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can you sublimate on canvas: All You Need To Know About




Canvas Sublimation Printing: All You Need To Know About

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When we talk about sublimation printing, or anything related to sublimation, it might sound very complex and technical process. But actually, it’s a very unpretentious and simple process.

can you sublimate on canvas:

When solid material directly turns into a gaseous form without going through a liquid phase.

If we look at the canvas sublimation, it is the process of sublimating your desired image on a canvas by using your regular heat press setting (380-420° F). We stretch the canvas on stretcher bars. In the end, a vibrant and attractive canvas print is generated. The same process is used to get personalized images.

Materials you need for Canvas sublimation:

can you sublimate on canvas

There are the following required tools that you will need for this process.

1.     Sublimation Printer:

If we look back a few years, this type of printer was very expensive due to the newness of the technology. But with passing years, the demand for this process is increasing day by day. Hence, the prices have reduced significantly. A few famous sublimation printer brands are Epson, Sawgrass, and Mutoh.

2.     Sublimation Paper:

The question is, “can you use any paper as a sublimation paper?”. The answer is yes, you can. But the problem is, the results will not be good. Regular paper is not a good carrier of the sublimation ink.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, the higher the ink limit, the heavier the paper should be to accept moisture from the ink.

3.     Sublimation Ink:

The true definition of sublimating ink is based on the dye which is being used in this process. The higher temperature allows the ink to follow the sublimation process without cracking or migrating. Because then it becomes the essential part of the print, which does not fade away with time.

The difference between regular ink and sublimating ink is that it does not smudge and lasts longer than other inks.

4.     Canvas Blanks:

Polyester materials are the best and ideal substrate for transferring your design. It provides you with the best quality design. 100% cotton blanks are not recommended because the design won’t be permanent and will wash off.

5.     Computer and RIP Software:

Raster image processer is a software that is used to set up the sublimation printing. This software is not provided along with the package and is needed to be purchased separately.

6.     Cutting Mechanism:

During sublimating process, a cutting device is needed, either it is a knife or a blade. For example, while creating fabric items, i.e., t-shirts, cushions, etc.

7.     Heat Press Machine:

Its main function is to transfer the design from sublimation paper to the substrate (cushion, t-shirt, mugs, roaster). This process will create a good image that will be resistant to fading.

  • Mini Heat Press.
  • Calender Heat Press.
  • Flatted Heat Press.
  • 3-D Vacuum Heat Press.

Canvas Sublimation Printing Process:

so what about our question “can you sublimate on canvas” As I have mentioned earlier, Dye-sublimation printing is when a solid material directly turns into a gaseous form without going through a liquid phase.

But how does sublimation printing work?  The following steps are included in it.

  • Once you have chosen your design, you will use a sublimation printer to transfer your design on a sublimation paper.
  • By using a heat press, the design will transfer from paper to your required substrate.
  • You will have to use good paper and high heat so that the design remains vibrant and does not wash off.

Best 4 Places to Buy Canvas Sublimation Blanks:

can you sublimate on canvas

1.     Amazon:

This brand does not need any introduction. We will find it in any big country all over the world. It provides some of the best quality products like sublimation ink, printer, blanks, mugs, and others. While purchasing from Amazon, the plus point is that it provides you with a safe transaction method and no question asked return policy.

2.     Etsy:

It’s an e-commerce company. It has almost everything when it comes to sublimation. When we talk about blanks, Etsy has more than 16,000 products, and it costs 9.34$ per blank on average.

3.     HeatPress Nation:

It is the best shop when it comes to buying sublimation blanks. They provide you with the best items at reasonable prices. This site offers you full safety and privacy on every payment step.

4.     Sublime:

It is a Barcelona-based company. It provides you with sublimation blanks, mugs, printer ink, and other related products.

Tips to improve Fabric Sublimation printing:

  • Use RIP installed computer to have a perfect size printed pattern.
  • Use a good dye and high temperature to transfer the design on fabric. So that it would be long-lasting.
  • Always use a sublimation paper instead of a regular paper.
  • Check the heat press temperature.
  • Always check the moisture.
  • Secure your product to the piece.
  • Read the instructions before using any product.
  • Adjust your design to fit the abstract you are going to print.
  • Sublimation printing is done first, and then sewing is done. So, keep your design a little bit random from the edge to save yourself from an awkward situation.
  • Learn to understand your customer’s demands, requirements, and other things they are looking for. This will provide you with the highest ratings in your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which products can be used for sublimation?

Glass, ceramic, special plastics, polyester fabric, and wood are few substrates used in sublimation printing.

Cotton or polyester, which one is better for sublimation?

You can do sublimation printing on cotton fabric, but the results will not be good and long-lasting. But sublimation on polyester will have vibrant colors. It will not wash off because sublimation ink sticks better to the polyester fabric.

What materials do I need to start a Sublimation business?

For beginners, all you need is a sublimation printer, a good heat-press, computer, and a designing table.

Do I need a special paper for sublimation printing?

Yes, if you want your prints to be the best, you will need to use a compatible sublimation paper.

Why I cannot do sublimation on dark-colored clothes?

It is not possible because white sublimation ink is unavailable.

Can I sublimate on canvas?

Yes, Sublimation on canvas material is awesome! If you removed the frame to sublimate, be sure to reassemble it with double-sided tape or hot glue. Trim off any excess materials that are sticking out of your new masterpiece after assembly.

What type of canvas is used for sublimation?

Polyester canvas is used for sublimation.
Because sublimation relies on the property of polyester to release acetate under high heat, an inexpensive common fabric like polyester is great for this because it raises its temperature quickly and efficiently to be suitable for the process without burning the material at all.


The increasing demand for personalized work has given this business and boom, and you cannot ignore the importance of this technology.

It might be expensive compared to other technologies, but the images produced from it are long-lasting and vibrant.

Either you are looking for a piece of quality information or starting a sublimation business. This information should be helpful to you in either way.

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