Best Ecotank Printers for Sublimation Printing: Top 5 Picks

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  • Date: April 7, 2022
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One of the hottest businesses in the industry is sublimation. In fact, the demand for these printers is high while the supply is limited. As such many people are opting to buy normal inkjet printers as a substitute. However, the results from them are never satisfactory. In this guide, we want to make sure you’ve got a proper sublimation printer for your project. That said, here is a review of the best Ecotank printers for sublimation printing.

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720:

It comes with a supersize tank for ink enabling you to experience economical operations. In addition, it’s one of the best cheap Epson Ecotank printer for sublimation printing, and it’s helping you to work with low cost during procurement. And even though it’s a budget printer, the model doesn’t compromise on the quality of prints.

It comes with 5760×1440 dpi, which is one of the best resolutions among printers. The printing speed is also standard if you’re using this device for business. It can manage up to 6 colored prints per 60 seconds.


  • Multiple connectivities – Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi
  • Big-capacity Ink tanks
  • Zero-cartridge-waste
  • Stress-free printing
  • High-resolution flatbed-scanner
  • 2-year warranty
  • Voice-activated hands-free printing
  • Inbuilt copier and scanner
  • Flatbed scanner with high-resolution
  • Color Display
  • First-class print quality
  • 90% save when replacing ink


 Epson ET 2720 is the best Epson sublimation printer pick for users with a strict budget. It’s suitable for business and doesn’t compromise print quality and speed.

2. Epson ET-15000:

If you want to scale up your printing business, then Epson ET15000 will do. It can print over 10 colored copies per minute. Also, if you’re working on borderless prints, it can manage one per 27 seconds. Even at that speed, the printout resolution is still impressive (5760x1440dpi).

The printer supports the Claria system with up to 6 individual inks. The output is sharp and vibrant printouts. Also, Epson Ecotank 15000 has a great paper handling capability. The input is 250sheets, 10 envelopes, and 50 photo papers


  • In-built copier and scanner
  • 90% save when replacing ink
  • Magnificent quality of the print
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Versatile handling of papers
  • Best-selling supertank printer
  • Wireless connectivity


Epson ET15000 is best for large-scale sublimation printing business where printing speed and quality are vital.

3.Epson EcoTank 2760:

Epson ET 2760 stands out due to its price range and noteworthy features. It’s a complete bargain allowing you to spend less but still appreciate quality features and services. For starters, it’s cartridge-free meaning you won’t incur expensive costs on cartridge replacement. Also, it has a sizeable ink capacity reducing the need for frequent refilling.

You can also avoid paper wastage thanks to auto-duplex printing. An optimized 5760x1440dpi print resolution is quite magical when it comes to the quality of printouts. The device can print 5 colored prints after every 60 seconds, which is a great speed considering the price range.


  • Zero-waste on cartridge
  • Multiple compatibilities – Laptop, PC
  • 90% dramatic-saving when replacing ink
  • Inbuilt copier, scanner, auto-duplex printing
  • Stress-free printing
  • Fast and affordable
  • Fine print-quality
  • Great-capacity ink-tanks
  • Flatbed scanner with quality resolution
  • Multiple connectivities – Ethernet, USB
  • Voice-activated hands-free printing
  • 2-years warranty


Epson Ecotank 2760 is another best option for anyone on a budget.

4. Epson ET-8500:

Are you a creative professional or a photographer looking for a printer that expresses the quality of your work maximally? Well, Epson ET8500 will do. The printer comes with a first-rate resolution of 5760x1440dpi that guarantees vivid print quality. Also, you don’t have to invest a fortune in the ink.

This printer supports cartridge-free printing. It has large individual ink refillable tanks that will help you cut the cost of ink replacement by 80%. To guarantee premium print quality, the device supports the Claria system. The printing speed is also outstanding. It can manage a 4by6 colored photo in less than 15 seconds.


  • USB connectivity
  • multiple compatibilities – Laptop, PC, Smartphones
  • Versatile paper support
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Zero-cartridge waste
  • 80% save when replacing ink
  • Great value
  • Exceptional media handling abilities
  • Wireless printing
  • Voice-activated printing
  • Spectacular print quality
  • 2-year warranty (limited)


Epson ET8500 is one of the best Epson Ecotank printers for sublimation, it’s a perfect fit for creative professionals and professional photographers.

5. Epson ET-4760:

Powered by PrecicionCore tech, Epson ET 2720 stands out due to impressive performance that’s beyond the laser counterparts. Thanks to the massive ink-tank size, it’s economical and the right pick for commercial printing. Also, you get to enjoy cartridge-free printing, meaning there’s a zero-cartridge waste.

And this is a great contribution towards a lower carbon footprint from businesses. This device is also all-inclusive, meaning that scanning, copying, and printing are all under one roof. To ease the scanning process, this device supports auto-duplex printing. And for a touch of modern tech, it supports voice-activated printing.


  • All-inclusive printer – copier, printer, scanner, Fax
  • Auto-duplex printing
  • Supertank printer
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Fast printer
  • Sharp-color print quality
  • Multiple connectivities – Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Ultimate connectivity
  • Voice-activated printing
  • 90% saving when replacing ink


The Ecotank 4760 is a versatile, economical, and multifunctional sublimation printer for beginners with incredible print quality.

Buyers Guide:

Ecotank printer for sublimation buyer's guide

Procuring technical pieces of equipment like a printer is intricate. But, a few critical factors can help you choose the right piece. Here they’re:

  • Purpose:

It’s important to consider the purpose of your sublimation printer before buying it. For instance, are you using it for small home projects or bulk commercial projects?

  • Printing Speed:

This is an essential factor if your printer is primarily for commercial purposes. It will allow you to handle bulk orders efficiently.

  • Printing Quality:

Whether it’s for personal projects or business purposes, the quality of printing is essential. You need an option that delivers satisfactory printouts.

  • Budget:

Not everyone has the luxury of being extravagant when getting a printer. However, you need to balance speed, quality, and budget if your printer is for business.

  • Connectivity:

In the modern-day, connectivity in printers matters a lot. It allows for flexibility when running various printing projects.


Since its founding, Epson printers have proven to be effective and reliable. And from their positive reviews, you can tell you’re getting a reliable Ecotank printer. They never compromise on quality to ensure their clients get the best service from their products. And today, if you’re looking for a quality printer for sublimation printing, any of the above ecotank printers will do.

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