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Pillow Sublimation Printing for Beginners




Pillow Sublimation Printing for Beginners

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Pillows are a great way to create a cozy space for yourself. One of the ways to make a pillow even cozier is to print on it with a sublimation printer. This article will teach you the basics of this printing process, and how to produce quality pillows for your home.

What supplies do I need for pillow sublimation printing?

Here is a list of the materials that I’ll be using for this particular pillow. When using sublimation printing for pillow projects, use the following supplies:

Pillow cover blank:

Fabric (100% polyester, cotton, or rayon blends are most popular); Pre-treated white fabric is best for Dye-sublimation printing since it speeds up the printing process. However, you may experiment.

Sublimation printer:

Sublimation printers are a type of device that can print high quality images on a variety of substrates. Sublimation printing is a process where ink is transferred from its carrier material to the final substrate and drys by means of heat and pressure. This kind of printer is particularly useful for printing onto plastic labels, polyester apparel, or any product that has an ink-receiving coating.

Sublimation Ink and paper:

If you are looking for a quality DTG inkjet printer, consider the Epson Artisan 1430. It prints beautiful vibrant images, straight from your home computer. The best thing about this printer? It uses eight different inks! This is great because it helps avoid

Heatpress machine:

A new product that has recently surfaced on the market is the heat press machine. A heat press machine is a machine that secures fabrics together with heat and pressure. The heat-press machine can be used to assemble clothes, patches of leather, or other materials without sewing. It can also be used to create personalized placemats or mugs by pressing on images or logos on an image.

How to do Pillow Sublimation Printing?

The first step of pillow sublimation printing is to create a digital file of your artwork.

To start fabric printing, you need an image of the size you want your pillow cover to be. Make sure to set your printer settings for “Photo/Image” quality. To get a detailed image, set your printer setting to “Photo.” The file size needs to be at least 150 dpi.

The second step is to print the image onto a sublimation printer and transfer your design to our Polyester Fabric Inkjet Transfer. We do not recommend using inkjet transparencies for this purpose.

After you print the design onto the transfer material, cut around your image, leaving a small border between 1/8″ and 1/4″.

The third step is to spray the back of the paper with adhesive, then affix the form to your pillow fabric.

The fourth step is to iron the printed image onto our polyester fabric at medium to high heat for 45-60 seconds. Make sure your iron is clean before you start. Otherwise, the image could smudge.

The fifth step is to remove the paper and let your fabric pillowcase cool. After completing these five simple steps, your pillow sublimation printing is complete, and you’re ready to insert your pillow form!

Where can I buy Sublimation Pillow materials or a pillow?

Amazon has all the supplies you need to make custom pillow covers. eBay wholesale pricing allows you to mix and match colours for high quality, affordable prices. You can get your pillows or supplies to build one with fast shipping time from any of the major online stores or retailers. You can try out:


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What are the best tips for Sublimation Pillows?

You’ll want to take your pillow out of the machine as soon as you see you’ve got a good print.

  • If it looks like you’re getting no colour, lower your heat.
  • If they look streaked or spotty, raise your heat.
  • Once the pillows are covered with ink, STOP!
  • Do NOT pass go or continue with printing until you’ve got a good print.
  • Once you think it’s done, leave the press alone for 10 minutes to see what happens.
  • You’re not looking for complete coverage. You’re looking for even coverage.
  • If your print looks good after 10 minutes, wash them in cold water with dish soap and dry on low heat.
  • If you feel like it needs more time, give the pillows ten more minutes.
  • If you don’t get even coverage after the wash, raise your heat or lower your pressure/amount of ink.

Pillow Sublimation Printing Beginner FAQs

What makes a good font for sublimation printing?

You want a font that will resist smudging. Try not to use too small of a font. Printing it out at full size before you cut your paper is the best way to make sure it’ll be legible.

How do you sublimate a pillow?

There are several steps to this process, but the most important is making sure the ink you are using will work on your fabric. Since each kind of fabric is different and reacts to heat and pressure differently, you’re going to have to do a little trial and error.

Does pillow sublimation printing require a lot of work?

Pillow Sublimation Printing is a very easy process. You can sublimate on more than pillows.

How do you make a sublimation pillowcase?

Sublimation printing involves four simple steps. First, you prepare your image. Next, place the paper with the adhesive side down on your pillowcase. You then press your pillowcase and image together in that order for 45-60 seconds at high heat.

Once you complete these five simple steps, your pillow sublimation printing is complete, and you’re ready to insert your pillow form!

How long do you sublimate a pillowcase?

It depends on the material quality you are using. Normally a 45-60 seconds high heat time is required to sublimate the design on the pillowcase, but it may take up to 10 minutes.

Is it hard to sublimate a pillowcase?

No, it is not difficult to sublimate a pillowcase. All thats needed is the right tools and the right techniques for this process.

Where can I buy Sublimation Pillow materials or a pillow?

Today, you do not need to go anywhere else because many online marketplaces are available, and you can easily buy the pillowcase that fits your need. You have to choose one from the list of best Sublimation sellers.

How can I make my pillowcase?

You can easily make your pillowcase by using a heat press and some foil, or you could buy a custom made one from an Etsy shop.


The pillow itself is a simple item, but let’s stop and think about it. Everyone sleeps on pillows. If you don’t know how to get started, it’s probably best to start from scratch. However, if you have the inspiration and the confidence, try your next pillow! Pillow sublimation printing is a great way to make custom designs in fabrics. Just think of how many procedures you could print.

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