Best Sublimation Printers That Print 11×17: Top 5 Picks

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  • Date: February 7, 2023
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Want to explore the world crafts through sublimation printing? Well, we’ve got a top selection of the best printers in this industry you should see. Particularly, if you’re searching for printers that can manage size 11×17, we’ve got the best options you can choose from. In this text, the best sublimation printers that print 11 X 17, you’ll find the top picks with groundbreaking tech:

1. Epson ET 15000:

If you’re looking for a large format printer that can handle professional projects, Epson ET-15000 will do. It has the best print resolution. The images are vivid with impressive sharpness. Further, this printer can handle mega-size prints. Having a maximum print limit of 13×19, it’s the best choice for a printer that prints 11×17. That means you don’t have to invest in another printer anytime soon, especially if it has to do with the paper size.

Also, it’s a superior choice for photographic photos. Talking of that, it’s a good value if you’re a professional photographer. To provide convenience, this printer has an auto-duplex printing capability. Also, it’s very fast, allowing you to print a 4by6 colored photo in less than 30 seconds.

It has a simple intuitive LCD screen for easy navigation. And thanks to wireless connectivity, you can run your projects conveniently. Last but not least, it has an auto-refill system that ensures you never run out of printing ink.


  • Size of sheet: 11×17
  • Auto-duplex printing
  • All-inclusive capabilities – printer, copier, scanner
  • 90% cost-effective on ink replacement
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Large ink-tank
  • Versatile paper-handling
  • Wireless connectivity

2. Epson ET-8550:

There’s more to consider when it comes to a printer’s initial cost of procurement. While a printer might be cheap or expensive, it’s important to consider the running cost. In this particular case, Epson Et8550 is one of the best economical printers.

Firstly, it provides cartridge-free printing, and this cuts the running cost significantly. As you know well, replacing a cartridge is not an inexpensive affair. Further, this printer has a sizeable ink capacity allowing you to cut costs by 80% when replacing ink. Also, it comes with a set of ink that can last for about 2 years. When it comes to print quality, expect photographic images with outstanding resolution.


  • USB connectivity
  • Support multiple devices –PC, Smartphones
  • Support printing from Mobile phones
  • Zero-cartridge waste
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Touch display
  • Best performance
  • Voice-activating printing
  • Photographic prints
  • Quality flatbed scanner

3. Epson F570:

F570 is a pioneer when it comes to Epson’s venture into sublimation printers. If you were looking for a reliable machine, then, you’ve got it. This printer can handle both small and bulky orders. Being among the largest models, it can handle up to 24”. As such, it’s the right pick if you ever want to print a paper that’s over 11”x17”. Also, if you’re looking for a fast printer, Epson F570 will serve you well. It’s fast enough to handle bulk orders.


  • Leverages PrecisionCore tech to provide impressive performance
  • Economical thanks to MicroTFP printhead
  • Easy navigation through a 4.3” LCD touch display
  • Flexible connectivity – Wireless, USB, Ethernet
  • Accommodates multiple paper sizes
  • Auto-feed tray
  • High-performance printer
  • Can print on both soft and rigid media

4. Sawgrass SG800:

If you are starting a custom printing business, then the Sawgrass SG800 sublimation printer for beginners will help you. It can support the installation of either low-capacity or high-capacity cartridges. And this sort of flexibility enables you to choose an option that fits your financial position. SG800 ranks amongst the best 11×17 sublimation printers. It has advanced capabilities that enable it to produce quality prints.

Owing to its printing speed, you can spend less time working on your projects. And even with inexpensive startup costs, you still get access to best performing machine. Having an inbuilt cleaning system, this device consumes less ink and runs maximally.


  • Connectivity – USB, Wi-Fi
  • Resolution – 1200x1200dpi
  • Media size: 11 x 17
  • 1-year warranty
  • High-speed printing
  • Compatible with accessories of previous models like sg400, and sg500
  • Uses Sublijet-HD ink
  • Long-lasting service
  • Accommodates a bypass tray
  • In-built cleaning

5. Sawgrass SG1000:

Sawgrass has decades of experience manufacturing printing devices. Therefore if you need a powerful machine that will tackle all your printing orders effectively, here it is. Sawgrass SG1000 for instance comes with a compact design. Therefore, there are no worries about where to place it. This printer is distinctly for sublimation. Therefore, you can rest assured it is fit for the job.

It’s compatible with various polymers and the printing speed and quality are exceptional across the board.  Further, if you’re working on both soft and hard surface materials like T-shirts, woods, and mugs, SG1000 will do. Also, this printer employs high-end UHD inks with magnificent print output.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Comes with UHD inks
  • Free 220 exclusive printing sheets plus rolls of heat tape
  • Access to creative studio
  • Easy to use software
  • Unlimited print runs
  • Various connectivity – Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi

11×17 Sublimation printer Buyers Guide:

11x17 Sublimation printer Buyers Guide:

When it comes to buying any item whether it’s technology-based or not, criteria are essential. And in this case, we’ve got a few factors you can consider when buying a sub printer:

  • Size:

In this particular case, you can consider the printer size and the paper size. We’ve already determined the paper size is 11 x 17. When it comes to printer size, you have to consider the space it will occupy.

  • Features:

Multifunctional printers are always the best because they’re versatile when it comes to application.

  • Budget:

How much do you have to spare for the printer? Besides, the cost of purchasing this item, also, you should consider the long-term expenditure or running cost.


Whether you’re starting your sublimation printing business or expanding an existing one, there’s an option for you in this list. But most importantly, they are the best printers for those working on large prints. Thus, read through it once more, and you’ll get a model that will suit your business or project.

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