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Should I Buy a DTF Printer?




Should I Buy a DTF Printer?

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Bring the world to life on garment wear, paper, bags, and billboards using the Direct to Film printer. Direct to film is a faster and easy printing technique that provides a solution to wastage. It is flexible, easy to use, and allows for production in large quantities. Appreciate clarity and top quality with DTF.

Is DTF Printer Worth it?

Having a DTF printer is worth your time and investment. You will realize more returns on your prints. It produces prints faster, can print on different garments, and uses permanent ink. These printers in different sizes make it worth acquiring.

Direct to film printing uses less white ink in printing. White ink is costly. Using less ink helps you to cut on costs. This printer minimizes its use to about 40%.

DTF transfer is easy to use. You can print any design on any surface with ease. Load your garment into the tray and make proper adjustments using the buttons on the printer. Choose the design or image and print.

Is DTF Printing good Business?

Direct to Film Printers allow you to print on various garments or fabrics. such as cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, and even metal surfaces. It works on both white and dark fabrics.

DTF printing is cheap and sustainable:

DTF printing is a good business; the printer costs between$800 to $1500. It costs much less to buy accessories for printing. It guarantees you higher profits on the prints. The DTF printer needs a small area of operations; you can work from the comfort of your home.

Pretreating is Not Required:

DTF does not need pretreatment of the garments. You will save money on such expenses. This helps you to save on labor charges as you print the designs onto the garments by yourself.

Provides More Options for You:

Direct to film printing allows room for more printing options. You can print complex designs on every garment regardless of its shape. Customers can also customize their garments; bags, wallets, t-shirts, hats, and seat cover.

Can I Use A Regular Printer for DTF printing?

You can use modified regular printers for DTF printing. You can use any 6-colored printer. It is easy to convert these printers to use CMYK with white ink. This makes the operations convenient. Fill in the CMYK DTF ink into the CMYK tank and the white ink into the LM and LC tanks.

The regular printers that you can use for direct to film printing are the Epson series, the L1800, L800, L805, P600, and P700. To achieve the best quality of prints, remove the sliding rollers. This slight modification will make the printing process more manageable.

Converting an Epson printer to a DTF printer:

You will need to buy an Epson printer like L1800, 6 color channels for printing CMYK plus White ink. It is cheap and its extra accessories are easy to find. The Epson L1800 produces prints that are clear and of top-quality images.

It will give your customers a great impression as it has a high resolution at 5760dpi. Speed matters when buying a printer, L1800 prints fast at 15ppm per print. It has unique designed tubes that ensure the smooth flow of ink during the printing process.

It is easy to convert the L1800 to a DTF printer. This process will be worth your energy if you invest in the use of quality ink, the hot-melt, and PET film. Once you have these, your printing will be superb. Here are four simple steps to guide you on how to convert your L1800 to a DTF printer.

  1. Remove the rollers from the printer; you can leave the ones at the edge as they do not affect the print quality. Removing them prevents ink from getting smudged.
  2. Place a platform next to the printer where your print exits through. The platform is to ensure the garment or paper comes out flat with ease. The platform supports the print as it exits so that it does not get smudged.
  3. Fill in the inks into their respective tanks in this order, CGWWBY, and then run the ink sequence.
  4. Empty the built-in waste tank to ensure it does not get filled. Before you start printing, connect the waste pipes to an external container to act as your waste tank.

What DTF Items Sell Best?

What DTF Items Sell Best?

Direct to film printing produces items that are for sale. It is a business that gives a variety of printed designs to choose from. Customers place direct orders to printers and give specifications on their desired designs.

There are many items that DTF can work on to produce the images in need. Direct to film printer prints images on shoes, t-shirts, tumblers, metallic wares, hoodies, and mugs. Pricing of these items for sale depends on the quality of material and illustration.

Direct to film printed items sell at different prices depending on the country. Printed t-shirts do not cost the same as hoodies.

• T-shirts sell better at 3.9% market size; they draw a fair price tag, between $10 to $30 for ordinary wear. Printed t-shirts are a fashion among the youths and middle-aged population in the USA. They account for about 14% of the total population.

• Hoodies and shoes are also common, but their sale rate is not as high as designer t-shirts. The hoodies cost between $12 to $50 apiece, and designer shoes cost $50 to $200. The high prices tend to discourage many from buying these DTF designer items.

• DTF mugs are trending; they add beauty to your mealtime. Designer mugs cost about $1 at the lowest to $15. Since every household needs mugs, these move fast and in large quantities. The price is low, but the returns are better than those of shoes and hoodies.

Which Is Better Between Sublimation and DTF Printing?

DTF printing entails the transfer of designs to an unlimited number of materials. Printing requires a modified direct-to-film printer that has 6 color ink tanks. Direct to film printing is fast and does not need pretreatment.

You can produce quality prints with the correct mix of CMYK colors.

Sublimation printing uses ink and a unique transfer paper. This paper transfers the design onto the material, accommodating all materials. It allows you to work on customers’ orders immediately; it is simple to master and has no limit in color choice.

DTF printing is better compared to sublimation printing.

Can DTF Print on Cotton?

Direct to film printers can print quality images or designs on cotton. DTF works through PET heat plates to transfer a design onto cotton material. If you want a printer that works on various materials, go for a DTF printer.

Direct to film printer is cheap. You need a DTF powder, PET films, and ink to produce cotton products of excellent quality. There is no need to pretreat the cotton material; you print your design straight onto it.

Research has proved that a DTF printer can work better on cotton when following the correct procedure. Do you want to transfer designs onto cotton? Convert your printer to a DTF printer if you have not. Draw the benefits of printing the best designs on cotton materials using a DTF printer.


Before buying a DTF printer, consider the answers to all the questions you have. Direct to film printers are suitable for your printing business. The printers take up a small space and need little labor to run. Choose a DTF transfer printer that will give you quality service and a return on your investment.

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