanks that contain the inkjet cartridges. If you want to switch to sublimation, you have to refill new tanks and replace the cartridges of the previous one. This system is not so expensive and consumes less ink, yet it’s easy for a user who wants to convert his printer from the usual black and white printing method (just fill the tanks with dyes) into sublimation printing.

It’s easy: just follow the steps above, and you’ll have a great device for sublimation printing.

What is the difference between Epson 15000 vs 8550?

These two printers differ in terms of design. The Epson 15000 is 17″ wide, while the 8550 is 19″ wide.

The ink cartridges also differ. The Epson ET 8550 uses six ink cartridges, while the 15000 uses 4 cartridges.

And finally, the 15000 prints on 8″ x 8″, while the 8550 can print on 11″ x 14″.

To sum up: there are many similarities between these two models but they also have some differences.


The Epson 15000 is a great wide format sublimation printer for anyone who wants to print images and text on any type of paper. It’s easy to use, has a wide print area, and is affordable. The Epson ET 15000 is an affordable inkjet printer that is designed for home and small business use. This printing machine comes with eco-friendly settings, making it suitable for people who want to use less energy.